Bassnectar colorstorm

My reaction about All Colors (2020)

2020.06.26 07:33 Bassecko My reaction about All Colors (2020)

Holy St! That was FKing amazing! (All Colors Is like the Franchise of Mesmerizing the Ultra + Freestyle + Take You Down + Divergent Spectrum + Noise vs. Beauty)
“Interpret the Future” was longest 3 minute intro with ambient into Interpret (2005) Sample in the galaxy
“Open Your Mind” was amazing banger bass drop
“All Colors (feat. blakkamoore)” was a unique Colorstorm vibe sample in it
“Deep in the Jungle” was crazy jungle n’ Bass
“Rewind the Track (feat. Ashel Seasunz)” I’m glad Lorin bring back seasunz together and get shakey
“Uebok Gotta Run (Bassnectar Remix)” is F.U.N. to dance like a Russia person but in headbanging style
“Nice & Easy (feat. Rodney P)” was a banger again just like it’s about to get hectic 2.0 style
“The Antidote (feat. Zion I)” is f***ing Awsome With IDM Intro Into Hip Hop 808 beat drop freestyle
“Off the Grid” Was cool new Collab with Dj Pound & something Hypnotic Heavy Sacry Bassdrop.......And I like it
“Empathy (Bass Remedy Remix)” I’ve been waiting 6 years since I watch on YouTube red rocks 2014 and it’s finally came true (of my dreams)
“Rise & Shine” it was pretty wild Bass with E.T. Girl Kissing sample like in rave party
“Random Acts of Kindness” is so f***ing awesome + Perfect vibe & Sound like Chromatek + Unlimited Combinations sample in it Into space of gods
“West Coast Lo-Fi Dub (feat. Sati Ananda)” does Lorin have a kid name Sati Ananda??? Plus now this what Lo-Fi makes a reggae vibe for Mexico Deja Voom (RIP 2020)
“Skin on the Drum (Bassnectar Remix) [2020 Redux]” it was a perfect chill vibe hippie fest in 2000s feelin the vibes in peace + Respect
“Optimism” was amazing piano bells into Space Color Galaxy Bass Drop Shimmering like Naux Faux Vibe & it’s like Diverse System of Throb Style
And that’s my reaction of all 15 songs Bassdfamily
Enjoy the new nectar Album 2020.
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2019.11.19 20:25 dcu5001 Bass Pro Shop Mix

Hey everyone - I recently finished recording my Bass Pro Shop Mix and figured I'd share it here. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit putting this together, but I really wanted to focus on the song selection and creating my own edits and mashups for a brand new listening experience. Got some old tunes, new tunes, and fresh tunes to please your earholes. I hope you enjoy the mixtape (and get a kick out of the goofy picture on the page). Tracklist below:
-Mindfreq - TeslaFox x Wahx
-Undercover - Bassnectar /// Paid to the Decimal - Rekoil
-Movement - Visive /// SCYRA - AENAK
-Sick M8 - Danny Grooves
-Lard Monolith - Kursa & Seppa /// True Blue (Acapella) - Jungle Brothers
-Work For Nothing - Decimal Bass /// Hip-Hop vs Rap (Acapella) - KRS One
-d:murder (The Arcturians "Worst Enemy" Bootleg) - RAZAT
-TAKE NOTE$ (Flats Stanlie Remix) - Super Future x KAR POW
-Drop It - JusWayne
-FCKiT (HUMORME REMIX) - beardthug
-Earthquake (Remix) - Excision & The Frim
-Colorstorm - Bassnectar /// Maniac - PEEKABOO /// Out of My Mind (Acapella) - B.o.B.
-From Below - Desembra /// Cozza Frenzy (Acapella) - Bassnectar (Feat. Seasunz) /// Louder VIP - Caspa
-Invasion - Shanghai Doom
-Metaphysical - Dead Robot
-Survive - COPYCATT (feat. Maksim)
-Real Hip Hop (ad astra Remix) - Das EFX
-Skate Board (Gurf Remix) - XAVIER
-Rekt - LSDREAM & Kayoh
-Rope Closer - Jayglo /// Jam Master Jay (Acapella) - Run DMC
-Windshield - Vaccuum /// It's Goin' Down (Acapella) - Yung Joc
-Tension - Beatkarma
-Death - Eptic /// Bass Like - Notixx /// Kickin' Hard (Klubb-a-Pella) - Klubbheads
-Here We Go - Bassnectar /// Bass Head (DeeZ Remix) - Bassnectar /// Bass Head (Spiritual Gangsters Flip) - Bassnectar
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2019.07.23 19:21 WashunTonTon Any songs like Colorstorm?

So I've been listening to some old Bassnectar tracks, and my old favorite song Colorstorm came on. Does anyone know any other songs by Bassnectar or other artists that are like it? I really love the ramp up at the beginning and the breakdown in particular.
Links to live performances are welcome! Also if this is not allowed, sorry.
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2018.06.26 11:47 tokes_4_DE What's a song / songs that always put you into that "so happy i could cry" bliss?

What really made me fall in love with electronic music were the songs that I'd hear come on and get the chills all over, and feel that rush of happiness come over me like a wave. Everyone has their "holy shit rage the fuck out" songs, but I'm asking more for the ones that bring tears to your eyes it's so beautiful.
A few of mine
Reload - tommy trash & sebastian ingrosso
Falling back - cosmic gate
Fractals - seven lions
Adagio for strings - tiesto
Fractures - illenium
This is what it feels like - armin van buuren
Light - San holo (bassnectar remix)
Now or never - tritonal
Retro city - adventure club
Colorstorm - bassnectar
I could go on and on, but would love to hear some others from you guys!
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2018.04.01 07:59 ben10103 Spring gathering 2018 Night 2: Set list

Anotha one for the books! Some hoped for tracks, The Wet wobbly, The Matrix and so on.. As usual I did my best but any corrections or additions let me know! If it has a '?' then im not 100% on if its right
EDIT: Got a chance to listen back. I believe other than samples/vocals the only main tracks to get at this point is the one around 7:30 into set that I thought I knew but cant find... As well as the 'Like This' ID hes been playing and the track after Slather.
Dialogue - Ras Marcus
Sleigh Bells - Run the heart (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar - Colorstorm
Cardopusher - Homeless
RL Grime - Art Money (Mashed w/ Trampoline)
Tinie Tempah - Trampoline
DMVU - Goliath
Illanthropy - Elephant party (Danny Brown - Die like a rockstar)
Trolley snatcha + Gentlemens club - Lose your head
Bassnectar - Zodgillla (First drop of Fun mashed in at end)
Bassnectar - Fun
Aztek - Rain dart
Paul Wall - Grillz (Edited)
Zndr & Bonnema - Black & White
Kayzo - Avalanche (50 Cent - Just a lil bit vocals)
Darren Styles & Gammer - Feel Like This (Deon Custom & Glacci + Bassnectar Remix) (Mims - "Like this" vocal sample)
Dabow - Like that
Bassnectar - Chromatek (multiple vocal samples)
Suhk knight - Diesel not petrol intro (mashed w/ Mind tricks)
Bassnectar + G Jones - Mind tricks
Hoverboots - Polygon
Bassnectar - The Matrix
Bassnectar + Ill Gates - Expanded (Biz markie - Studda step + Jay Z - 99 Problems lyrics)
Risingson - Massive attack (Bassnectar remix) (Outkast - ATLiens vocals mashed in)
Milli Major - Remember Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
Kortex + Skope - 5th window
Fracture + Chimpo - From Early
Bassnectar - Voodoo (Bassnectar + Ill Gates remix) (w/ Random Lyrics)
Lady sovereign - Random (Mentra remix)
Zion I - Human (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar - Speakerbox (Clipse - Whens the last time vocals) [Dub foundation - Time to burn (Drumstep Tease)]
Oski - 100 shot flow
Klute - 174bpm (Danny scrilla - Obeah lyrics)
Noisia + Mayhem - Exodus (Bassnectar remix)
6blocc - On lock (True foundation of music Lyrics)
Duncan trussell speech (Glitch mob - Beauty of the unhidden heart (Bassnectar remix) underlying)
Reeps one Beatbox
Bassnectar - Art of revolution
Sandro Silva & Anjiro Rijo - Fifty What (Dem Slackers + Bassnectar Remix)
Marshmello - Find me (Oliver heldens - Renegade mastah lyrics)
Exponaut - E621 (BOB - Outta my mind lyrics)
Bassnectar - Witch doctor 808 (Outkast - BOB lyrics)
Subdocta - 2009 was tight
Bukez finezt - Duck trumpet (VIP)
Bassnectar - THE WET WOBBLY (Unreleased)
Almighty beatfreakz - Resident soundboyz (Jantsen remix) (intro)
Meesha - Clack (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar + Digital ethos - Slather
SMKSGNLS - The Hole World
Tek one - Hate you
Track id? intro (tease)
Bassnectar - Unlimited combinations (OMFG - Supermegalolz acapella)


"Remember to look up at the stars" speach
Bassnectar - Blow (tease) (Bassnectar - Kick it complex lyrics)
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2017.05.20 23:22 Infinitesimally_ Electric Forest 2012 Setlist and Recording

Electric Forest 2012
Bassnectar - Colorstorm (w/ Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn acapella)
Massive Attack - Risingson (Bassnectar Remix) (w/ Bassnectar - Amorphous Form acapella)
I Love My India - Pardes Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Aditya Narayan Mahima Chaudhry
Professor Green ft. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green (Camo and Krooked Instrumental Remix)
Stanton Warriors ft. Ruby Goe - Shoot Me Down (Sigma Remix)
Dub Foundation - Time To Burn (Drumstep Mix)
Metrik – Your World (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar - Ugly
Bassnectar - Freak Party
Daft Punk - Technologic
Bassnectar ft. Jantsen - What
Baauer - Harlem Shake
Bassnectar ft. Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom (kinda sounds like a VIP, but the drop is the same)
Bassnectar - Ego Killer
Bassnectar - Timestretch (w/ Piano Instrumental)
Butch Clancy - Russian Lullaby (w/ Max Romero - Chase the Devil acapella)
Bassnectar - Empathy
6blocc - Jeep Music
Bassnectar - I am a Laser
dusk + blackdown - Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) feat. Teij & Farrah
Ed Solo - Egyptian Horns
Bassnectar ft. Mimi Page - Butterfly
Sawgood - Not So Funny (Justrock Remix)
Princess Superstar - My Machine
Le1f - 01 Loop (Bassnectar Edit)
RL Grime - Art Money vs. Mr. Bangladesh - 100 (Bassnectar Edit) vs. Dead Prez - Hip Hop acapella
Bassnectar - Ping Pong
Modeselektor - Weed We Di Macka (Bassnectar Remix)
"1 2 3 and to the 4" beat
Bassnectar - Pennywise Tribute
Bassnectar - The Matrix
recording ends
Electric Forest 2012, raw quality is 5/10, but with a good EQ, and tweaking, can be pretty good
This recording has some of the best fucking dialogue I've ever heard too, seriously take a chance and listen to everything the guy recording says, because it truly adds to the experience
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2017.01.01 13:01 ben10103 NYE 2016-17 Set List

Here's what I got from writing down in the show. Finally got battery in my phone and fixed it up. I blanked on a few I know I just couldn't think of but I think I did pretty good. I'll fix it as ppl comment and when I get home to listen to videos.
NYE 2016-17 Set List
Pixies - Where is my mind (Bassnectar remix) (Piano edit) (Bassnectar - Loco ono; samples mixed in)
High Maintenance - Dreaming
Bassnectar - Ugly
Bassnectar - TKO (Childish Gambino - Let me dope you)
Bassnectar - Infinite [Swede:art - My Home Is Not Here (Kidkanevil Remix): Sped up and mashed in] (M.O.P. - Ante Up; accapella mashed in)
David Heartbreak - Rose Colored bass (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar - Expanded (Bassnectar - Kick it complex accapella)
Buku - Front to back
Danny Scrilla - Obeah VIP
Bassnectar - Breathless (Vocal Sample ID?)
Bassnectar - Reaching out (Bassnectar - When I grow up; Accapella mashed in)
Bassnectar - Freak party (Busta Rhymes - Touch it; sample mixed at end)
Daft Punk - Technologic (Sample/tease)
Protohype - Say my name (Gift of gab - Spotlight)
Mad lion feat KRS One - Double trouble (Chop shop remix)
Benga - I Will Never Change (Wiz khalifa - We dem boyz; accapella)
Aphrodite - All over me (Freq nasty remix)
Grimejah - Dem Sinners
Track ID 49 min? (Accapella ID?) (Uncle Murda - Warning Instrumental; sample) (Beastie Boys - Whatcha Want; accapella)
Bassnectar - Magical world (Gucci mane and original lyrics mashed)
Bassnectar - Journey to the center (The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face; accapella mashed in) + (Childish Gambino - Firefly; accapella mashed in)
Bjork - Hidden Place
Feadz - Instant Beta
Track ID 1 hour?
Bassnectar - Colorstorm (Mark rosas - Higher; mashed in)
Bassnectar - Shampion chip ("Stay in the Underground" Sample at end)
Track id? (Possible Bassnectar + G Jones Collab Unreleased) ("Stay in the Underground" accapella sample mashed in)
Yellow Claw - Bun It Up (feat. Beenie Man) [Moth Circuit Remix]
Proko - Make it work
Bassnectar - Don't hate the 808
1 hr 17 min Blanking on ID? (Tinie Tempah - Trampoline; accapella mashed in)
Banganagangbangers - King abbott (Die Antwoord - Dis is Why I'm Hot; accapella)
Corporate - Ice
Bass against machine - King kong
Bassnectar - Thursty (Vocals ID?)
Bassnectar + The Glitch Mob - Paracosm (M.I.A. - Double Bubble Trouble; accapella sample mixed in)
Wintergatan - Sommarfågel (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar - Wildstyle method (Biz Markie - Studda Step; accapella mashed in)
Esseks - Mr. Got Game (Of The Trees Remix)
Track id? (Bassnectar - Gnar; accapella mashed in)
Bassnectar - Dream Catcher (Vocals ID?)
(Android Jones Visuals start during 2nd drop of Frogs and for the rest of show)
Bassnectar - FROGS
6Blocc - Jeep music
Bassnectar - I am a laser
Ed solo - Egyptian horns (Bassnectar remix)
Bassnectar - Butterfly
Bassnectar - Timestretch (I'll follow you edit)
Bassnectar - Open up
Modern English - I melt with you
Bassnectar - Dubuasca 2015
Snoop Dogg - Drop it Like Its Hot instrumental
Lux - Infinite forms of creation (Bassnectar remix)
Telefon Tel Aviv - TTV
Steve Miller Band - Fly like an eagle
The Beatles - LSD (Bassnectar remix)
Daladubz - Pink Elephants VIP
Blame - Star (Doctor P remix)
Chase and status - Heavy
Bassnectar - Into the sun (Flo-Rida - Going Down vocals)
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2016.04.15 01:16 Smalltownlegend emf

I did what I could listening to the set in the gym. feel free to add what I missed. looking at you Connor 👀
euphoria set list
ras marcus - dialogue
colorstorm w replenish lyrics -> now lyrics
above and beyond x higher - mark rosas
kyrian bee bop
wickedest wobble
Action - A-Trak, AraabMuzik & Ape Drums (Bassnectar Remix)
boa noite - karol conka
salah - two fingers x oh I think they like me lyrics
science fiction x (how many mcs - black moon x break it down - dz) lyric smashup
victory - San holo (edit) x turn it up lyrics
ping pong
outlaw - skope & seppa
angels - the xx
rising son - massive attack (bn remix) x weezy lyrics
Honorebel feat Pitbull & Jump Smokers Now You See It BLOKHE4D remix
beeps get down - Stagga (unreleased)
new song (reaching out)
lions den
we came to entertain - sub zero remix
new song (tko)
?????? (nice af. breakbeat)
OG Maco - U Guessed It (ALESIA X EPROM Remix) - bn Edit x the beginning - run dmc lyrics x like this like that lyrics
lost in the crowd -locoja remix
maximum freakwency
open up
locked out of heaven remix
hold on
the future (proper villains remix)
into the sun x are you ready lyrics -> wiley lyrics
noise lyrics backwards ->
noise x rye rye lyrics
ultimate - xilent
whoa - dz remix
row row - sibot
Immigraniada outta know where x mashed with something
dust it off
no way - bn edit
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2015.10.23 03:40 ethanmr909 Just look at this set... fire... can't wait for this year... NYE 12/13

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2015.10.09 18:14 Crackadelic bassnectar - trae swang vs no sleep vs glee glee glee (alien noises).. bassheads come together to get these stem samples please!

bassnectar always has stem sources as to where he gets his mash ups.. we can most likely recreate the no sleep but we need the stem samples for the beat that the trae swang, no sleep, & glee glee is over & we need the glee glee stem song!! if anyone has any info on the first beat loop (sounds like a could be just a rap beat loop) & glee glee sample please let me know so we can get this recreated!!! he also drops the glee glee & no sleep over colorstorm alot also! these samples have to be out there somewhere it goes back to 2010 thats first trace i can find of this set of samples @ limelight festival. bassheads please unite on this i know we can find these stem samples it goes back to 2010 we know that so old dub heads think hard please!!!!
here are the links to the version i really want from rochester & the colorstorm version where the samples start is @ 2.40 (rochester 2014) (pittsburgh 2014) (red rocks night 2 intro colorstorm 2.40 samples start)
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2015.07.26 20:52 lunabrain luna brain's experience, 5 years (long read)

Now that i've had a month for digesting the experience, i figured i'd recount it (and some past experiences) from my point of view.
2015 was my 5th year attending electric forest in rothbury, and i was as excited as ever to come back to this amazing place. In 2011 i'd never been to a camping festival and was admittedly totally unprepared. No one in my group had a canopy, and not only did it rain the first night, but it was sweltering hot the next day. Lesson learned, and year two we managed to amass 4 canopies. Fast forward to 2015 and I'm attending with a group of roughly 40 foresters in Group Camp, but my car is just my two best friends and me.
We left "the night before"--about 2am Thursday morning-- from SE Michigan, swinging by Meijer to grab their last hunk of dry ice. I even had to call ahead and tell them to hold it for me. When I got there, an "out of order" sign was on the dry ice freezer-- the meijer employees' technique for warding off other curious buyers. Thanks guys. Once on the road, my friends fell asleep within a few minutes and i was alone on the dark road (though undoubtedly surrounded by other forest travelers). Waze alerted me of just one officer on the trip there, and I think they were attending to some weird construction situation. In essence, i got there as smoothly as one can ask for.
I got off at the Rothbury exit around 5:30, excited that the line hadn't yet reached onto the highway itself (as in 2014 when I arrived around 8am on Thursday). Once I got into the field where lines form for security check. The line was moving really slow and inconsistently compared to my memory of other years. I even fell asleep in park while in line, and some friendly folk knocked on my window, waking me up. Surprised and bleary eyed I thanked them and pulled my car up. The search was fairly inobtrusive, though the three fellows who searched it did find my medibles. I'm a mmj card holder so I let them know and they were understanding. In 2013, security found my verily sloppily hidden jar of joints, but again I presented my medcard and things were cool. Though they had to confiscate two to verify they were just cannabis. Likely story guys :)
After security theres still a mass of cars trying to condense into 2 lines, and security is doing a horrible job, letting the far right go at about 4x the flow as the left side, where I'm sadly stuck in. Cars in my line start to get fed up and antsy, yelling at security, and taking matters into their own hands and just slipping into any cranny they can. I decide its the best idea too, and think I shaved off a half hour of useless waiting by following my own directions. Once I get into the campground, security directs me way outta the way to the back of the campground for group camping, even though I know its right at the entrance, so again I just drive off from their instructions and to my camp. I'm about the 4th car to show up, and everyone else at the camp is asleep. At this point its about 8:30. I'm exhausted from being up all night, and hastily set up my canopy and tents. My friends, who have finally woken fully up help me unload--we're insanely well prepared, with a cooler full of guac, corn/bean salsa, craft beer, carrot juice, kava tea, aloe juice, gingergizers, coconut water, berries, pineapple, hummus, and various other snacks. If theres one thing I've learned about Forest is that its a marathon, not a sprint, and staying hydrated and well fed is a must. After the set up I started feeling really weird and sleep deprived. So excited to be here, relieved to be here and set up, but needing sleep. Its hot now, but I reluctantly crawl into my steamy tent.
When I wake up things get blurry, I got about an hour and a half of sweaty sleep, and still feeling pretty weird, but better. Food helped, and most of my camp is here and set up. Our camp is impressive, about 8 10x10' canopies surrounded by tents. I introduce myself to most of the unknowns, but know I won't actually remember any names till much later.
Eventually we decide to go in, but we know the line has spiraled into madness, since we can see it from our camp and its backed up into the vendors in a big wad of people.
We walk to the back and get in line, but after a half hour of waiting, we've only moved about 20 feet or so. The back of the line had branched into two parts, so we decide to cut into the part where they merge and go from there. Again, I don't think we would have EVER gotten in, if we didn't take initiative.
After about 2 hours, we're in the festival, admittedly a bit disgruntled with the experience, as I'd never waited in line that long for the venue entrance before! We decide to go catch Mr. Carmacks set, but when we get there its too hot/sunny to really rage, so we pop a squat and enjoy from the sitting position. This would be a trend for the rest of the night. Carmack is a great producer, but his set seemed kinda choppy. Wave Racer comes on, but we head to Ranch to see Spongle and Odesza. I'm not a huge Spongle fan, in fact this will be my first show. Still tired I enjoyed his set while drifting in and out of sleep on a blanket with my homies. As the sun starts to set, its time for Odesza. They are easily the set I'm most excited for, despite being tired and sober. As they begin their set slow with some awesome visuals I'm engaged for a while. But after a song or two all of which seem to be straight off their album without any sort of real mixing or noticeable difference, I begin to get bored. This of course saddens me, since I was hoping for an ethereal, mellow set, but one with new sounds or vibes, something still danceable. Eventually we decide to split, since we're all super tired, and Odesza just isn't doing it for me. I shrug it off as just "First Night Syndrome"-- I'm convinced they don't turn the sound system up until the next nights when Cheese has played. Its like a soft start, as I remember being kinda bored at Benny Benassi and Madeon at Ranch on night 1 before. That being said Zed's Dead in 2014 was awesome, and had me dancing. Flume is also on my list of most excited to see, but I know I'm too spent to go, so we retreat, heavy hearted to the camp to pass out for a good nights sleep.
Its hot and bright. My watch says 9:00, but my tent mates are still sleeping. Is it really day 2 already, I think to myself. My energy has returned after a much needed night of sleep. I crawl out of the tent to find camp team alive with people. I'm quickly offered iced coffee, which totally hits the spot. We smoke a spliff and begin the chilling. Its always funny to me that thousands upon thousands of people converge in a dusty field to sit and sweat in the sun, but thats the magic of it. Forest always shows me that home, fun, relaxation is all a frame of mind within your control. In one way, its an amusement park, with loud noises, lights and costumes, but in other ways forest is like a bate n switch, in that you're not really doing anything out of the ordinary, in fact you'd often avoid sitting out in the hot sun without a real bathroom, but alas we love it, and return every year to do the same. I pick some friends brains about Flume's set, sad I missed it.
Once my buddies are up, we decide to explore GA and meet some new faces. The camp is massive this year, and we meet people from Wyoming, Colorado, Maine, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, and of course Chicago, but surprisingly not many fellow Michigan folk. Being at EF is like super stimulation. Theres so many people, and the buzz and flow is constant. Many times throughout the weekend I thought about those overhead shots from Planet Earth of the caribou who walk in this weird, wavy organic pattern, instead of rigid straight lines. Humans are no different in a big group I concluded. You can try to control it, but real something of this magnitude is beyond real comprehension or control.
Its getting unbearably hot, so we decide to head into the forest (reluctantly as the line experience yesterday has us scared), since the shade of the forest, in a hammock is a must during peak sun hours. The line ends up being less than an hour, so I'm not too frazzled. When we get in and check out the hammock zones, we're a bit pissed, since they are confined and seemingly well enforced. I watched at least 10 people throughout the weekend get asked to move their hammock "a few trees closer to the hammock zone". I admit, in the past, traversing the forest has been treacherous and tiresome, but there was always some magic to an endless hammock city to me. This year the forest looks barren. We give up on the hammock idea, and check out whats going on at Jubilee, and Sherwood, and grab some food from the taco stand at Ranch. That place has been there for a few years, but I'd never grubbed there. Thoughts: tasty but tiny. I could put away 10 of those guys (30$ worth). Eventually we make our way back to camp, to recoup, eat some more and prepare for the night. We can hear KOAN sound and others from the camp, who I was again excited to hear, but sad that they had a day time set. Sometimes dancing to electronic in the sun is just too exhausting for me. Not to mention lights and lasers are cooler at night.
Once we get back in, the sun is setting, and I'm excited for some weird bass music from Snails. But when he comes on, the crowd felt really weird. Some dude next to me kept giving me freaky eyes, crashing into me, and yelling random stuff. Snails is mixing really fast, without any time to really catch your breath or baseline. Again, its just not vibing with me, or the crew so we head out to catch a little Cheese before Skrillex. I am more into electronic than Jam, but I appreciate the production and vibes Cheese brings to their festival, and am glad we ditched to go to Ranch. When their set is finishing up, they bring Skrillex on to jam out, and they rock a Doors cover. At this point my friends and I are starting to feel the party favors, and are loving the weirdness of Skrillex being on stage with Cheese. The set ends with "YES, OMG!!!" and we're feeling the nervous energy/excitement of Sonny's set. When the siren sounds, and the lights came on, I felt I was descending into Hell, only to find it a mechanical underworld ruled by a young demon named Skrillex. "...Red lips always lie", the crowd goes wild, and the lights start shifting in time, the previously benign stage decorations transform into skulls. I saw Skrillex in 2011, where his set admittedly sucked. I left early then, but this year is different. With everyone feeling cohesive from the Cheese Jam, its like they just underhand lobbed this one up for Sonny to grand slam. Though his set isn't "brand new", his mixing is smooth, and engaging, switching from bassy hip-hop to grinding, mechanical monster trap/dub. We're all having a great time, hugs all around, chatting here at there with our neighbors, who we find are from Maryland. Skrillex set continues to deliver, with lights and lasers in perfect time. Ruffneck Bass drops, and the lasers comb down to the crowd, forcing our cheers. Soon he plays Africa by Toto, which reminds me of my childhood, and is a great juxtaposition to all his gnarly bass music. Again, lots of feelings of unity at this point, and mad respect for Forest production staff, Cheese and Sonny. He finishes up his set, and we split for Flux, all having a great time. When we get to Flux, we're confused, it sounds like the speakers are barely on. Flux is a big name artist, and though still riding high from Skrill, I'm let down by sound quality of Flux, and at this point its pushing 3am, so we split for camp. Back at camp, we relax and eventually fall asleep without much hassle.
I wake up with a smile, but a slight sense of panic. Is it really day 3? My friend feels the same way, asking "its day 2 right?" when he wakes up. Nope buddy, we're halfway through.
We grub and head in for some relaxation, determined to get a spot in the hammock zones. We succeed and find a pretty cool spot, catch some rest, and explored the art installations, and people watched. Again, we retreat to camp to fuel up on food (can't justify the in-venue food prices for every meal). I am more excited for tonights line up than Sundays, so I want to be well prepared. We back into the venue and catch Phantograms set. Rock sets are always interesting to me at forest. The sound quality is so different from a digital based artist, but we have fun nonetheless. Then we head over to Nectar. But my friend has to poop, so we go to the portos instead. While he's in there, I can see CHeese's fireworks going off, and I remember the big Cubes from last year, adn the general ambience of Saturday night Cheese. Good times, I wonder what this years explosion was like? With dump in the past, my friends head back to Ranch for Bassnectar. Having seen him for the first time in 2011 at EF, and again in 2012, I am uber excited. Such punchy 808 bass, hip hop sampling, and liquid bass. I remember when he opened with Colorstorm in 2012, and the first bass kick literally scared me. It was so loud. It made my chest and nasal cavity vibrate. In 2012 I had been right in from of the sound tent when he came on, but it got too tight so I backed out to the right hand tree line, we my crew danced like wild. So after 2 years of no Nectar, I'm pumped, but know not to get too close in, and just enjoy it with room to dance. Lorin comes on, and maybe I'm not close enough, but the bass is nowhere near like I remember in the past. I shrug it off as just a big build up, a different approach from "let em have it early", I suppose. But after 4 songs, the bass hasn't been turned up. I'm still holding out hope that he's gonna unleash some new level of sound or some funky new noises, but it stays the same. Furthermore, no lasers like last night at Skrill. If anything, he's got a lot of white light on stage, and things seem washed out compared to Sonny's dark atmosphere. After an hour, I'm resigned to the fact that this years Nectar set just won't be like in the past. This combined with the crowd seeming kinda hostile/lethargic compared to last night, I am once again, a bit let down. Maybe my hopes were just too high, or our spot in the crowd wasn't right, but after Bassnectar finishes, we all concur that it just wasn't the same. We split to Claude, a Detroit favorite of ours, and get a good spot up close. This is the only set at Tripolee where I felt the sound was loud enough/on point. Claude keeps us dancing till he finishes his set.
Cut to the next morning, and its Day 4. I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by, and there isn't too much music I'm really pumped for tonight. Again, we head into the forest in early afternoon, catch some zzz's in a hammock, explore the forest, catch a beer buzz, and chat with fellow forest dwellers. I always love to hear others' experiences, especially this year since at this point, quite a few sets were a miss for me. But all in all, I'm in good spirits, just hanging out for a weekend in a fairy land with my best friends is enough, regardless of the music. Good vibes on this last day. Its always this way for me. Last year at Cashmere Cat I had a lovely night, bonding with friends new and old. After grabbing food back at camp we head in for the final forest experience. It feels weird not having a set you're set on seeing for a day. We decide to try out the ferris wheel, but someone tells us the beetles are wild up there (she was terrified), and a long line to get a ticket, and a long line to ride change our mind. No ferris wheel for us. We chill at BTSM for a while, who is actually throwing down a fun, engaging set. The speakers are turned up, which has me confused by BTSM gets full noise, but Flux didn't. They have lasers, and the bass is bumpin. On a whole, Tripolee looked sweet this year, but the sound has been far more on point in past years to my recollection (like I said, Cashmere, and Soul Clap were fun). We head over to Gramatik, but Sherwood is dense as fuck with people. I am not feeling like putting up with that much bumping and "excuse me's", so we hang hammocks near the forest edge, and listen from there. The night is getting really cold, despite having sweats on. I wrap myself in a blanket in my hammock, and for the first time this year, set my backpack on the ground, instead of clipping it to my hammock straps. I drift off to sleep, knowing this may be how my forest ends, very differently from 2013 where Beats Antique closed out all of forest in an epic, weird jam. Fond memories of that night, smoking joints, talking with strangers, loving the atmosphere. I wake up freezing to the stuttering saxy sounds of Big G, but don't feel like working into the crowd at this point. Oh well, I think to myself, its still been an awesome year even without a definite finale. I look for my backpack--its gone. I keep looking, before admitting, the worst: someone stole it. I didn't have anyhting really valuable in there, an extra hammock, some incense, my camelbak, my friends ID is in there though. I rouse my friends who fell asleep too, and inform them of the bad news about my backpack. Groggy and forlorn, we trek back to the camp site. I can't help but think, "what has happened to forest?" I've never had anything stolen in the past, so this stings, especially because its the last night. Soon enough, I'm crawling into the tent with my best friends. The sadness of knowing you've reached the end has set in, but I'm happy we're still here and have each other.
I wake up the next morning and half my camp has already packed up and left. I cruise over to the Lost & Found, where a festi-Santa lookin' guy is trying to organize the line, which is quickly amassing into what looks like a 4 hour ordeal. I end up waiting about 2 hours before reaching the front. They have a bell everyone rings when they connect lost stuff with its owner, and its been ringing a bunch, so I'm tentatively optimistic. Once I reach the front, I'm filled with excitement and relief to see my backpack on the ground in the pile with the rest. Its my favorite backpack so I'm excited to have that back, regardless of whats inside. They give me my pack, and I ring the bell with excitement, hoping it brings good karma for everyone else whose hoping to find lost stuff. Back at camp, I unzip to find everything still in there. Hammock, ID, everything. Kind of confused, but relieved. Why steal a backpack and take nothing? I guess they were looking for a boatload of drugs or cash or something, and none of my stuff was worthwhile. Happy to have my shit back, we cruise around the campsite, which is quickly turninginto a checkerboard of yellow and green squares with the departure of tents. Trash is everywhere. People are combing through it, looking for ground scores. People left grills, tents, beer, an infinite number of folding chairs. I'm kind of blown away, I don't ever remember this much shit left behind. We head back and pack up.
Some crafty maneuvering and we're on the road in about a half hour, at 12:00. In the past, I've had to leave as early as 7am, and there has been no line. After a quick few hours, we're back home. We decide on Chinese food for our first real meal in 5 days. We feast, then head back to my apartment to relax and shower. Cleanliness feels unreal. Like being reborn. We burn incense, throw on some mellow tunes, and within 20 minutes I'm out cold. An hour or so later, my buddies wake me up and coax me off the couch into bed. This is it, I think to myself, the last drop of forest-- the sleep needed to recoup.
I wake up and we all grab breakfast in town, some hearty eggs and hasbrowns, before I drop them all off at their respective locations. EF2015 has been a year like none other. Ups and downs for sure. I would say 2013 stands out in my mind as the most flawless--short lines, on point production, abundant water stations, beautiful art. But theres something to be learned in every year. I am not sure if I'll return next year, and if I do, it will certainly be Good Life. The late night stage just sounds too worth it. Well, thats all folks, if you read this all, kudos, its part of my digestion process putting this into words, and I'd love to hear all of your experiences, good or bad! Much love!
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2015.01.12 21:53 ajaselbachbroad Bassnectar Colorstorm-trooper

Can someone explain the Bassnectar reference to me about this... I don't really understand, I get the link between the names of colorstorm and a stormtrooper, but I do not see the Bassnectar reference in the design. I do like the design its cool!
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2014.02.04 22:18 ShoalinStyle36 Calling Dubstep Head redditors. i am not super versed in dubstep. Help me find tracks like these....

so i'm not sure if all of this is considered actual dubstep however i do want to find dubstep tracks similar to these...
these are SOME songs i like from these artists i need similar sounding dubstep.
Bassnectar: i Have heard his other stuff -Enter the Chamber -Colorstorm -Plugged in -Above and beyond -timestretch
Knife Party -Unison -Centipede (heard it enough) -Internet friends -LRAD
Rusko -Hold on (sub focus remix) -Everyday (including netsky remix)
Zomboy -The Dead Symphonic (most of it)
Zeds Dead -Rudeboy -White Satin -gimme shelter remix
Black Tiger Sex Machine/Dabin -Kill my Soul -Jack Dat Body
Ephixa -Ideekay -Division -Some wobbles -dubstep killed rock and roll -the zelda shit
Terravita -well oiled machine
Thanks for all contributions I've heard these artists other songs so please don't recommend songs from the above artists. also no skrillex or datsik or excision im aware of their music.
Edit: I read the faq just now and am aware im breaking a rule( oops) in my defence all the suggestions given by last fm etc are not similar to what im looking for. I needed an analysis by a human and i have dug and dug on youtube to find similar music. anywho sorry for breaking the rules thanks for the answers anyways.
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2014.01.22 06:51 ugman77 I compiled a list of Bassnectar Mixes and download locations. Enjoy!

I love all of theses mixes and I figure some of you out there may not have all of them. Let me know if you know of any mixes that I don't. These all link to the official download page of the mix.
So go ahead, plug into your speakers, crank it to 11, and enjoy!
Immersive Music Side 2
Immersive Music Side 1
European Vacation Also avaible here
Color Storm
BBC Radio
Kiss FM
Leftfield Downtempo
Smashers and Mashers
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2013.12.21 22:48 chase420 Bassnectar's Colorstorm

As heard in his EF 12' and NYE 13, he mixes up a different song with it. WHAT IS THAT SONG? *not run the heart
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2013.08.12 00:22 agunZagun Bassnectar - Colorstorm [OFFICIAL]

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2012.07.13 00:57 chase420 Bassnectar - Colorstorm [OFFICIAL] - YouTube

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2012.03.22 22:46 drumheller Bassnectar - Colorstorm

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2011.09.23 06:10 beaster1111 Bassnectar’s Colorstorm is dope! I need more like it.

Any ideas for me good Sirs/Madams I am writing a paper on Antisocial Personality Disorder right now and all I want to do is ‎(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ so please help me with bass that will rattle yet sooth my soul and beats that will be absorbed into the pages only to radiate out and slap my Prof in the face.
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2011.09.12 23:37 crudecarter New Bassnectar mix: Bassnectar - Colorstorm [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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2011.09.12 22:35 crudecarter New Bassnectar mix: Bassnectar - Colorstorm [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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