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Hindsight is 2020: #9 - The Cinema Show

2020.09.22 14:04 LordChozo Hindsight is 2020: #9 - The Cinema Show

from Selling England by the Pound, 1973
Listen to it here!
“Have you ever heard of the Boat of Tiresias?” That was the question posed to the class by one of my college philosophy professors. Nobody raised their hands; though I had heard of Tiresias in another context, I wasn’t aware of any particular association with a boat. The professor went on to explain that the Boat presented a question of metaphysical identity. He posed the thought problem to us thusly:
Tiresias had a boat that was of such cultural/historical importance that it was preserved in Athens, but, as the boat was constructed of wood, it slowly began to rot away, one board at a time. And so, being good caretakers, those tasked with the boat’s preservation would remove the rotting piece of wood and replace it with a fresh wooden board of equal dimensions. Piece by piece the boat was restored and replaced in this manner until after many decades no wood from the original boat remained. Was this, then, the same boat as the one that entered their care? Or was it now a different boat entirely? And if it were a different boat entirely, at what point did the identity of the boat change? After one plank? After every plank? Somewhere in between?
This is deep, thought-provoking stuff. So the idea that Genesis wrote a song heavily featuring Tiresias? Must be pretty heady material indeed!
Peter: We seem to have lost the adolescent preoccupation with sex and death, and what we have now are certain kinds of unrelated lyrical ideas. 1
So one just looks at the lyrics and...wait a minute here. Romeo? Juliet? An extended metaphor about earth and sea as pertaining to erotic pleasure? ...This song’s about sex, isn’t it? Peter lied to me. Come on, man! Where are my metaphysics? Where’s this boat I’ve heard so much about? There must be some misunderstanding! There must be some kind of mistake!
Oh, what’s that? It’s the Boat of Theseus? My professor just had his classical Greek figures confused this whole time? Well, that’s just great. All right then...I suppose sex it is!
Steve: It’s a very beautiful song, very romantic… 2
OK. Let’s talk about this romantic song, shall we? It’s a lovely little opening here with the tinkling 12-string sound. It gives similar vibes to “The Musical Box” a couple albums earlier, though the notes and structures are very different. But it almost wasn’t to be.
Steve: When it was originally put together it was linked to “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”. We had a very sort of contentious meeting about this at the time. I remember Phil saying, “Well, if there’s a 12-string passage in something, does it mean that every long song has to have a 12-string passage in it?” There were some crestfallen faces. So we started to do some long songs that didn’t have 12-string passages in them. 2
You can almost see Mike’s face getting even longer than usual at an exasperated Phil saying “Enough with the 12-strings already!” And indeed, while the 12-string wouldn’t exactly go away until the three-piece era, after this album it did become slightly less ubiquitous. But by golly, “The Cinema Show” is a romantic song, and romance means 12-string guitar!
Mike: Another good example of when I tuned my 12-strings. Normally you’ve got twelve strings and they’re paired up, and you tune each pair to the same note. I started tuning each pair to harmony notes. Which is how the song starts with that little rundown. Now what the hell that tuning is, I haven’t got a clue. Because the other day in New York they were saying, “Let’s do the first half of ‘Cinema Show’ maybe.” And I said, “Well, I have no idea how I played it. We’d have to work a compromised version out.” 3
Spoiler alert: they never did work a compromised tuning out, so if you’re disappointed that you never got to hear “The Cinema Show” in its entirety in the 21st century, it’s all Mike’s fault. Anyway, there are a lot of guitar strings tinkling around in this one.
Steve: I was influenced by the flute work of Ian McDonald working with King Crimson, so I tried to play very pastoral phrases. I developed it a bit more when we did it live, doing percussion noises and whathaveyou. But in some ways it typifies the Genesis sound because you’ve got almost a plethora of 12-strings going: sometimes two 12-strings, sometimes three. And an electric 6-string as well. And this jangly sound where you can’t tell: it sounds that a keyboard? Is that a guitar? What is that sound? 3
And then we get the story, or really more like a snapshot, of this busy young woman trying to tidy up her place and herself before going to catch a movie with her date. I confess when I first heard the lyric that she “clears her morning meal” I thought it meant she was having some gastrointestinal difficulties, if you catch my drift. Decidedly unromantic, that. But I wouldn’t have put something like that past Peter. Was it Peter? Who did the lyrics to this one, anyway?
Phil: ”Cinema Show” was lyrically I think Tony and Peter. I think. Either Tony and Peter or Mike and Peter. 3
Was it you or was it me? Ah well. In any case, from Juliet we go straight to Romeo, who is basically just looking to get laid. It’s a classic story. Boy meets girl, boy lusts after girl, girl agrees to a pleasant night at the cinema, boy gives girl chocolates, girl thinks boy is nice, boy propositions girl, both go home a little more tired. Tale as old as time, that one. And it’s from there that Tiresias makes his appearance, where his actual background is relayed. There are variations on the classical myth, but Genesis lands on one of them in particular.
Tiresias, as the story goes, was hiking up a mountain and saw a pair of snakes “getting nasty,” as I think they called it back then. He used his walking stick to “break that s--- up,” I think was the parlance, which incurred the wrath of the goddess queen Hera, who was aspected to things like fertility. Hera was a capricious and impulsive goddess, and so she immediately decided that interrupting a pair of fornicating snakes was punishable by forced sex change. Thus, she transformed Tiresias into a woman and made Tiresias one of her priestesses so (s)he could atone. Tiresias was surprisingly not much put out by this turn of events, and found a nice man to settle down and have kids with. After some years, Mother Tiresias found some more snakes doin’ the deed, and left them alone. Hera then turned Tiresias back into a man since he’d seemed to learn his lesson, which meant that in a very strange twist of fate, his kids now had two biological dads; I imagine the family dynamics probably got a little awkward after that.
Later, Hera and her husband Zeus found themselves in an argument over who derived more pleasure from sex - men or women. Being exceedingly petty gods with victim complexes, each one wanted the other sex to be the “winner.” That is, Hera argued that men enjoyed sex more, and Zeus the opposite. At an impasse, Hera summoned Tiresias on the basis that he was the only person - mortal or god - who had experienced sex from both sides of the equation. They posed the question to him, and though he was a priest(ess?) of Hera, he felt compelled to answer truthfully: women get way more out of it than men do. Genesis translate this reply thusly: “Once a man, like the sea I raged. Once a woman, like the earth I gave. But there is, in fact, more earth than sea.” A furious Hera struck him blind on the spot for embarrassing her, but a very pleased Zeus tried to make up for it by giving him foresight instead. Thus, Tiresias became known as a blind seer, a title as fittingly oxymoronic as his status as the first man-woman-man.
So, in summary, “The Cinema Show” isn’t an adolescent fixation on sex. No, it’s an adolescent fixation on sex combined with classical Greek mythology. See? All grown up now! In fairness though, musically that maturation is very clear. After our first dalliance with Tiresias, we go into a veritable forest of guitar strings once again, featuring oboe and flute solos. I’ve only ever heard one other song that sounds anything like it, and that’s “The Dreaming Tree” by Dave Matthews Band, which came out 24 years later and may well have been influenced significantly by this song in the first place. It’s such a unique atmosphere. As much as I love the live versions of this song, listening to this section on Seconds Out you can’t help but feel like an entire audio channel is missing. Those jazzy, improv style woodwind lines have an impact that to me can’t be overstated.
Then we get some really delightful vocal interplay on simple “la la la” stuff before one last little trip back with Father Tiresias, and one last declaration that there’s more earth than sea as Steve’s electric guitar gets a little solo to bring us home. Or is that a keyboard? Dangit guys, you’ve got me all confused again.
Let’s hear it from the band!
Steve: It’s a very beautiful combination I think of 12-strings and keyboards. 2
Tony: The other song on this album I suppose that kind of was a big development for us again was “The Cinema Show”. Which was another one of those things which starts off with a sort of quiet, acoustic beginning and then ends up doing something else at the end. 3
Mike: Bloody hard to write [the album]... The funny thing was we thought we had the bulk of it written. “Cinema Show” was put on at the end, and that became one of the best things - one example that you shouldn’t force writing. 4
Phil: I’d like Genesis to get a bit looser, while keeping the arranged things. I want to get more into different time signatures. I think my playing has improved a lot… 5
Tony: Mike had this riff which was in seven, just going dun dun dun g-jun-dun, like that. And he was playing along and you know, then I just sort of started fiddling around on top of it. 3
Phil: A guitar riff [and] a 7/8 drum riff. And then Tony just had sort of lots of bits on top, and eventually that became “the thing.” Which was very strong, I think. 3
Mike: The rhythm was 7/8, which feels different but doesn’t sound clever-clever. 6
Huh, that’s weird. I’ve listened to this thing a number of times and I don’t hear anything in seven. Wonder what they’re talking ab-
dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun
...Did you guys hear that? That was pretty we-
d-d-dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun
There it is again! What in the wor-
d-d-dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun
dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun d-d-dun dun dun
Whoooooa there. This is something else entirely here. What is going on?
Tony: “The Cinema Show”, again like “The Musical Box” or “Supper’s Ready”, had started off with an acoustic idea. But this time once we went off into the instrumental section at the end we didn’t come back; it developed its own life. When we played that song to Tony Stratton-Smith, who was obviously a big fan of ours, he didn’t like it. He felt we were trying to move into the area of ELP and that we were drifting away from what we did best. My feeling was that you can’t stay doing the same thing forever and that particularly with “Firth of Fifth” and “The Cinema Show” we were trying out things we hadn’t done on the previous albums. 7
Man, Tony’s doing some work on this. What even…
Mike: Selling England wasn’t my favorite album but “The Cinema Show” was a real standout moment. The second half of the song was the start of a new phase between me and Tony… I’m moving around chords, Tony’s reacting and improvising over them, and between the two of us we’re coming up with something that would go on to be the essence of the Genesis sound for the next twenty years. And the drumming’s great, too. 6
Gracious, the drumming! How did I miss that? Just listen to that cymbal work! That’s incredible! How the…
Tony: And then we thought this could be really good, so again Phil, Mike, and I just went off really, and put this all together and worked on all of those bits. And I just improvised for hours and got these little bits and pieces going, and Mike would change the chords, and we ended up with this piece. And you know, it was such a strong rhythm in the first place. A lot of things you play on it could be really good. But I got one or two quite good melodies on top of it… 3
I guess you mean this wonderful melody here? This splendid little dance around the A-major scale? What a delight!
Steve: The famous melody. Of course in a way it always deserved to be heard live to get the full impact of this. Last time I did it with my band, it virtually raised the roof. I’d never heard anything so loud in my life. The bass pedals were enough to bring the ceiling down. And those famous Mellotron voices of course. ...I think the cinematic effect, the soundtrack effect, really comes from the instrumental stuff and Tony’s extraordinary keyboard work on this. 2
Raise the roof? Bass pedals? What are you talking about St-


Tony: The solo on “Cinema Show” was very much the thing… Obviously, “Cinema Show” went on to become a live classic. 8
Steve: We’d just acquired the Mellotron voices. I pushed the band into getting a Mellotron way back in the day, and of course we bought our original one off of King Crimson. But the Mellotron voices hadn’t really been invented at that point. I remember Mellotronics said to us, “Ooh, there’s some very interesting stuff. You might like to come down and hear.” And Tony Banks and I went down to listen to their latest stuff and it was male and female voices mixed, and you could get them separately if you wanted. So, you know, we opted to have the full whack of them all together. 2
Male and female mashed together, huh? Clever-clever, Steve! I see what you did there!
Mike: But the second part, once again it seems to me we’d started this movement I think with myself, Phil, and Tony… playing, jamming, getting instrumental moments like the...9/8 in “Supper’s Ready”, this one [in “Cinema Show”]...which became a large part of our trademark, really. The instrumental part was a huge sort of crowd pleaser. Very “live” song. 3
“Crowd pleaser…” ya think? Man, gonna take a bit to come down from that...wait, why isn’t it coming down? WHY ISN’T IT COMING DOWN? Good gravy Tony, aren’t your fingers tired yet?! HOW IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?
Peter: The solos are longer on this one and we’ve played our things to their natural length. In the past we rather nervously tended to cut things short. The new [album] has longer solos - at the risk of being boring. We hope the fans will stay with us at any rate. 9
Mike: When we played the song live, Pete and Steve would leave the stage at the end so it was just me, Tony, and Phil. It was so strong and it was just the three of us. Although I wasn’t conscious of it at the time, I think that must have been something I stored away in my memory: the knowledge of what the three of us could do. 6
Oh, poor Steve. Must’ve been a little dull for him there. I feel really bad for the guy.
Steve: For me the most creative album the band did is Selling England by the Pound. I think that showcased both the song aspect that the band had, I think it showcased some of the playing, you know, occasionally the instruments were allowed to breathe. I mean, you know, unaccompanied things. Not very long, but, you know, occasionally. I think the odd solo was too long. I think “Cinema Show”, I mean that keyboard solo which went on interminably on one chord in 7/8 for God knows how long. I think that was pretty damn long. Apart from that I think it showcased the individual abilities pretty nicely. 10
...Aight, forget him. Let’s gooooooo! I can only imagine hearing this thing live. Eh? You’ve got a link? Yusssssssssssssss!
Tony: Although Chester [Thompson] came from a slightly different area of music, he was very able to adapt to what we were doing, and he added to our very English kind of music a hint of something which I really liked. A song like “The Cinema Show” really developed and came alive with the double drumming between Chester and Phil - which we had first tried out with Bill Bruford. 10
Double drummin’, gimme gimme! I can’t get enough of this thing man. This song is pure fire in keyboard form. Unimpeachable. Magnificent.
Phil: “Cinema Show” is a huge tour-de-force. [The album’s] certainly got a lot of things we still play. Huge stage classics on it. I like “Cinema Show” in particular. The first half is great as well. 3
Wait, what first half?
Let’s hear it from the band!
Tony: I think the instrumental at the end of this was probably the best of the ones we did - at this stage of our careers, anyhow. ...and it again built up to a very nice sort of climax I think. Probably better on stage than it was on the album in many ways, because on the album it sort of fades out into the next bit, which I’m not too sure is quite so good. But it was an exciting thing to have created at the time. We were very pleased with it. 3
Tony: The things I get bored with [playing], I cut out [live]. Like lots of parts of “Cinema Show” I couldn’t stand playing anymore. So we only do the three best parts of it. 11
Tony: There is a tendency to avoid rhythms like seven [in later Genesis music], because at this point in time they sound a little bit dated. Like the seven we used in “Cinema Show”. You can go into the studio, tap out a rhythm in seven, and almost say it’s “Cinema Show” because it’s so identifiable. 11
1. Sounds, 1973
2. Steve Hackett, 2020
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6. Mike Rutherford - The Living Years
7. Genesis: Chapter & Verse
8. The Waiting Room, 1994
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10. Steve Rosen interview, 1978
11. Keyboard, 1984
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2020.09.19 20:55 StevenStevens43 Humber the Hun

Humber the Hun
Humber the Hun:
Humber the Hun was supposed to have been part of the invasions of Albion, beginning in 1112 BC.
Humber the Hun
Humber the Hun (Gaelic: Emer or Éber mac Ír, or Éber Don mac Ír Ulaid) son of Ír and grandson of Miled, was a legendary king of so-called "Huns" who, according to Gafridian legend, invaded the British Isles in about the 12th century BC. His people successfully conquered Scotia but he himself was drowned during his campaign against Southern Britain. His sons became the Kings of Ulster and ultimately Dál Riata, the earliest Kingdom of Scotland. At some point, he began to equated with his namesake Donn, the Gaelic God of the Dead.
Now, nobody knows who the Huns are.
Particularly modern Latin speakers.
In the Latin language, Scotti means Gaels.
Scoti or Scotti is a Latin name for the Gaels,[1]
Link for photo
Royal Scottish flag
However, even today, the Gaelic word for Scot, is Hun.
This means that Gaelic speakers might have a slightly better grasp on who the Huns might have been, than the modern Romanised Latin speaker.
It also means that when modern day Scots during football matches with the Auld enemy sing "Go home ya Hun", they are actually "wrong".
The Huns were the Scoloti.
Luckily the Scots don't face too much shame regarding this fact, as the other half of the Auld enemy are also unaware of the fact that they are infact "not" the Huns.
Pop culture
Modern Ulster Scots and other Scots Protestants are still referred to as Huns by Gaels.[10
Link for photo
2011 Gaelic speaking parts of Scotland
Now obviously, the word "Hun" is pretty much synonymous with the country named Hungary, suggesting that Huns may have certain origins in this area.
After-all, Humber the Hun is said to have arrived in the Humber from Germany.
Of course, there was no such place as Germany in 1112 BC.
It was Gaul, and Gaul was a name that pertained to the entire area of mainland inhabited by Gaelic speaking Gauls, which at this point in history, would have included Hungary.
Mediaeval history
When Locrinus raided Humber's ships after his death, he found Humber's consort Estrildis,[2][3] the daughter of the King of Germany there.
Link for photo
The modern day word for "Hun", as in Hungary, derived from the Huns from Eurasia, not the Huns from Humber.
Well, not immediately anyway.
The "H" in the name of Hungary (and Latin Hungaria) is most likely due to founded historical associations with the Huns, who had settled Hungary prior to the Avars.
Link for photo
Hunnic warrior
Scythian sphere:
However, the land of Hungary pre-dated the country of Hungary, and back in the Iron age, Hungary did not exist, and was infact part of the Scythian sphere.
History of Hungary
Hungary in its modern (post-1946) borders roughly corresponds to the Great Hungarian Plain (the Pannonian basin). During the Iron Age, it was at the boundary of Celtic, Illyrian and Iranian (Scythian) cultural spheres.
Link for photo
Alba Albanian flag
Royal Scoloti:
Now, Scythia was a "big" region.
It also took in an Iranian area known as Sogdiana.
The aristocrats were known as the Royal Scoloti.
.[10][13] Based in what is modern-day Ukraine and southern Russia, the Scythians called themselves Scoloti and were led by a nomadic warrior aristocracy known as the Royal Scythians.
Now Sogdiana, whilst being part of Scythia, in turn, ruled an empire which stretched to the border of China.
Sogdia (/ˈsɒɡdiə/) (Sogdian: soɣd) or Sogdiana was an ancient Iranian civilization that at different times included territory located in present-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khujand, Panjikent, and Shahrisabz. Sogdiana was also a province of the Achaemenid Empire,
Link for photo
Sogdiana princesses:
During the annexation of the empire by Alexander the Great, Alexander had Sogdiana princesses sent to breed with his Greek friends.
Antiochus I was half Sogdian,[2][3] his mother Apama, daughter of Spitamenes, being one of the eastern princesses whom Alexander the Great had given as wives to his generals in 324 BC.[4]
Link for photo
Alexander the Great
Auld Edina:
It is likely that Scotlands current day capital city of Edinburgh (Auld Edina), from the root word Dun Eideann, is derived from the Royal Scoloti sogdiana.
Edinburgh (/ˈɛdɪnbərə/ (📷listen);[8][9][10] Scots: Edinburgh; Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Èideann
Link for photo
Athens of the North
Now, this is where the Xiongnu come in to this.
The Xiongnu were a "Nomadic" tribe, and one might know to suspect, that when you see the word "Nomadic" it is likely referring to a certain Aryan peoples that got Nomadism in to their DNA after requiring to leave their homelands during the younger dryas.
The Xiongnu (Chinese: 匈奴; Wade–Giles: Hsiung-nu, [ɕjʊ́ŋ.nǔ]) were a tribal confederation[3] of nomadic peoples who, according to ancient Chinese sources, inhabited the eastern Eurasian Steppe from the 3rd century BC to the late 1st century AD. Chinese sources report that Modu Chanyu, the supreme leader after 209 BC, founded the Xiongnu Empire.[4]
Link for photo
Xiongnu territory
Huaxia people:
Now Chinese history draws a distinction between the more civilised Huaxia people (Indigenous Mongolians) and the more barbaric Nomadic Xiongnu.
Early history
.[19] It also draws a distinct line between the settled Huaxia people (Chinese) to the pastoral nomads (Xiongnu), characterizing it as two polar groups in the sense of a civilization versus an uncivilized society
Hua-Yi distinction:
It is called the Hua-Yi distinction.
Hua-Yi distinction
The distinction between Huá and (Chinese: ; pinyin: Huá Yí zhī biàn), also known as Sino–barbarian dichotomy,[1] is an ancient Chinese concept that differentiated a culturally defined "China" (called Huá, Huaxia 華夏; Huáxià, or Xià ) from cultural or ethnic outsiders (, conventionally "barbarians"). Although Yí is often translated as "barbarian", other translations of this term in English include "foreigners",[2]
Modu Chanyu:
Now, the Xiongnu under Mody Chanyu, almost overthrew the Chinese emperor.
State formation
After forging internal unity, Modu Chanyu expanded the empire on all sides. To the north he conquered a number of nomadic peoples, including the Dingling of southern Siberia. He crushed the power of the Donghu people of eastern Mongolia and Manchuria as well as the Yuezhi in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu, where his son, Jizhu, made a skull cup out of the Yuezhi king. Modu also reoccupied all the lands previously taken by the Qin general Meng Tian.
Under Modu's leadership, the Xiongnu threatened the Han dynasty, almost causing Emperor Gaozu, the first Han emperor, to lose his throne in 200 BC.[31]
Link for photo
Xiongnu expansion
Chinese princesses and Great wall of China:
The Chinese decided to build a great wall, as a border to define the territory between Xiongnu and China, and to attempt to appease the Xiongnu, they began sending them Chinese princesses, along with other gifts including money and alcohol.
Marraige diplomacy
The Han sent princesses to marry Xiongnu leaders in their efforts to stop the border raids. Along with arranged marriages, the Han sent gifts to bribe the Xiongnu to stop attacking.[31] After the defeat at Pingcheng in 200 BC, the Han emperor abandoned a military solution to the Xiongnu threat. Instead, in 198 BC , the courtier Liu Jing&action=edit&redlink=1) [zh)] was dispatched for negotiations. The peace settlement eventually reached between the parties included a Han princess given in marriage to the chanyu (called heqin) (Chinese: 和親; lit.: 'harmonious kinship'); periodic gifts to the Xiongnu of silk, distilled beverages and rice; equal status between the states; and the Great Wall as mutual border.
Cant beat them, join them:
However, the raids did not stop, and the Hans Chinese decided to attempt to forge an alliance with them.
Marraige diplomacy
The Xiongnu also practiced marriage alliances with Han dynasty officers and officials who defected to their side. The older sister of the Chanyu (the Xiongnu ruler) was married to the Xiongnu General Zhao Xin, the Marquis of Xi who was serving the Han dynasty. The daughter of the Chanyu was married to the Han Chinese General Li Ling after he surrendered and defected.[39][40][41][42] Another Han Chinese General who defected to the Xiongnu was Li Guangli, general in the War of the Heavenly Horses, who also married a daughter of the Chanyu.[43]
Behind the backs of the Xiongnu, the Hans Chinese sent an envoy to go and explore the Western world and try and find an ally to help fight the Xiongnu, however the information received back from the envoy, put China into a state of emergency, and expelling the Xiongnu became a matter of urgency.
It is not know exactly what the message was, but i assume it was along the lines of "those people are everywhere".
Han xiongnu war
The Han dynasty made preparations for war when the Han Emperor Wu dispatched the explorer Zhang Qian to explore the mysterious kingdoms to the west and to form an alliance with the Yuezhi people in order to combat the Xiongnu. During this time Zhang married a Xiongnu wife, who bore him a son, and gained the trust of the Xiongnu leader.[45][46][47][48][49][50][51] While Zhang Qian did not succeed in this mission,[52] his reports of the west provided even greater incentive to counter the Xiongnu hold on westward routes out of China,
Link for photo
Han China
Southern Xiongnu & Northern xiongnu:
The result of the war, was that the Chinese would be successful in putting a barrier between themselves and the Xiongnu, by placing a southern Xiongnu between themselves and a Northern Xiongnu.
Southern Xiongnu and Northern Xiongnu
In 48 AD, a confederation of eight Xiongnu tribes in Bi's power base in the south, with a military force totalling 40,000 to 50,000 men, seceded from Punu's kingdom and acclaimed Bi as chanyu. This kingdom became known as the Southern Xiongnu.
600 year empire destroyed:
In the year 439 AD, 600 years of Xiongnu living in this area came to an end, and finally China rid themselves of the last remnants of Xiongnu.
Juqu and)
By 439, the Juqu power was destroyed by the Northern Wei. Their remnants were then settled in the city of Gaochang before being destroyed by the Rouran.
Now, the Xiongnu done to the Chinese, exactly what the Huns would do to the Romans.
The Xiongnu confederation was unusually long-lived for a steppe empire. The purpose of raiding China was not simply for goods, but to force the Chinese to pay regular tribute.
Contemporary understanding:
Now, believe it or not, the Xiongnu being the same group as the Huns, is actually now the contemporary view amongst historians and scholars.
However contemporary, is not the same thing as general consensus.
.[70] Although the theory that the Xiongnu were precursors of the Huns known later in Europe is now accepted by many scholars, it has yet to become a consensus view.
Link for photo
Hunnic invasion
Turkic descendency:
Now, Turks claim that the Xiongnu were Turkish, because they are descended from Xiongnu.
However ascended, and descended, are two different things.
I am sure it is possible, that by the time the Sogdians came out of Mongolia, they were now quite Turkic.
Uyghur Khagans claimed descent from the Xiongnu (according to Chinese history Weishu, the founder of the Uyghur Khaganate was descended from a Xiongnu ruler).[86]
Both the 7th-century Chinese History of the Northern Dynasties[87] and the Book of Zhou,[88] an inscription in the Sogdian language, report the Göktürks to be a subgroup of the Xiongnu.[89][90]
Iranian ancestors:
However, scholars tend to agree that when the Xiongnu first arrived in Mongolia, they were Northern Iranian speakers.
Harold Walter Bailey proposed an Iranian origin of the Xiongnu, recognizing all the earliest Xiongnu names of the 2nd century BC as being of the Iranian type.[9] This theory is supported by turkologist Henryk Jankowski).[10] Central Asian scholar Christopher I. Beckwith notes that the Xiongnu name could be a cognate of Scythian, Saka and Sogdia, corresponding to a name for Northern Iranians.[27][
Chinese Hun:
Now, the word the Chinese used to refer to the Xiongnu as, translates pretty much in to English as "Hun".
Some may mistake this as the word "Hun" having Chinese origins.
However, it is more likely that the Chinese referred to them by a word similar to Hun, because, that is what the Xiongnu of the time likely referred to themselves as.
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First of all, I am from exjw (Ex-Jehovah’s Witness). I find it awesome that you guys use the term “PIMO” as well! I have a few questions:
1)I work with more than a few Adventist’s and find them all to be the sweetest people. They are very understanding and seriously so sweet. As a Jehovah’s Witness, we have a phrase called “put on the new personality.” Is this something you also practice? Is this also a conversion tactic, Or just how you were raised based off of the examples at church?
2) What made you leave?
For my context, as an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, I can think of at least 10 reasons I left my religion (multiple false “end of the world” prophecies/timeline, disfellowshipping/shunning punishment arrangement, not allowed to research your own religion outside of the religion, pedophile anti-reporting policies, no blood transfusions/risking life because of it, lack of tolerance for lgbt or any outsiders, extreme demand of time, high-control religion (clothing, activities), bible doesn’t make sense, 8 guys control the church ideas and change them whenever they want, the list goes on and on)
3) What do you believe now?
4) Do you miss anything about the religion?
Edit: for those who don’t know, “PIMO” means “Physically in, Mentally out”, those who no longer believe but are too scared to lose their entire network of friends/family, so they fake it. We use it in the exJW community. There’s also “POMO” for those who are openly out of the religion, either by force or by choice, and “PIMI” used to describe those who are still fully in.
Thank you all for your replies!!

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Author orpheus6
Posted On Thu Sep 17 17:05:33 UTC 2020
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  1. Friendship evangelism is pushed hard, at least in my experience. Fake niceness towards outsiders is encouraged - it’s amplified if that outsider is an important person. Everyone’s a bit fake-nice at church.
  2. Funnily enough while studying theology my love for exegesis was my undoing (reading whichever bible book in context, trying to understand the author’s intent, relevant historical & social data, linguistic data, etc). Exegesis, specifically with non-SDA scholarly sources, exposed a lot of flaws in my prior SDA fundamentalism and helped me to see that a lot of what was coming from SDA church propaganda, the pulpit, and sugar-sweet devotionals is nonsense if one is to take the bible exegetically. I quickly began to despise devotional readings of the bible and fundamentalist proof-texting.
Basically all the “big SDA proofs” which had been preached at me for decades crumbled upon closer exegetical examination (this set of SDA proofs also included many of the general “Christian/biblical proofs.”
Plus prayer never worked and that always bothered me. It always seemed like god had an easy out whenever you really needed him to actually turn up or affect reality as promised. The “relationship with god” was also completely one-sided, which isn’t really a relationship.
EGW’s influence was also very un-fun and wet-blankety. I’m so glad to be free of her authority.
  1. I’m an amorphous agnostic apostate I guess. I lean atheist - based on the reality I perceive I don’t think there’s a benevolent god behind it - but I leave the option open. Perhaps a trickster god or a demiurge-type god would be more in line with reality.
  2. Maybe the sense of security and the sense of ultimate closure (coupled with death avoidance). These factors don’t make up for the incredible neurotic anxiety, guilt etc.
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Author me_hoyminoy
Posted On Thu Sep 17 05:36:13 UTC 2020
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Welcome to the sub!
1) From personal experience, I find a lot of Adventists can be very fake. I did grow up around some genuinely good people in my church, but so many of the big-wigs were completely different underneath the facade, be it from fear or biblical obligation.
2) Like at least one other commenter said, I also had a traumatic experience with my mom that really got the ball rolling on me being PIMO. I’ve told this story on the sub before, but essentially we were being badly abused by my dad. We finally were able to physically separate ourselves from him and move somewhere else safe, and when my mom went to the church elders/pastor for guidance in filing for divorce, they told her she didn’t have grounds for divorce because he hadn’t cheated on my mom with another woman; because that was the only biblical ground for divorce. Essentially condemning my mom to die for the sake of keeping god happy. I never spoke to any of those people again due to the betrayal I felt. I did attend a different church when I moved to another city with an ex, because he was still in. But as soon as we broke up over 5 years ago, I never again attended, even casually. It was the most free I’ve ever felt.
To add on though, aside from the bad experience with leadership, I found the whole church doctrine to be complete bullshit the more I looked at it. So controlling and legalistic, and full of holes that nobody would dare address.
I still can’t believe JW’s are against blood transfusions. I dated a JW guy in high school who was excommunicated during our relationship and it was a huge deal to his family. His mom was inconsolable because her son was going to hell. Just yikes, dude.
3) I honestly haven’t fully labeled my current beliefs, because I don’t really care to. I definitely lean more towards atheism since I find it baffling to think there’s a powerful sky being who has the ability to help, yet actively chooses to not save its creations and let them perish en masse. Even if there does turn out to be a god, gimme eternal damnation, cuz I don’t wanna sing praises to that asshole in perpetuity.
4) Strangely enough, I miss potluck. My family had the young adult sabbath school group over to our house every Saturday and my mom and I would cook and have these amazing vegan meals (actually good ones because my mom is an incredible cook) and just lounge around with people I loved. Then Saturday nights we would get a group and go bowling or do another social activity with everybody. It was great socialization. As an adult now, it’s hard to find a cohesive group in that way since everyone has conflicting schedules and lives.
None of that is worth being in the church for, though.
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Author --velvetrose
Posted On Thu Sep 17 03:35:43 UTC 2020
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One of my people! Oh man, my worldwide brotherhood instincts are kicking in, but in an exJW much-more-genuine kind of way. :)
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Author _yellowlights
Posted On Thu Sep 17 12:59:35 UTC 2020
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Hi there! I love exSDA - exJW solidarity. From what I read on here, the term PIMO was coined by someone in the exJW community, but I might be wrong. Either way I personally am very grateful for it.
  1. Indeed most Adventists you will meet as a nonSDA will seem very nice people. In my experience, Adventists are eager to maintain this "kind Christian" exterior in order to make a good impression. Reputation and exterior matters more to them than reality. For a lot of them it matters that people outside the church distinguish them from other cults by their niceness and selflessness. Many people in my church bragged about how they brought so many to Adventism just by being nice and helpful, because the people in question thought "wow they are so different". Of course, this isn't to say that most of them aren't actually good, but growing up in this church and seeing how they can really be, has made me wary of those first impressions. However, no, we don't have the new personality rule, the tendency to act nicely is most likely just ingrained in the church mentality.
  2. 90% of your reasons for leaving are mine too. Continuous end-of-the-world fear mongering despite multiple false prophecies has made me stop taking anything about Adventism seriously. The encouragement of blind faith. Bigotry and high control, like clothing, lifestyle, activities, everything in your life has to revolve around church and Adventism. The members' fakeness and passive-aggressiveness, and the mask they put on to seem happy and put together, because everything had to be a competition in the church. And also the obsession with (racist) Ellen White's prophecies and writings, and how she is put above the Bible most of the time. An overall unsettling and uncomfortable experience.
  3. I don't have any religious beliefs now. I'm still trying to unlearn some of the most venomous and traumatizing stuff that was ingrained in me since birth. I don't see myself ever reverting to a state of blind faith for another religion. I don't know if I'm an atheist or anything. I haven't had the energy or desire to look into anything else, I'm still processing my existence outside of SDA. I probably am agnostic, by definition, but I don't really know. When I was in high school I used to call myself an apatheist, it's a term for when you don't care whether God exists or not. Now I don't feel the need to call myself anything, I'm just trying to feel normal.
  4. Nothing at all. I thought I would miss the few friends I had in the church, but I really don't. Most of the things I would think about as positive and worthy of being missed have very little to do with the church/religion and more to do with being an innocent kid. I'm talking like summer camps, games, singing with other kids, learning about nature, etc. Once I hit high school and became more familiar with the doctrine and teachings, I started feeling cold towards the church itself. So now no, can't say I miss anything.
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Author cubej333
Posted On Thu Sep 17 07:25:17 UTC 2020
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Good Christians can be sweet, it doesn't have anything to do with how correct their doctrine is. It should be obvious that real Christianity is about a relationship and not about 'right believing' or 'right knowing'. Plenty of wonderful Mormons and non-Christians too.
I wouldn't say I left, I would say that I now identify primarily as Christian and not as Adventist. I am still happy to attend many Adventist churches just as I am happy to attend many Lutheran or Assembly of God or Presbyterian or Methodist churches.
I have met some wonderful Witnesses but have never attended a Jehovah Witness church.
Obviously I am (still) a Christian.
I think Adventists do Sabbath School (for young kids) better than most denominations.
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Author --velvetrose
Posted On Thu Sep 17 03:47:27 UTC 2020
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At least when chatting with most of them I see a notable difference. Very easy to talk with. Maybe it’s because we have similar upbringings and similar deep seeded anxiety-ties, or just used to love bombing from church. I can see a few being very grumpy and judge mental, even thinking that I am judging them for something they did wrong (like admitting they secretly drink coffee every day and that’s SO bad! Please don’t tell so-and-so!). I’m glad you chose to leave for your kids. That sabbath thing sounds awful. JWs actually claim to debunk the Sabbath teaching. I guess it’s all on interpretation, which the whole bible is up for interpretation in a million wacky ways, which makes it harder and harder to believe in the first place.
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Author Tessleonhart
Posted On Thu Sep 17 03:24:14 UTC 2020
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I am on this reddit as an ex JW for the same reasons!
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2020.09.16 22:03 BuckRowdy Dr. Ariel Sanjines paid an employee $10K to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend in her Mountain Shadows home. She survived and the neighborhood later was nicknamed Murder Shadows.

Sometimes I think about how you're never going to hear about a successful murder-for-hire scheme. I'm not talking about cartel sicarios or the mafia, but genuine meet-in-a-smoky-bar-hand-a-stranger-cash-under-the-table schemes that spawn movie tropes. You only ever hear about the spectacular failures.
The greatest murder for hire story of all time in my opinion, is the Susan Kuhnhausen case. There is simply no other story on that same level. She fought off her attacker and killed him, offering to call 911 for him if he would just reveal who hired him.
There's lots of other stories of contract killings gone way wrong of course. Often the "hitman" is an undercover officer and a quick arrest is made. Other times the hired hitman is incompetent and the plan fails.
This is not a write up about a big case or an important case. It's just a story about a guy who got so mad at his wife he trusted two 18 year old employees, one of whom he was dating, with killing his wife and her boyfriend for $10,000.
Benjamin Franklin once famously said that "three can keep a secret if two are dead" and yet people who want to hire killers seem to want to involve a lot of people in the process. No one ever seems to think long term about how they're going to keep something like this a secret forever.
Dr. Ariel Sanjines and his brother immigrated to the US from Bolivia. The timeframe and his early history is not known. In 1991 he was 35 years old, the owner of a Perkins restaurant, living in an upscale suburban neighborhood with his wife in Chattanooga, TN. The neighborhood, Mountain Shadows, would, in a few years and a second murder, take on a dark new nickname: Murder Shadows.
Trouble arose in the marriage and his wife Gina Sanjines accused him of abuse. Then she filed for a restraining order and a divorce. She was given custody of their children and, as so often happens, a bitter custody dispute ensued. Dr. Sanjines would become more and more angry about this over time.
If you've ever worked in a restaurant you'll know that gossip is rampant and that there are very few secrets that stay secrets for long. And that's the scene of the crime that's the subject of this post: A $10,000 murder-for-hire fiasco set in an east Tennessee Perkins breakfast restaurant that had failure written all over it from the outset.
Another thing you'll note about restaurants is that it's common for managers or owners to creep on their female staff. Shortly after Amy Marcum started working at Perkins at the age of 17 in 1992 that's exactly what happened. Sanjines took an interest in her and after she turned 18 he charmed her and the two began dating around August of 1992. Dr. Sanjines was twice her age.
By December he had become possessive and abusive. At the time, his wife was paying a PI to follow him and he was becoming increasingly more upset at the alimony he was paying her. She was dating someone new and he was jealous. By early May of 1993 he was already talking openly about having her murdered to the point where he was being overheard by people in the restaurant.
Kristine Kennedy, a potential witness for the prosecution, overheard [Sanjines] say that he should hire someone to kill his wife. Additionally, a friend of [Sanjines] ... stated that he and [Sanjines] had discussed the idea of having their wives killed.
Research didn't really shed much light on the mental state of Dr. Sanjines at the time but it would appear he was unraveling pretty fast because at a birthday party he told Marcum:
someone at the party had Mafia connections in New York. This person could have Mrs. Sanjines killed. He then asked [Marcum] to kill Mrs. Sanjines.
Amy Marcum was 19 at the time.
Three months after that Jeremy Ingram, 18, approached Amy Marcum in the restaurant parking lot and said he had heard she was looking to have someone killed and that he knew someone who had done it before and could be hired to do it again. It's not clear if Ingram knew what he was talking about but Marcum agreed to connect him with Dr. Sanjines. She told police that she had also talked about this to another employee at the Perkins.
Dr. Sanjines continued to bring it up but by November of 1993, Marcum told Dr. Sanjines she wanted nothing to do with killing his wife and he told her if she told the police about it he would kill her. She continued to date him and even spent the night with him after he made the threat. She was in love with him.
Jeremy Ingram told police that he spent the next few months trying to find someone to carry out the hit. Ingram eventually got a call from Sanjines that it had to happen now and he decided to just do it himself.
Gina Sanjines, Dr. Sanjines's ex-wife had attended a function with her boyfriend, Virgil Schrag, 33 on the night of March 6th, and returned home late. They had been dating for a few months and the kids were with their father that night. I'm sure he thought this would provide him an unassailable alibi. Jeremy Ingram had entered the residence and moved some electronic equipment against the window to stage a robbery. Gina and Virgil were upstairs in the bedroom checking the answering machine. She heard a sound and Schrag went to check it out. As he exited the bedroom, Ingram shot Schrag once in the head causing him to immediately crumple to the floor.
He then shot Gina three times and fled the scene. Ms. Sanjines survived the attack.
Ingram drove an hour up the road to abandon the murder weapon, returned home, then set out for a ski trip with the money. When he returned he was arrested. After police compelled him to call Dr. Sanjines to discuss the murders, arrests of Dr. Sanjines and Amy Marcum were made that same day.
All three defendants pleaded guilty and there was no trial. Marcum took a plea deal and got a 10 year sentence. Ingram was sentenced to life. Dr Sanjines, however
was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole for first degree murder, twenty five (25) years for attempted murder, and twenty five (25) years for conspiracy to commit murder. The twenty five (25) year sentences for attempted murder and conspiracy were ordered to run concurrently to each other and consecutively to the life sentence.
Sanjines proposed a couple of wacky theories to explain his ex-wife's murder including that her relatives in New York had hired someone to end her suffering because she was terminally ill. His girlfriend, Amy Marcum was convinced to make tapes of their conversations and Sanjies was ultimately compelled to take a plea deal sparing him the death penalty.
Ingram spendt 25 years in prison until his sentence was commuted by outgoing Tennessee governor Bill Haslam in 2019.
Ingram's clemency application says he wasn't strong enough to withstand the "evil influence and manipulation" of Sanjines' ex-husband, Jorge Ariel Sanjines, who was sentenced to life in prison.
Ingram spent more time in prison than outside prison. He had become a pastor, gotten several degrees, and was considered reformed.
Gina Sanjines, now partially blind said: "My biggest worry, again, isn't just for me and my family," she said. "It's for the citizens of this state. A murderer is going to be let out of prison."
I never discovered what branch of medicine Dr. Sanjines practiced or where he got his title. Presumably he was an intelligent and competent man having immigrated to a foreign country and owning a popular business in a newly developed very busy commercial area, and living in an upscale community. Consumed by jealousy and rage he made a series of stupid decisions starting with openly talking about having his wife killed and ending up with him behind bars for life.
He is, however, eligible for parole on September 17th, 2026.
Sources: one two three four five six seven eight
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2020.09.10 04:00 DanWalsh301 White Christmas for Liberia (2009)

A starving man gives thanks for even a banana leaf.
The Pastor's proverb
The Pastor's wife peered through the storage facility office's plate-glass windows into the swirling snow outside. She waited for the loading help to arrive. With the Pastor away, she was in charge. Without the Pastor's presence, the helpers culled church members were not reliable. The ship date for the overseas container that they were filling from their storage unit was a few days away. She paced and fretted in the rental office, chatting nervously with the property's manager.
Many additional factors served to increase her anxiety. The Pastor had left for Liberia, a country ripped asunder by a horrible war twenty years long with no end in sight. Back in her home, starvation reigned in the areas where their church worked. Though the container would be laden with vitally needed supplies, she would have liked to have more food to send.
Liberia, a dusty equatorial country, had been created as a colony for freed American slaves. These 'repatriated' freedmen and their descendants had ruled for many generations. Lately, the country had fallen into a degenerative state during a very long civil war.
The curious manager of the property engaged the Pastor's wife in conversation about Liberia. This helped her to pass the time. She related her tale of fearful resourcefulness in a world almost beyond belief to him. She told her story matter of factly, no need to impress. The manager, who had only a vague interest in the place, listened politely. He had little to do as the snow fell.
The Pastor, a nondescript churchman, had rented a couple of storage units for donations. He was a mild, soft-spoken person who had an unusual feature: when he smiled, because of gaps in his top and bottom front teeth, a cross was revealed. The work of charity can be awkward. Often, payments for the storage unit were not always made on time. Because of this and the manager had many occasions to talk with the Pastor.
His country, whose infrastructure before the war was rudimentary, had lost all of it during the conflict. Basically, the so-called rebels, packs of wilding teenagers drunk on bloodlust and liquor, were recruited in this manner: "Would you like some work?" "Yes." "You are now a rebel."
The most extreme examples of this type of soldier were the troops of one, General Joshua Milton Blahyi, aka General Butt Naked. Butt Naked's troops would liquor up, strip down to nothing and boots, don women's hats and purses, and then raid a village. Hacking deaths and multiple rapes ensued. They were reputed to have played soccer with severed heads. Their pay – whatever they could rob from the villagers.
Consequently, anything for this ravaged country was a godsend. The storage unit and the containers were filled with clothing, housewares, and bicycles. The bicycles, a motley selection of discards, were the most prized. To the manager, the units appeared like garages filled with old stuff that needed a good burning.
The Liberians were assisted in this effort by a local suburban church that had sponsored many of the refugees. The elderly white-haired sedate church volunteers stood in stark contrast to the colorfully dressed and loud talking exiles emanating from the Pastor's church. Together they would fill the units and pack the containers. These kindly old men would go about their charity business with an air of bemused forbearance.
The Pastor's wife related her story as she waited for her workers whose numbers varied now with their leader not around. On other days the manager had observed her with only a single helper, and help from the suburbs was an infrequent occurrence. She often looked into the snowy driveway as she talked.
To make her way America from the homeland, she had to get to the seaport city of Buchanan from her base in the interior. No small feat as this journey was on foot through dangerous and hostile territory. Many ethnic areas had to be traversed. The slave descendants clustered around the capital Monrovia constitute only 5% of the population; fifteen other competing ethnicities make up the rest.
She found herself trapped in a town as rebel troops rampaged through. She hid in a room with some others and one corpse. By sheer luck, her group was not discovered by the drunken troops who sacked the house. As she made her way, she encountered what could loosely be called checkpoints. They were roadblocks that were bypassed with one bribe or another. In one area, she learned that she would be given a pass by placing limes in her baggage because that tribe considered limes to be a sign of evil and were afraid of them.
A couple of helpers arrived at the property. She sent them to the container. Beyond the windows, as she looked for more of them, the sky dimmed and the snow falling heavily in the shafts of bright streetlamps created an ethereal fog-like effect. She stopped talking. The manager glanced up from his desk and saw that tears streamed down her face. In the spectral light were 3 pickup trucks pulling flat trailers. The beds of the trucks and trailers were heaped high with twenty-five-pound bags of rice.
Rice. In America, an oft-scorned side dish. But as welcome to a starving man as a banana leaf. Thousands of meals rolled in with those trucks that Christmas Eve 2004. The old white dudes, along with a fair showing of Liberians who had straggled in, loaded the bags into the container. Afterward, they shook hands around and got back on the road in the snow to their church and warm holiday gatherings in the suburbs.
In the next year or so, things would lift in that war-torn country. The first elected woman president in Africa, Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson, took office. She has a massive task ahead. Currently, there are 15,000 UN troops in the country, maintaining a tenuous order. Today, in Monrovia, there is still no reliable electricity and running water.
President Sirleaf-Johnson forges forward and stresses that improvement will require many small steps. Small things: such as a banana leaf, a banged-up bike, a cup of rice, an evening of straining and snow driving, the organizing of a motley crew, and the word of the Pastor that all of this matters.
(from Open Salon. 12/30/2009)
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2020.09.09 10:17 Agent_of_Stupid [USELESS STATISTICS]: 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Pierre Gasly
Carlos Sainz Jr.
Lance Stroll
Lando Norris
Valtteri Bottas
Daniel Ricciardo
Lewis Hamilton
Esteban Ocon
Daniil Kvyat
Sergio Pérez
-P4 is best starting position in Pérez's career -19th P10 for Pérez
Nicholas Latifi
Romain Grosjean
Kimi Räikkönen
George Russell
Alexander Albon
Antonio Giovinazzi
Max Verstappen
Charles Leclerc
Kevin Magnussen
Sebastian Vettel
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2020.09.09 09:50 Agent_of_Stupid [USELESS STATISTICS]: 2020 Italian Grand Prix

Pierre Gasly
Carlos Sainz Jr.
Lance Stroll
Lando Norris
Valtteri Bottas
Daniel Ricciardo
Lewis Hamilton
Esteban Ocon
Daniil Kvyat
Sergio Pérez
Nicholas Latifi
Romain Grosjean
Kimi Räikkönen
George Russell
Alexander Albon
Antonio Giovinazzi
Max Verstappen
Charles Leclerc
Kevin Magnussen
Sebastian Vettel
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2020.09.03 18:58 RaeKay14 I listened to Emma Mae Jenkin’s podcast so you don’t have to.

Buckle up, this is a long post. TLDR: Ugh.
More specifically, I listened to Episode 1, 4, 5, and 10.
Episode 1: “My Story” (24 Minutes)
· Her tagline seems to be “Faith comes by hearing, so grab your headphones and let’s dive into the Word”… seems idolatrous, comparing your podcast to faith itself.
· Every thought is a million run-on sentences. The transcript of this must be an absolute nightmare. I have no idea how she ‘wrote’ 2 books. I’m not strong or brave enough to read them, that’s for damn sure.
· Everything she deems as a good thing is described as ‘sweet’, and not in the skater-grunge ironic 90’s way. It’s the most bizarre adjective and sounds so weird
· Testimony Time!! She’s 21… like damn, live a little before you tell your life story
a. We will get to ‘walk alongside her’ during a year of being engaged. Kewl. Can’t wait.
b. She talks about being ‘well-traveled’ in her life because she has lived in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and now Arkansas. AND goes to school in Virginia, what diversity of culture /s
c. One time when she was 14, she was crying on her bed because she ‘held herself to too high a standard of perfection’ and her dad walked in to her room. His comforting words to a literal crying child was ‘when was the last time you had read your bible… when Jesus comes back I can’t help you, you’ll be responsible for yourself.’ But this is FINE and totally what any father should be doing because it helped her process her relationship with God.
d. Her original Instagram name was ‘EmmaMaeJ99’ and she changed it so that people looking at her profile would have to be accosted with Bible stuff even if they don’t read her posts. I’m realizing the 99 is because that’s the year she was born, and I feel really old.
e. And then 2 books happened, and I’m in College, and I have a podcast, and I have a ring on my finger!” Way to take all the borderline interesting parts and slap them together in half a sentence.
f. She straight-up recites the KJV old-timey version of the Lord’s Prayer during her wrap-up.
· So there is no ‘testimony’ or ‘story’ here besides a couple tidbits basically all written up above. Out of 24 minutes of content, it was 20 minutes of random bible verses thrown at you because ‘You are wonderfully made’ and God loves you. Just over, and over, and over with the Bible Verses. She’s got a good memory and can memorize shit, I’ll give her that much. But this wasn’t a testimony as much as a preaching session, but don’t call it that because of course women can’t preach, duh. But there’s literally no testimony to give because she grew up as a White, Southern, Christian, Middle-Class, Thin Girl and she’s never done anything actually bad in her life or experienced any kind of adversity so there’s no ‘come to Jesus’ time other than picking up a devotional book in middle school that she hadn’t been reading.
Episode 4: “The Girls Standing By Me” (20 Minutes)
· Yep, “If Faith comes by hearing, grab your headphones and let’s get into the Word”. What a weird intro.
· She calls them the ’12 Divas’ and the ’12 Disciples’… uhhhhh ok. Who gets to be the Judas??
· And then, literally 5 verses in a row about friendship from the Bible. Just a preaching session about people influencing you and how they either bring you closer or further away from God. I’m sure she wishes pretty hard that she could be a pastor.
· She did the invitation box thing for each bridesmaid and included chapstick, hand sanitizer, and bath bombs, with a letter to ‘affirm these girls’. This all is to apparently show them how much she values them, with not even $3 worth of gifts picked up at the dollar store.
· One of the girls is a foreign exchange student from Switzerland who lived with them – this poor girl, not only having to live in Arkansas but compounded by living with this family. I can’t imagine how awful that school year was. She calls her ‘Swisster’. Kewl.
· These girls are from ‘different seasons of her life’ – future sister-in-laws, middle school, college roommates, and her Maid of Honor has been her best friend since she was 16. Remember that was only FIVE YEARS AGO. Pretty sure this is the girl obsessed with her own freckles.
a) It’s sO uNiQuE that her bridesmaids are in different seasons – some are married, some are dating, some single. Literally like every single wedding party of TWELVE PEOPLE ever, and ‘no one judges each other for being in different seasons or comparing seasons to each other’. The number of times she said the word ‘season’ is insane here – and literally no one would think that you are comparing or jealous of other ‘seasons’ unless you are actually judgmental of one of them… aka everyone looking down on the single girls.
· Yep, more talking about Seasons and god leading us through every season and the ‘secret to being content is knowing that Christ gives you strength’.
· This episode is supposed to be about her wedding party – she talked about them for all of 2 minutes in the vaguest of terms, and we’re now on minute 8 (of a 20-minute episode) talking about seasons. Just like Grift Defined, the obsession with singleness is INSANE. When you spend this long talking about how you don’t care, it only leads us to believe that you care very, very much and are so relieved to have snagged a guy.
· Her ending is going through all the points again. Like, starting from the top of the episode and just saying the same shit over again but faster. That’s one way to hit your contracted 20-minute mark (I’m guessing, but they are all barely over 20 minutes so it makes sense).
Episode 5: “Fun Q & A” (23 Minutes)
· Apparently a lot of people hear “Emma Mae” and think “MMA” – which I hadn’t before, but damn well will in the future. “In the terms of a mixed martial artist… I am not that”. No shit LOL, that wouldn’t be ‘feminine’ enough.
· Question 1: “What advice do you have for someone starting college”
a) Apparently her advice is ‘Life is a mist’ because the only thing that matters is God. Again with the rapid-fire bible verses just one. after. another.
b) Her other ‘little nugget’ is from her mom: “Make appointments with yourself”. So that you have an excuse to say no to people and can be honest about it, because god forbid anyone just say ‘no’ to people without having a reason because that is just way too selfish for a godly woman.
c) She literally referred to her mom twice as ‘Momma J’ – IDK if it’s just because I didn’t grow up in the South, but I seriously don’t get this. Why not just say “My momma”.
· Question 2: “What is your favorite color besides yellow”
a) As she’s been decorating a room and planning a wedding, her other favorite colors are sage, blush, periwinkle, and lavender. So the cliché fundie pastel/washed out color scheme. Get ready for a REAL bland wedding.
· Question 3: “Favorite things to do?”
a) Reading, being with people, writing, working out, and “I cannot describe the joy that comes from teaching God’s Word” – “It’s so fun how sometimes he will encourage me”. So, just me or are none of these things actually fun?
· Question 4: “Advice for single girls” oh for fuck’s sake.
a) “I love this question because I was single for a long time” … She is TWENTY-ONE right now, and started dating her FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. So she was single all of high school and that was a burden? But if we aren’t supposed to date until we can Court the person we will marry, she wouldn’t have been eligible until after high school so that can’t count. So really it was the beginning of college until Christmas break when (I think) they officially started dating?? So like maybe 5 months?? Girl Defined is shaking.
b) “Being excited about getting married in the future is ok – it doesn’t mean that we aren’t present in our season of singleness”. Just, what. Ugh. The way they all act, I’m pretty sure they want to be as least present possible for their ‘single season’. As so many snarkers have said, get a Bumble Account and a vibrator, and their single season lives would be a million times better. My first kiss was at 22, first boyfriend at 25, and I'm 27 and unmarried - and I never felt 1/10th of the despair these fundies have felt being at 18 years old and not wifed-up yet.
c) “When I was single I would be in tears praying to God for my future husband”. Girl. Have some self-respect. You are more than a ‘future wife’. Which you’d think she would know since she is an author, a youtuber, and now a podcaster. But as always, for these fundies nothing means anything without also being a wife.
d) Guys, she had a breakthrough – she can be present in her season of engagement AND excited about a season of marriage!! It doesn’t ‘rob her joy’ to look forward to the future. Literally NO ONE THINKS THAT. Duh you are excited to be married, that’s literally what engagement is. IDK how you are excited to marry as bland a guy as Josh, but everybody has their own kinks.
e) “Trust there is purpose for the season you are in” – another 3 minutes of bible verse after bible verse. The way she can just spit them out is impressive and also worrisome. Like, have your own thoughts – they don’t ALL have to be about God. You can be a good and godly person without god being the ONLY thing you talk about or think about.
· Question 5: “What is your favorite Quarantine Snack”
a) Hummus, Yogurt with Berries “I eat my weight in that”, and dark chocolate. How original and daring.
· Question 6: “What is your perfect day?”
a) A ‘long, slow morning’ where she can have time with God, wash her face, and get a workout. Isn’t that every morning? She’s a college student who doesn’t have a traditional job – she has to have SO much time on her hands. Washing her face is a luxury for slow mornings?!? Sure.
b) “All throughout the day, hanging out with friends and family and getting to teach the Word”. Fun. I bet her friends LOVE hanging out with someone who won’t shut up about god and uses every little thing that happens as a tEaChInG mOmEnT to throw a bible verse out there. Scintillating.
c) “One of my favorite things on earth is getting my hair done, like washed and blow-dried and cut”. OK sure, finally a normal thing.
d) “And then finishing the night watching movies with my people and playing cards”.
e) SHE NEVER TALKED ABOUT JOSH ONCE in her description of a perfect day. LITERALLY NOT ONCE. As an engaged person, wouldn’t your ‘perfect day’ involve something romantic and/or sexy with your fiancé? Some one-on-one time? Literally you will shouldn’t ever be more excited about your relationship than during your engagement/early marriage, and he didn’t even warrant a footnote as part of her imaginary day. Damn, that’s depressing.
· Question 7: “How do you know what God is calling you to do with your life when there is so many things you want to do?”
a) Aaaaand, just another excuse for another 4 minutes of bible verse machine gun.
· Welp, these were the most boring questions I’ve ever seen in a Q&A even among fundies, and clearly self-written. Boring people have boring lives, who would’ve thought.
Episode 10: “Stinky Rug to Stellar Rug” (23 minutes) – this one is from this week
· She moved into a house with her 3 friends last week at Liberty – because coronavirus isn’t a thing, clearly.
· A “Timely and Cherished year” with the girls before getting married – WHO talks like this. I don’t get the ‘fundie vernacular’, and she has one of the worst cases I’ve seen. Just use normal words! Does reading the KJV that much corrupt your vocabulary??
· 3 minutes telling the story about how a rug she took from home smelled like dogs when she unrolled it, so she and her mom got a shampooer and washed it. Later that night when she was out with her mom her roommates called complaining that her rug had stunk up the whole house. And so they put it outside and it got rained on… so then she bought a new rug and it was so much better and cuter!
o “Thank you god for giving me a stinky rug so I could find this better one!”
· Moral of the story, apparently – calling out people, like her friends called her out on her stanky rug. “Love calls out what is not pleasing to the Lord” – so this is the reason for people to accost people and be verbally anti-LGBT and anti-Choice and just anti-diversity of people or opinion?? If these fundies can rail against ‘cancel culture’ like P&M earlier this week, and then follow it up with ‘people need to be calling out people who are making bad choices,’ what giant hypocrisy that I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand. What about “Worry about your own damn self”.
· And now 15 minutes of bible verse machine gun again about ‘iron sharpening iron’ and all the friendship verses we heard in Episode 4. Like, the same verses and preaching. I’ve only listened to 4 episodes and we’ve got repeats… HOW can she be doing one of these every single week. She doesn’t have enough material for 10 episodes shorter than 25 minutes each??
· And a wrap-up of tips and tricks of how to call-out your friends. How ‘loving’ and ‘Christian’ of you.
Well there you go – 2 hours of my life I won’t get back. And my Podcast search algorithm is all jacked up. Enjoy!
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2020.08.31 19:26 partypastor Unreached People Group of the Week - Turkmen of Turkmenistan

I realized that I have never done any people group from Turkmenistan so here is the largest people group in Turkmenistan, the Turkmen people
How Unreached Are They?
The Turkmen are only 0.05% Christian. That means out of the 4,577,000 people, there are roughly only 2280 believers. On a different scale, that means for every 2,000 unbelievers there is only one single believer. Can you just imagine being that alone in such a massive population?
There is a completed bible in their language!
What are they like?
Typical qualification that all people groups can't be summed up in small paragraphs and this is an over generalization.
For centuries the Turkmen lived as nomadic herdsmen. Their society was characterized by a distinct economic division between the cattlemen and farmers. This division was present in almost every tribe, settlement, and family. However, seventy years of Soviet rule has virtually eliminated their nomadic life-style. The socialization of farmland has changed their traditional settlement patterns, and movement into the cities has naturally weakened their customs and traditions.
Tribal loyalties continue to have a strong influence over the people. The largest descent group is the tribe, then the clan, then the family. Members of a tribe are bound by a strong sense of family loyalty. Tribal loyalty is reinforced by the fact that the Turkmen will only marry within their tribes. Arranged marriages are common, and families often intermarry to preserve wealth. Although there have been political and economic changes through the years, less changes have occurred in the areas of family life and religion.
The Turkmen are especially known for their brisk trade in the bazaars, where many samples of their handicrafts can be found. Some of these include metal and wooden household utensils, tools, and furniture. Many have also supplemented their income by producing intricately designed carpets. Oil and gas production are the major sources of wealth.
Turkmen tend to be physically strong and easily able to endure the harshness of the environment. They are characterized by their hospitality, sincerity, and trustworthiness; however, they are also known as being hot-headed and revengeful.
Men usually wear baggy trousers, coarse shirts, boots, and wool hats. Women love wearing jewelry, especially anklet and bracelets. They cover their heads with cloth, like turbans that are also adorned with jewelry. Joshua Project
Turkmen literature comprises oral compositions and written texts in old Oghuz Turkic and Turkmen languages. Turkmens have joint claims to a great number of literary works written in Old Oghuz Turkic and Persian (by Seljuks in 11-12th centuries) languages with other people of the Oghuz Turkic origin, mainly of Azerbaijan and Turkey. This works include, but are not limited to the Book of Dede Korkut, Gorogly and others. The medieval Turkmen literature was heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian, and used mostly Arabic alphabet.
There is general consensus, however, that distinctively Turkmen literature originated in 18th century with the poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy, who is considered the father of the Turkmen literature. Other prominent Turkmen poets of that era are Döwletmämmet Azady (Magtymguly's father), Nurmuhammet Andalyp, Abdylla Şabende, Şeýdaýy, Mahmyt Gaýyby and Gurbanaly Magrupy.
Characteristics of traditional Turkmen cuisine are rooted in the largely nomadic nature of day-to-day life prior to the Soviet period coupled with a long local tradition, dating back millennia before the arrival of the Turkmen in the region, of white wheat production. Baked goods, especially flat bread (Turkmen: çörek) typically baked in a tandoor, make up a large proportion of the daily diet, along with cracked wheat porridge (Turkmen: ýarma), wheat puffs (Turkmen: pişme), and dumplings (Turkmen: börek). Since sheep-, goat-, and camel husbandry are traditional mainstays of nomadic Turkmen, mutton, goat meat, and camel meat were most commonly eaten, variously ground and stuffed in dumplings, boiled in soup, or grilled on spits in chunks (Turkmen: şaşlyk) or as fingers of ground, spiced meat (Turkmen: kebap). Rice for plov was reserved for festive occasions. Due to lack of refrigeration in nomad camps, dairy products from sheep-, goat-, and camel milk were fermented to keep them from spoiling quickly. Fish consumption was largely limited to tribes inhabiting the Caspian Sea shoreline. Fruits and vegetables were scarce, and in nomad camps limited mainly to carrots, squash, pumpkin, and onions. Inhabitants of oases enjoyed more varied diets, with access to pomegranate, fig, and stone fruit orchards; vineyards; and of course melons. Areas with cotton production could use cottonseed oil and sheep herders used fat from the fat-tailed sheep. The major traditional imported product was tea. Wikipedia
History Lesson
Türkmens were definitely mentioned near the end of the 10th century A.D in Islamic literature by the Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi in Ahsan Al-Taqasim Fi Ma'rifat Al-Aqalim. In his work, which was completed in 987 A.D, al-Muqaddasi writes about Turkmens twice while depicting the region as the frontier of the Muslim possessions in Central Asia.
Earlier references to Türkmen might be trwkkmˀn (if not trkwmˀn "translator"), mentioned in an 8th century Sogdian letter and 特拘夢 Tejumeng, another name of Sogdia, besides Suyi 粟弋 and Sute 粟特, according to Chinese encylopedia Tongdian. However, even if 特拘夢 might have transcribed Türkmen, these "Türkmens" might be Karluks instead of modern Türkmens' Oghuz-speaking ancestors.
Towards the end of the 11th, in Divânü Lügat'it-Türk (Compendium of the Turkic Dialects), Mahmud Kashgari uses “Türkmen” synonymously with “Oğuz”. He describes Oghuz as a Turkic tribe and says that Oghuz and Karluks were both known as Turkmens.
The modern Turkmen people descend from the Oghuz Turks of Transoxiana, the western portion of Turkestan, a region that largely corresponds to much of Central Asia as far east as Xinjiang. Famous historian and ruler of Khorezm of the XVII century Abu al-Ghazi Bahadur links the origin of all Turkmens to 24 Oghuz tribes in his literary work "Genealogy of the Turkmens".
In the 7th century AD, Oghuz tribes had moved westward from the Altay mountains through the Siberian steppes, and settled in this region. They also penetrated as far west as the Volga basin and the Balkans. These early Turkmens are believed to have mixed with native Sogdian peoples and lived as pastoral nomads until being conquered by the Russians in the 19th century.
Migration of the Turkmen tribes from the territory of Turkmenistan and the rest of Central Asia in the south-west direction began mainly from the 11th century and continued until the 18th century. These Turkmen tribes played a significant role in the ethnic formation of such peoples as Turks, Turkmens of Iraq and Syria, as well as the Turkic population of Iran and Azerbaijan. To preserve their independence, those tribes that remained in Turkmenistan were united in military alliances, although remnants of tribal relations remained until the 20th century. Their traditional occupations were farming, cattle breeding, and various crafts. Ancient samples of applied art (primarily carpets and jewelry) indicate a high level of folk art culture. Wikipedia
And then:
The majority of Turkmen live in Turkmenistan, which is located in south Central Asia along the Caspian Sea. Many others live in the surrounding Asian nations of Kazakhstan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. Their culture has been strongly influenced in the past by both the Turkic conquerors, who imposed their language on them, and the Arabs, who forced them to convert to Islam. Long ago, they developed a strong ethnic identity as "children of the desert" because they would plunder rich caravans of Persian traders.
In the 17th century, the Turkmen, or Trukhmens as they were called in Russia, migrated into the Caucasus. Turkmen use Russian as their literary language. Joshua Project
What do they believe?
The Turkmen people are largely Muslim. Joshua Project gives us this insight into their religious history
Nestorian Christians entered Turkmenistan in the fourth century A.D.; by the beginning of the fourteenth century, though, any lingering trace of Christianity had been totally replaced by Islam. This transition gradually came to influence the political, civil, and economic lives of the people.
In 1928, the Soviet authorities launched an anti-religious campaign aimed at the complete destruction of Islam among the Turkmen. The campaign was the harshest and most violent of all anti-Islamic attacks in Central Asia. Today, despite the outward conformity to Islam, mysticism and other past religious traditions are still prevalent.
How can we pray for them?
Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Romans 10:1)
Here are the previous weeks threads on the UPG of the Week for Reformed
People Group Country Date Posted Beliefs
Turkmen Turkmenistan 08/31/2020 Islam
Lyuli Uzbekistan 08/24/2020 Islam
Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstan 08/17/2020 Islam*
Yakut Russia 08/10/2020 Animism*
Northern Katang Laos 08/03/2020 Animism
Uyghur Kazakhstan 07/27/2020 Islam
Syrian (Levant Arabs) Syria 07/20/2020 Islam
Teda Chad 07/06/2020 Islam
Kotokoli Togo 06/28/2020 Islam
Hobyot Oman 06/22/2020 Islam
Moor Sri Lanka 06/15/2020 Islam
Shaikh Bangladesh 06/08/2020 Islam
Khalka Mongols Mongolia 06/01/2020 Animism
Comorian France 05/18/2020 Islam
Bedouin Jordan 05/11/2020 Islam
Muslim Thai Thailand 05/04/2020 Islam
Nubian Uganda 04/27/2020 Islam
Kraol Cambodia 04/20/2020 Animism
Tay Vietnam 04/13/2020 Animism
Yoruk Turkey 04/06/2020 Islam
Xiaoliangshn Nosu China 03/30/2020 Animism
Jat (Muslim) Pakistan 03/23/2020 Islam
Beja Bedawi Egypt 03/16/2020 Islam
Tunisian Arabs Tunisia 03/09/2020 Islam
Yemeni Arab Yemen 03/02/2020 Islam
Bosniak Croatia 02/24/2020 Islam
Azerbaijani Georgia 02/17/2020 Islam
Zaza-Dimli Turkey 02/10/2020 Islam
Huichol Mexico 02/03/2020 Animism
Kampuchea Krom Cambodia 01/27/2020 Buddhism
Lao Krang Thailand 01/20/2020 Buddhism
Gilaki Iran 01/13/2020 Islam
Uyghurs China 01/01/2020 Islam
Israeli Jews Israel 12/18/2019 Judaism
Drukpa Bhutan 12/11/2019 Buddhism
Malay Malaysia 12/04/2019 Islam
Lisu (Reached People Group) China 11/27/2019 Christian
Dhobi India 11/20/2019 Hinduism
Burmese Myanmar 11/13/2019 Buddhism
Minyak Tibetans China 11/06/2019 Buddhism
Yazidi Iraq 10/30/2019 Animism*
Turks Turkey 10/23/2019 Islam
Kurds Syria 10/16/2019 Islam
Kalmyks Russia 10/09/2019 Buddhism
Luli Tajikistan 10/02/2019 Islam
Japanese Japan 09/25/2019 Shintoism
Urak Lawoi Thailand 09/18/2019 Animism
Kim Mun Vietnam 09/11/2019 Animism
Tai Lue Laos 09/04/2019 Bhuddism
Sundanese Indonesia 08/28/2019 Islam
Central Atlas Berbers Morocco 08/21/2019 Islam
Fulani Nigeria 08/14/2019 Islam
Sonar India 08/07/2019 Hinduism
Pattani Malay Thailand 08/02/2019 Islam
Thai Thailand 07/26/2019 Buddhism
Baloch Pakistan 07/19/2019 Islam
Alawite Syria 07/12/2019 Islam*
Huasa Cote d'Ivoire 06/28/2019 Islam
Chhetri Nepal 06/21/2019 Hinduism
Beja Sudan 06/14/2019 Islam
Yinou China 06/07/2019 Animism
Kazakh Kazakhstan 05/31/2019 Islam
Hui China 05/24/2019 Islam
Masalit Sudan 05/17/2019 Islam
As always, if you have experience in this country or with this people group, feel free to comment or PM me and I will happily edit it so that we can better pray for these peoples!
Here is a list of definitions in case you wonder what exactly I mean by words like "Unreached"
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2020.08.23 00:51 NamNguyen56 I DON'T LIKE BIDEN (A Handbook for All American Citizens!) I DON'T LIKE BIDEN (A Handbook for All American Citizens!)

I DON'T LIKE BIDEN (A Handbook for All American Citizens!) I DON'T LIKE BIDEN (A Handbook for All American Citizens!)

![img](iyovvyk4vmi51 " I DON'T LIKE BIDEN (A Handbook for All American Citizens!) .📷📷 In the end, former PTT Joe Biden was victorious. The Democrats have officially appointed Biden to represent the campaign against President Trump. Of course, in four decades as a senator and eight years as a vice president, Biden was involved in countless political decisions, big and small, how much success is unknown, but failure or error is infinite. That's why I do NOT like Biden. America cannot be quite good with a president like old Biden, all his life doing wrong, wrong. Biden's deluded mistakes, writing three dictionaries are still not over. Stories related to Vietnam have been discussed many times already. Some of Biden's great tools still tried to twist the ribs of his spine to find a way to justify him not against the Vietnamese refugees, but it seemed that he had not convinced many people. In short: ➥ During the Vietnam War, during the three years as a senator before the VC took the South, old Biden always voted ANTI-all economic and military aid to the RVN, not skipping a single vote to prevent TT Nixon helped the RVN in any way. For the refugees, Mr. Biden has never voted to accept any one cent of the budget to aid the refugees, twice voted against the relief / reception of refugees (April 18, 1975 - May 23, 1975), once without voting for the aid budget (5/6/75), just once signed an innocuous resolution welcoming refugees who have entered the US, are in Guam and Wake (May 8, 1975). That one time was held by Biden's supporters as evidence (only) of Biden supporting refugees. (first) ➥ In addition to that innocuous vote, this man challenges anyone who finds ONE concrete evidence that Biden has supported the RVN and supported Vietnamese refugees throughout his political life. (please do not be confused with later voting in favor of VC). Her attitude and point of view towards China are so much to say that it will probably be the subject of another article. Only Biden has confirmed that \"TC is not a competitor to America (no competitor) but a good friend (good friend) of America\". (2) Because of the limited framework, this article will also be skipped, not to mention the thousands of jokes, wrong words, jokes, stammering. President Trump's Campaign Committee is composing a 'collection' of Biden's most famous gossip, which is welcome by readers, does not laugh and does not eat money. If the ability to make jokes is a necessary ability to be the president, Biden is obvious ... wa-li-fai than 'Hoai Ninh' far (because Hoai Ninh knows his fate does not dare to race with Biden. of the DC party to run for US president). Here, we are only discussing the wrong political decisions or his hat-changing tricks. Is there any wrong place in this article? I would like to ask readers to frankly point out each other, no need to jostle each other. * ⭕️ SUBSIDIES The To Sang group recently released a statement in support of Biden, which read “We need a President from the Democratic Party to maintain good Social Security policies such as Welfare, Food Stamps. v ... v, to help old Vietnamese refugees like us \". Elderly refugees need benefits, not wrong. But supporting Biden is… wrong. Biden for more than 40 years, has always called for cutting benefits, especially SSA old money, including Medicare and Medicaid. In 1995, TNS Biden declared \"When I called for freezing government spending, I wanted to include social security money, ... Medicaid, Medicare, veteran benefits\" (original: \"When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security as well. I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans' benefits ”). (3) ⭕️ TAXES Mr. Biden in a live televised talk at the Poor People's Forum recently solemnly promised to immediately revoke President Trump's tax reduction law. Here are the concrete consequences: ➥ Some of the low-income middle-class populations exempt under Trump's law will have to pay taxes again. ➥ All middle-class people and people with higher incomes will get tax increases again. ➥ All large and small businesses get profit tax increases; ➥ Many large corporations will close their stores again, move overseas to evade taxes; ➥ Unemployment rate will escalate again; ➥ The economy will slow down; ➥ The stock market will slide and pension and old money funds will be lost. (4) [Please review lesson 1: DTC's Tax Reduction Law, December 2017 to see how additional taxes will be paid] (5) ⭕️ VISION A few refugee parrots chew on our side's slogan “Discrimination is one the bad, never good! ”. Biden was very majestic and said President Trump was the most discriminatory president in American history. If Mr. Biden is elected president, he will take this title of discrimination out of the hands of President Trump immediately. Below is the stigma achievement of Biden. In 1974, the new congressman Biden collaborated with TNS Robert Byrd of Virginia [TNS Byrd was one of the great leaders of the DC party in the 1960s and 70s, later discovered to be a secret member of the Ku Klux Klan. , a discriminatory white group specializing in killing blacks], openly opposes the 'busing' policy that requires elementary and secondary school students to go to school on the Golden State bus. This was the federal government's policy to end black and white discrimination in schools at that time, which was strongly opposed by the white people. (6) Recently, during the first TV debate among the DC candidates, TNS Kamala Harris attacked Biden brutally about Biden's white anti-busing stigma, darkening him. apologetic face to face. In 2006, Biden complained, \"You can't go into a 7-11 (Seven Eleven) store to buy anything if you don't speak English with an Indian accent\". One accused statement reflects the stigmatization of Indian descent by the fact that a large number of owners of Seven-Eleven stores in Delaware state are of Indian descent. (7) Surely now that the Indian people are too strong in the US, so find a way to atone, invite the Indian-born Mrs. Harris to join the partnership? In 2007, Biden, when he first heard that Obama was running for president in 2007, said \"Obama is the first African-American presidential candidate, it is also bright and clean, ...\". (8) Imagine Trump saying this! Old Biden patted her chest in the 1960s (when Biden was about 25 years old) once took to the streets to protest with the black people fighting for civil rights with the pastor Martin Luther King. Biden has never been in the streets like that because of the TTDC. 100% lie! (9) Then recently, it emerged that the old man said that the Negro people did not vote for him ... \"you ain't black\"! Quickly helped by TTDC to store it in the closet, not repeat again. Imagine President Trump telling a white man not to vote for him \"you ain't white\"! (ten) Recently, when asked by a black journalist if he had tested the 'cognitive test' to see if his mind was still sane - like President Trump did - Biden said, \"Oh, why should I do that? ? So before interviewing me, did you go to test for drugs in your body? Are you an addict? ”. (11) This sentence is of heavy stigma because everyone knows that many black people are addicted to drugs. ⭕️ CORONA TRANSLATION OFFICE Mr. Biden was against President Trump's measures from the very beginning. Please reiterate some background facts: ➥ January 6, 2020: President Trump told the CDC to warn Americans not to travel to China because of the epidemic there. January 17, 2020: President Trump ordered a strict examination of the health of all people from China through 3 major US airports (then 2 more airports). January 18, 2020: DTCTC announced a new epidemic that has just begun in China and warned Vietnamese people about Vietnam to celebrate Tet. [] ➥ January 21, 2020: a Chinese-American infected first after returning from Wuhan to the US. Both the Senate are fighting about the harassment of President Trump, news about viruses that have not been published, have not been published, nor are anyone reading. January 27, 2020 (3 weeks after President Trump warned Americans not to travel to China, and a dozen days after the VCP warned the Vietnamese!): Mr. Biden praised China for being very innocent and honestly announce the restrained news being translated to the whole world, and affirm that there is no reason not to travel to TC. January 31, 2020: President Trump gives a ban on Chinese tourists from entering the US; for those who have a good reason to enter the United States, or for Chinese-Americans who return to China for Tet and need to return home to America, he makes them subject to a 14-day ban on the palace after entering the US. That same day, he ordered the Department of Health to issue a state of urgency and set up a special committee to deal with the epidemic. That same day, Biden, in a speech given in Iowa, immediately attacked President Trump for his hysterical xenophobia and fearmongering. (12) To be clear, 10 days after the first infected person in the United States and one month before the first American death, President Trump has taken the decision to prevent the Chinese people from entering the US, as a concrete measure to block translation, while old Biden has not seen anything, still worried about praising China. Dr. Fauci, the protagonist responsible for dealing with the epidemic, claims President Trump's early measures have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. That is, if Biden was the president then the decision to stop would not be issued, the number of people died now was hundreds of thousands higher. This is we have not discussed the story of old Biden lying when accusing President Trump of cutting the CDC budget and the USAID agency, is a local matter. ⭕️ ANTI-POPULATION During the eight years as deputy apostle, Biden thoroughly supported President Obama's immigration deportation policy, showing off his achievements that Obama expelled the most illegal immigrants of all modern American presidents. Now the wind changes, the DC party denounces President Trump's immigrant deportation policy as discrimination, Biden no longer dares to show off his expulsion championship record. The Mexican-born journalist Jorge Ramos asked if Biden had regretted helping President Obama to expel millions of immigrants, he replied very wisely, “Yes, at that time many migrants were deported, but I was just a deputy President \"(verbatim\" I was just a vice president \"). An excuse clearly stated the status of selling the inferior crime of old Biden. Old Biden in recent debates, has once again performed his 'forgetful' talent. When talking about immigration, he aggressively condemned President Trump and asserted that \"we [the Obama / Biden administration] do not lock children in iron cots, we do not segregate families, ...\". Sorry, baby cot was not invented by President Trump, President Clinton or President Bush, but by President Obama, confirmed by a series of images of children in iron cribs at that time. The press has already been published. (13) Also apologize to Mr. Biden, that the family isolation law was not invented by President Trump, but the agreement between Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno with the court in a 1997 immigration lawsuit, applied. from that time to Bush, then through Obama, to Trump. (14) ⭕️ CUTTING THE POLICE BUDGET In the current riot against the police, the rebels demanded cut off the police budget. Old Biden initially looked down on this gang, speaking he did not accept because the role of the police is still very important. Strongly criticized by the rebels - including the black population and young white radicals whom she desperately needed votes, she changed clothes, called for a part of the police budget to be transferred to communal programs Association and health care help people of color. Shortly thereafter, the National Police Association (with more than 1,000 police organizations across the federation) criticized Biden and supported President Trump, he again decided to withdraw, stating that he did not intend to cut the scene budget. close, just want to transfer money -redirect funds- only. How to transfer money to another target without cutting anything? (15) ⭕️ SUPPORTING FRANCE Old Biden was caught up in the so-called Hyde Amendment - Hyde Amendment, which was approved 40 years ago. This is an amendment whereby the federal State will not pay abortions for women who are receiving Medicaid health insurance for low-income people, called MediCal in California. Old Biden previously supported this amendment, now, obviously very serious crime in the radical DC party. Old Biden struggling not to know how to handle, finally spoke up, now he is against the Amendment Hyde and confessed that he was a big mistake. (16) ⭕️ COMPETITION FOR Gay During nearly 40 years in the Senate, Biden was anti-gay marriage, always upholding family values, defined as a combination of two people of the opposite sex. In 2012, before the height of the struggle of the gay people, Biden changed clothes, loudly supporting the homosexual people and gay marriage. Then blatantly declared \"my whole life, I have fought for homosexual people\". (17) Here, please open brackets to talk about the story, clearly showing the status of old Biden: In 2012, President Obama was re-elected, severely threatened by Governor Romney, the rate of support on both sides was close. President Obama changed his strategy, wanted to attract gay groups, met the advisory board, made a strategy to support same-sex marriage that he and Biden were both against, to get votes from this group. According to the plan, a week later, he will hold a press conference to announce the new policy. Biden old tricks, the day after the press conference announced he supported gay marriage. People who rub the mahjong call this a story of 'spreading your upper hand'. President Obama was angry, called Biden to adjust for a match, chased Mr. Biden, changed other deputy candidates, then Biden apologized to President Obama. (18) SEX OF SEX The latest story, heavenly but was quickly buried under 10 yards by our side: sexually harassing Ms. Reade, her former assistant. (19) The brutal thing is that while the TTDC and especially the anti-Trump madmen all day long talking about Trump immoral, flattering about 'catching butterflies', Biden is accused of being true. not just impulsive. American politics today are partisan far beyond all rational possibilities. Sen. Kamala Harris, who fiercely beat Judge Kavanaugh outright about his alleged sexual harassment, after Biden was accused of harassment, stated \"I believe you have accused Mr. Biden.\" . However, when Biden invited him to join the partnership, Mrs. Harris was as fresh as a flower and immediately accepted. Another anonymous woman was more frank, almost \"Mr. Biden raped my daughter, I still vote for him\". That's new! What do the refugees have more morality than the sage think? But the champion must be journalist Katha Pollitt wrote in The Nation newspaper: \"Even if Biden boiled and eats a baby, I still vote for him.\" That is worthy of being crazy about the real thing! When did the anti-Trump crazy refugees follow the example? It seemed like bluntly declaring \"Even if Mr. Biden helped the CSBV win, made me lose his country, insulted me, did not allow me to enter the US as a refugee, I still vote for him\". Another question for the elders still embracing the Four Books Ngu Kinh: what do you think about Biden's family morality when his second son caressed and openly lived with his sister-in-law who had just become a widow. father, leaving his wife and three children, but the father, old Biden fully supported? (20) ⭕️ FOREIGN CURRENCY In 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The whole world condemns. President Bush established a huge military force with the participation of nearly one million troops from 35 countries around the world. The US Congressional bicameral voted to allow President Bush to fight. TNS Biden is a rare voice against because it is said that Saddam has hundreds of thousands of extremely friendly Guardians and also has very dangerous chemical weapons for American soldiers. After 9/11, the world believed that Saddam had an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons that threatened the US and the world. President Bush was voted by the bicameral parliament to fight Iraq to eliminate this threat. TNS Biden cheerfully supported. With the discovery that Iraq does not have an arsenal of collective killers, the war is seen as a great mistake because based on the world's false intelligence was deceived by Saddam. TNS Biden then refused, arguing that he was deceived by President Bush, thinking that the US just \"threatened\" to send troops over to protect weapons inspection teams, not to fight for real. In 2010, the New York Times wrote an article, sarcastically asked \"When was the last time PTT Biden true about anything?\" (When was the last time Biden was right about anything?). (21) In 2011, listening to the words of the radical ladies Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, President Obama beat Libya and killed President Khaddafi, then ran away, leaving the ambassador to be killed, leaving a chaotic Libya. with half a dozen militant Muslim groups fighting and killing each other for nearly 10 years. President Obama later admitted it was his biggest foreign policy mistake. PTT Biden supported most strongly against Libya and later praised it as a great achievement of Obama. (22). In 2012, the Obama administration was reported to have found Bin Laden, but not 100% sure. President Obama meets with the National Security Council in principle to consult with everyone, but in fact, the way to cover the blanket, push the committee to take responsibility for decision, after success, President Obama beats his chest to show off. If you fail, it will be the committee's decision. President Obama, according to the majority opinion, decided to raid, and it is true that the real Bin Laden, this man was killed. Biden was against the raid to kill Bin Laden because he was afraid of false news that he ran into Pakistan. (23) ⭕️ 'TAKING ONLY' TTDC tries to bring out the image of a serious, mature, honest and honest Biden ... although it is often mistaken, but absolutely honest and virtuous. Isn't that awake? Newsweek magazine, the radical anti-Trump type is dead, recently published a long, disturbing post about Biden. According to Newsweek, Biden's prankster-plagiarism proves that he does not have a vision of leadership, does not have a clear policy or path of his own, but only knows how to gather people's opinions. Which is most dangerous, are the opposing opinions that she still put all of her in the porridge pot of her heart. Initially, he ran to run as President Obama for the 3rd term, promising to continue doing all that President Obama has done but not yet finished. After failing continuously in the first preliminary elections, he did not mention Obama anymore, and began to turn left to contend for the votes of the old husband of Sanders and his wife Warren. He defeated two communist grandmothers, the main part thanks to flattering the black people in South Carolina and initially won here, eliminated the two dignitaries, but looking at the experience of Mrs. Hillary lost her election because of her young radical electoral block. Sanders then boycotted Ms. Hillary, who played the disgrace card, cooperated with Sanders in a protocol, gave in to the extremists a lot, especially in the medical program, she opened the door. for the 'Medicare For All' policy of the radical left-wing radical, accepting the majority of students' college debt forgiveness,pledged to choose radical women to stand with the consortium, ... Then he turned to the conservative voters of President Trump, 'temporarily holding' President Trump's America First chant to chant US purchases. Newsweek recalled that Biden in the past had a record of stealing from his law student days, and then when he ran for the presidency in 1988, stole the entire speech of the leader of the British Labor Party, Neil Kinnock. (24) ⭕️ Courage the Founder Group, denouncing \"Mr. Trump went into the basement [15 minutes] when people came to protest in front of the White House, proving he was a coward\". How brave is Biden hiding in the basement of the house for almost half a year? ⭕️ CORRUPTION Biden, personally, has not been directly involved in any corruption case by the press. However, his intervention for his son Hunter Biden in a hundred million silver transactions with Ukraine and China has never been fully cleared by Biden. Many questions have yet to be answered. We invite readers to read the article on DTC about 'luggage' of old Biden. (25) ⭕️ CONCLUSION Mr. Biden is a man who has been rolling around in politics for nearly half a century, has a treasure trove of achievements for his opponents to find trash, especially he specializes in gossiping, making mistakes, accumulated mistakes. story. The Washington Post had to write, \"No, Biden is not just a trivial machine, he's a Lamborghini of gossip\". Lamborghini is the most expensive 'super luxury' car. (26) Ignoring all these minor missteps, Biden is now punching his chest to run to save America because this country has so many basic bad conditions such as color discrimination, poverty, immigration, gunfire bullets, ... All of these are great problems that date back to countless centuries. The question is that Biden has been sleeping in the highest positions of government for almost half a century, what part of his responsibility in those affairs? What have you done during the past half century? Why do we just wake up? Looking at the process above, how can a specialist who make wrong decisions, specialize in misleading, can effectively oppose the COVID translation, stop riot, control the Antifa and the Lo Lo, and restore the economy? , fending off Russian and Chinese hegemony, cutting a cow's tongue in the South China Sea, handcuffing Mr. Warm Warm,…? In conclusion, the CCP would like to borrow from Mr. Robert Gates, former Defense Minister of President Obama: \"Biden's achievement is a long chain of wrong decisions\". (27) President Biden ??? !!! Sincerely respect Uncle Sam. @ andrew An Nguyen (from Vu Linh) <> <> <> DOCUMENTATION ")
(2) (3) https: // theintercept. com / 2020/01/13 / ... cial-security / (4)
(6) ..explained.html (7) (8) (9) (10) https : // (11) (12) https: / / (13) (14) ... trations-fault (15) (16) .. .amendment.html (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) https: // (24) (25) https: // (26) (27) /en..._question.html
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2020.08.17 07:04 goldenragemachine The Boondocks and how it would apply to Asian Americans.

To those who don't know, The Boondocks) is an animated adult cartoon named after Aaron McGruder's comic strip that satirizes Black pop-culture through the use of stereotypes and radicalized identities. It follows a black family and their adventures in a typical, white suburb.
Recently, I've been watching reruns of The Boondocks during this pandemic and while this show has aged wonderfully, is still hilarious, and holds relevance even till this day, I've been thinking how it would work if an Asian American version would be produced. More specifically, I would wonder how would the characters be characterized. Below are my thoughts:
HUEY FREEMAN Black: Left-leaning, revolutionary radical Asian: Left-leaning, revolutionary radical Has a firm, clear understanding of Asian politics both in the USA and abroad. Well-traveled, cultured, multi-lingual, and politically active.
RILEY FREEMAN Black: Wannabe Thug Asian: Wannabe Thug The Asian guy/girl (from my experience, it's usually the guy) that wants to emulate Black culture. Uses the N-word and appropriates Black culture.
ROBERT "GRANDDAD" FREEMAN Black: Old-schooled elder hung up upon the past Asian: Tiger Parents or those that view the West in an abnormal light Asian Tiger parents stuck in their own ways of parenting and romance. Some might even see Western countries as better places than the country they migrated from.
UNCLE RUCKUS Black: Self hating negro Asian: Uncle Chan / Aunt Lu Oh, boy...I'm sure you know this person. The girl who says she'll never date an AM because they remind them of their fathebrothers. The guy who always pedestals white people in general. The comedian who always talks with an exaggerated accent or mocks his own people.
TOM DUBOIS Black: Assimilated, demure black man Asian: Boba Liberal/Model Minority Another person you might know. He/she has bought into the idea of mainstream liberal politics while barely paying any lip-service to their own Asian struggle. He/she might even look at other POC with the same white, liberal bourgeoisie lens.
JASMINE DUBOIS Black: Innocent biracial girl stuck between 2 worlds Asian: Innocent Asian/Hapa girl that doesn't know her history/culture I kept this Asian version strictly as a female because of how Asian gender-politics & dating works in the USA, as I'm sure we've all met this woman. The Asian girl that only has a surface understanding of her own culture and the history of Asian-Americans in this country.
A PIMP NAME SLICKBACK Black: Black misogyny Asian: Red-pilled Angry Asian Man Another Asian version that I'm keeping as a man for reasons above, and I'm sure we've all either met, been, or is in the process of becoming this man. He's the guy who's had it being emasculated, mocked, and ignored. He goes to the gym everyday and read PUA articles.
ROLLO GOODLOVE Black: Media Personality Pastor Asian: Hustlegrifter keen on getting you into a MLM. Not sure if you've met this person, but this guy is always rambling about the next new financial/social/political fad. He/she might be in an MLM or trying to sell you some essential oils.
THUGNIFICENT Black: Riley Freeman grown up in the professional world Asian: See Riley Freeman Nothing much else to say, but this person hasn't exactly grown up...
Thoughts and opinion?
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2020.08.09 21:04 jw_mentions /r/memes - "Happy Sunday! Have you found Jesus?"

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Author Me_the_yes
Posted On Sun Aug 09 18:25:59 UTC 2020
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Thats really sad i think nobody should be treated that way i dont know if you are talking about Jehovas witness but we normaly dont react that way we only do that when someone does something very very wrong and then i mean something like murder or cheating or child abuse. In my land we still meet with people that left the organization to encourage them to come back. we dont force people to get baptized because that means that you give your live to our God Jehova(Not literally)
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Author cankle_sores
Posted On Mon Aug 10 02:50:10 UTC 2020
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I was looking at the official website and found this piece. It sounds like family and other adherents in the congregation are instructed to shun “disfellowshipped” members, I assume this is true for any who formally resign. “ avoiding contact and conversation with the disfellowshipped person“: https://www.``/en/library/magazines/w20150415/`disfellowship`ping-a-loving-provision/
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Author Me_the_yes
Posted On Sun Aug 09 18:47:07 UTC 2020
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First of all its In my experience that i see alot of people get baptized. Just like i said when someone wants to get baptized they promise to give there live to our God so thats why most of us are baptized age 20 because you need to be 100% sure you want to get baptized because to us its a promise and when you want to get baptized our elders first want to talk to you so you are are sure about you choise. Third if someone leaves the organization baptized or not we still know each other and we still treat them as equels. And if you have more questions you can also go to there are alot of videos and Publications so maby you can find your anwser there
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Author Crazy_Solder
Posted On Sun Aug 09 19:36:42 UTC 2020
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You summed it up pretty well. I'll add, if any one of you all really don't want to see us anymore, you can ask (politely preferably) to not be visited again, and if the JWs at your door do their job correctly you won't get visited anymore, outside from the occasional visit every few years to keep the "people who don't want to be visited in this area" list up to date with eventual mooves where you'll only be asked "hey are you that person who didn't want to get visited and was the wish respected? Yes ? Cool, have a nice day". I think we can all agree that's better and more civilized than knife threatening.
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Author exclusivemixedkid
Posted On Mon Aug 10 01:52:41 UTC 2020
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In my case I have three older siblings that are not JW’s and I can still carry out normal conversations with them as I normally would. In fact everyone on my dad’s side is not a JW but it’s not prohibited to talk to them. I don’t know if that shed any light to your concern but yeah. I should also point out they never got baptized.
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Author cankle_sores
Posted On Sun Aug 09 21:39:06 UTC 2020
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Gotcha, yea, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately, sometimes the existence/proliferation of misinformation causes some adherents (of many religions) to completely overlook valid arguments based on their own merits.
Perhaps a JW could answer the question. IMO, a religion may be judged in large part by how they treat members who choose remove themselves from the group.
Scientologists? LDS? JW?
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Author SteelphantomTitan
Posted On Sun Aug 09 21:48:17 UTC 2020
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Yeah like even that don't talk to people who where kicked out thing, it has a valid point, if someone is actively going against your religion best not to talk with them, I mean I have to give myself a mental slap whenever I see flat earth stuff so I don't accidentally fall into it and given how apparently a lot of these people just preach bald face lies about them, it makes sense that you wouldn't want to talk to them, even if your arnt a JW.
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Author NuttiestPotato
Posted On Sun Aug 09 17:34:00 UTC 2020
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You know what's funny about Jehovah witness. There tight on not "switching" to other Christian dominations. So my youth pastor, what he does, is keep a Bible next to the front door so if JW come up to him, he can start giving them a message and instead start teaching him the ways of our domination (Bethel church, idk what domination it is). He'll go on with the other names God has and what Jehovah means. He got black listed by them and now never has to deal with them.
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Author cankle_sores
Posted On Sun Aug 09 21:34:28 UTC 2020
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“Not forcing anyone”
So if you are a young JW adult and your JW sibling realizes they aren’t comfortable with something in the teachings (maybe something that changed since that sibling made their original promise/baptism), and that sibling decides to remove themselves from the religion, are you (and JW family) still allowed to just treat them like everything is normal? Or is there some instruction to avoid them/not visit with them until they go back to being a JW?
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Author exclusivemixedkid
Posted On Mon Aug 10 02:58:34 UTC 2020
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I don’t really know about those who formally resign but I wouldn’t think they would be excluded. However those disfellowshipped ones are those who have done something that goes against what we believe and either try to conceal it and continue to do it while attending our meetings or those who do it without consideration. It all comes down to not influencing others. I guess you could compare it to older “rebellious” siblings influencing the younger siblings to do the same. It also serves as a purpose for those people to maybe one day return but it doesn’t always work out. I don’t really like the idea but I do understand where they are coming from and choose to follow it. This topic is really what have most people not interested and I understand. For now I can’t give a for sure answer unfortunately, I’m only 17 and can’t say that I’m the most experienced I guess you could say. I hope someone will be able to clear it up better than I can.
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Author blasphemusa
Posted On Sun Aug 09 14:54:39 UTC 2020
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Funny, but I don’t think JWs believe Jesus is their lord and saviour.
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Author Me_the_yes
Posted On Sun Aug 09 18:53:41 UTC 2020
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Woah cool to see someone thats also Jehovas witness on reddit
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Author cankle_sores
Posted On Sun Aug 09 18:33:31 UTC 2020
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Do you have a source for that “age of 20” that most JWs get baptized? I’ve heard numerous examples of teens/tweens committing to it.
Also you say the religion and it’s adherents don’t “force” anyone to stay and that you “respect” their choice, but what would happen to the adult in the scenario I described? How would they be viewed by members? Suppose a 21 year old (who was baptized young... say 10) formally declared that they wanted to peacefully leave the group, simply because they disagreed on a particular doctrine as an adult (with more life experience/knowledge than they had at the age of 10). Would they still be greeted in public by members and treated like equals?
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Author cankle_sores
Posted On Sun Aug 09 22:26:50 UTC 2020
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I’m not sure how your answer relates to my question but TBH it sounds like a low key sales pitch. Are you sure you’re not a JW? :)
My point was that it’s peculiar that a religion would try to prevent its adherents from speaking freely with former members. That doesn’t strike you as odd for any group? Should be a red flag.
To address your first paragraph, though, they are starting with the unfortunate assumption that the Bible was a product of some deity. To establish that, any serious inquirer would approach it with the same level of scrutiny and doubt as we would approach any other religious text, no?
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Author r-imawsome
Posted On Sun Aug 09 17:54:59 UTC 2020
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If I understand correctly, when being baptized as a Jehovah witness you have to prove that you believe the teaching from the Bible and aren't being pressured into it. Ik some jws and they are a very accepting community and don't trap people in their religion.
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Author Nomo_
Posted On Sun Aug 09 19:02:31 UTC 2020
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Its kinda entertaining seeing people imagine what kind of obscure cult we are in, we're humans and rn we just want to say "hey the bible is actually god explaining his personality and goals for the human race" but no apparently we want to opress people with religion.
In short: if you ever get a jw at your door and youre not interested, say no, im not i terested. Sure they will probably come back but theres no need to be aggressive and threaten me with a knife ((it happened once to me lol))
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Author Kinasortamaybe
Posted On Sun Aug 09 18:19:28 UTC 2020
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I am a Jehovahs Witness...
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Author The_Brick_is_my_name
Posted On Sun Aug 09 19:37:13 UTC 2020
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Conversation Size 6
Body link
I'm a JW. I don't really like those memes about my religion but I'm happy that you guys are downvoting people who are mean about us in the comments :)
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2020.08.06 17:32 Eki75 Xavier DuPont de Ligonnès Article from Society, 6 Aug 2020, Part 2C [English]

Xavier DuPont de Ligonnès Article from Society, 6 Aug 2020, Part 2C [English]
Previous Section-Part 2B
Chapter 9

Highways and dead ends

The hunt for Xavier Ligonnès is enough to drive you crazy. It’s like looking for a lost object, a bank card for example, of which we can determine the exact moment of disappearance: we used it to pay, it was there, and the next moment it is not there anymore. Logic dictates that we look for it where we usually store it (a wallet, a handbag), then where it could be (a back pocket of pants, a hall cabinet), and the less we find it , the more we seem to see it everywhere. Faced with absence, the brain constructs images (the credit card in an office drawer, as a bookmark in a book, forgotten on the counter of the last store) but these are fictions or mirages; they encourage further research but they do not provide a solution. Xavier Ligonnès’s apparent volatilization follows the same logic and produces the same effects on the investigation. The more weeks and months go by, the more places to look get smaller. Emmanuel Teneur ends up leading the investigators to the Société Générale agency on Place Royale in Nantes, but the safe he holds there is simply empty. A request for information on Joven Soliman is sent to the security attaché for the French Embassy in the Philippines. He is a sedevacantist priest, a fringe of traditionalist Catholicism who considers the Pope to be an imposter. The attaché transmits the hours of mass where he officiates. A trip to the Philippines is being considered, but that would mean going to the other side of the world to look for a needle in the thousands of islands of the archipelago. If this track has never been closed, nothing has supported it to date.
Since we must push logic to the end, the investigators even contact the American authorities to corroborate or contradict the story of protected witnesses told by Ligonnès in his famous letter. The DEA has never heard of the individual, and the liaison officer based at the Miami consulate assures us that his last trip to the United States was in 2003: Ligonnès arrived in Florida on July 18 and left on August 22. The study of his entourage also did not highlight anyone capable of providing false papers to the fugitive, and if he had gone through a criminal network, the police believed that an informant would undoubtedly have warned them to protect himself.
Then there are the news reports: the portrait of Ligonnès goes around France, and even if he has undoubtedly changed his physical appearance, his hairstyle, perhaps had even resorted to cosmetic surgery, someone, somewhere, might recognize him one day. After all, that’s how John List, a New Jersey insurance salesman who killed his wife and mother in 1971, was arrested. He waited for two of his children to return from school to coldly shoot them, then attended his youngest son’s football game before shooting bullets through him at home. He evaded justice for 18 years until a co-worker recognized him from a report on America’s Most Wanted.
Rarely has a criminal case given rise to as many appeals as that of Ligonnès, because his stalking not only bewitches the police, it torments an entire country. More than 1000 reports, thousands of pages of depositions, letters, verifications. You have to imagine the miles of printed paper that this represents when they are stacked on a desk. The most recent: in July, after the broadcast of a Netflix documentary on the subject in the United States, the producers of the film claimed to have received an interesting lead in Chicago; but it’s just one more drop in the bucket. Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has been seen in Annecy, Nancy, Cholet, Corsica (several times); on the side of a road, thumbs up, by a French tourist in Las Vegas; disguised as a chimney sweep in Nîmes; in a hotel in Cantal and in a pizzeria where he paid cash in a hurry; seen again in Germany, in Italy, and heard on the telephone by the reception of the psychiatric hospital of Troyes. Since he disappeared looking like the ordinary neighbor, since he was a representative and his profession has taken him to all corners of France, there is no less reason to see him in Mulhouse than in Roche-sur-Yon, and you can simply see him everywhere.
Aire de Lançon-Provence in July 2020
Extracts: “It was the same look, except that he looked very sad, in the west, but he had the same glasses as in the photo you are showing me”; “He looked like a man like everyone else, but there was something odd in his eyes;” “Yesterday, around 1:00 pm, I was watching the news on television on the TFI channel. I saw a report where an individual killed his children and his wife before disappearing into the wild. (...) Seeing the gentleman in the photo, I made the connection with the person whom I had crossed Sunday afternoon because he had the same smile.” At the Vauvert tourist office: “I hardly look at the news, but Thursday evening I saw the photo of Mr. Ligonnès, I had the impression of having already seen him, my heart was racing.” Between Carpentras and Avignon, when he comes back from the bakery, the manager of one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s brothers crosses paths with a man with a beige bob, which he is certain is the fugitive. “I flashed,” he says. “For me, there is no doubt. This is him.” Still more letters are sent to the police to offer them help. An amateur astrologer requests a copy of the suspect’s birth certificate to establish a birth chart, a woman in child-like writing recommended a great medium who had helped her find her daughter who had become a junkie in Marseille. A prisoner asked in writing to be sent to Guinea to go hunt him down in the jungle, attaching to his letter a list of the necessary equipment, including infrared glasses and a “samurai sword.”
With each letter, with each phone call to report a suspicious individual, investigators attempt to cross-reference the information. They patiently collect the testimonies of the depositors to know where Xavier Ligonnès was seen, if he was accompanied or not, what was his size and his outfit. Inconsistent testimonies or those referring to individuals who are too young (Ligonnès would be 59 years old today) and too small (he measures a little over 1.80 meters) are discarded. For the others, investigators check the CCTV recordings, when they have not been erased and when the cameras have actually recorded on tape. If the person has been spotted pumping gasoline, in a Géant Casino, or in a Courtepaille, they trace the means of payment used and seize the duplicates of bank cards. They give priority to the restaurants, especially the Buffalo Grill, Ligonnès’ favorite establishment. And when the trail is still hot and the dishes haven’t been done yet, they collect DNA from the plates and cutlery. A few months after the start of the investigation, the investigating judge in charge of the case will even be forced to ask them to slow down, the seals starting to take on the appearance of a china cabinet in a large restaurant.
The Total service station in Lançon-Provence, July 2020
The PJ of Nantes believed on several occasions to finally have in hand the winning ticket and to be on the point of intercepting Ligonnès. This was the case in Borgo, where a photo taken from the video surveillance of a supermarket in this small Corsican town was very similar. Upon verification, it was only a local. They believed in it even more in January 2018 when they were told that an individual with a strong resemblance to Xavier Ligonnès was at the Saint-Désert Notre-Dame de Pitié monastery near Roquebrune-sur-Argens. About twenty police officers raided and searched the premises until they came across Brother Jean-Marie Joseph, who certainly looked disturbingly like Ligonnès, but who was not him. In still other cases, the police were never able to “close the track,” and it is perhaps Ligonnès who was seen.
For example, in Lançon-Provence, April 26, 2011. That day, at 2:44 am, Mahjoub B., a handler by profession, parks his vehicle at the Total service station after the Lançon-Provence toll. He fills up, then goes to the store to pay. On his way, he passes a 45- to 50-year-old man, about six feet tall, who hangs out there between the gas pumps and the store. When he returns to his vehicle, his colleague asks him if he has seen the man, whom he is convinced is the one everyone is looking for, the one who killed his family in Nantes. Mahjoub then takes a new look at the individual, notices that he is wearing glasses, light jeans, that he has brown hair a little graying and a beard of a day. At his feet, four rigid shopping bags, one red, one white, one brown and one whose color he cannot distinguish. Inside the store, employees also noticed the individual. He’s been out for almost three hours. At one point, he walks in to ask for free coffee, as part of a promotion. Behind her cash register, Jocelyne H. notes a detail: he is missing a tooth. “The second on the left, I believe,” she says when heard by investigators. This is information that has never filtered out and yet, it’s true – a little detail, Xavier Ligonnès was missing a tooth. Little by little, the space has filled in, but you can always see it when he smiles. The images from the station’s surveillance cameras are confusing: if this man is not the one we are looking for, it must be his twin brother. At 3 a.m., the cameras show him hitchhiking by a Volkswagen Combi, which investigators quickly find. The driver’s name is Christophe B. He has not heard of the case, and he must be one of the only ones in the country; but Christophe is no longer listening to the news because, he says, “the news is bad all the time.” From the hitchhiker on the night of the 25th to the 26th, he remembers that he “did not smell very good” and that he had a growing beard. They didn’t discuss much. The man simply told him that he was coming from Paris where he had gone to see “his sick old father,” and that he wanted to take the train to Aix-en-Provence. Christophe dropped him off at a motorway exit, the 30 or the 31, between 4 a.m. and 4.15 a.m. The surveillance cameras at Aix train station allow you to get back on track. He is filmed on the forecourt at 6 am, he wears light pants, a dark jacket. He buys a ticket at 1.20 euro, free destination. Then we lose track.
Despite all the checks, despite all the cameras, it will be impossible to track this man perfectly resembling Dupont de Ligonnès, who could nevertheless have confirmed that he was, at least on this date, still alive.
How can one suddenly evaporate in plain sight, and how could a man who has collected chess all his life accomplish this feat? The XDDL mystery makes it possible to scaffold all the theories. These flourish in books, in docudramas and, of course, on the Internet. We imagine Ligonnès protected by the secrecy of a monastery, flown to the United States, where he can go unnoticed thanks to his English without an accent, or even on the escape alongside a woman he would have manipulated. The police officers in charge of the case do not work on theories or psychological profiles, but according to a scientific approach: they always start from a fact, which opens a track, which they then explore until the end, close, and move on to another. This method is also a way to protect yourself from endless guesswork, or insanity, but it doesn’t always work. Several times, the track looks like a highway towards the fugitive, and the police are convinced that they will finally close this investigation. But they end up stumbling upon the worst thing ever, as was the case with the allusion to Emmanuel Teneur’s sailboat: coincidences.
Coincidence number 1. When the Ligonnès C5 was discovered in the Formula 1 car park in Roquebrune, the night watchman informed them that two reservations had been made in the name of Dupont Xavier, one on April 5 and the another on April 14. The hotel manager then specifies that the first reservation was actually made for April 6. That day, however, XDDL was in Nantes, probably digging the grave of Thomas, murdered the day before. Had he thought of accomplishing his crimes earlier or had he reserved a room for an accomplice, who might have been hiding something for him? The videos of April 5 and 6 are no longer available, but payment for the room was made with a Crédit Agricole credit card. The number gives a name, Faiçal E., and an address. Could it be an accomplice? The checks are launched immediately lead to a man who simply used “Dupont Xavier” as an assumed name - like Ligonnès - to book a night in the same hotel, the same year, the same month, within ten days.
Coincidence number 2. The liaison officer in Miami launches research around the various aliases used by XDDL, for operations of “mystery shopper” or to stay in hotels. In the FBI file, he finds a certain Xavier Laurent, one of Ligonnès’s favorite nicknames, installed in Jacksonville, north of Florida. Jacksonville is not just any city. This is where Hugues, the cousin of XDDL lived, and it is also this locality that Ligonnès and his friend Michel Rétif declared to customs in 1990 during their trip to the United States. At the very end of the personalized letter sent to Michel on April 8, Xavier Ligonnès seemed to allude to it: “I will think about you there. (Not the right to tell you where, but you went there with November 90…a clue to dig. LOL).” But this Xavier Laurent is another twist of fate: the police come across a certain Evan Shaffer, a petty criminal who has chosen this alias to commit crimes.
Coincidence number 3. Ten days before the crimes, XDDL reconnects with a childhood sweetheart, Catherine K., whom he met in Versailles in the 1980s. Between March 22 and 24, they exchange text messages and try to find a date to meet the week of April 12, in Chamonix. These messages intrigue the investigators, some answers seem surprising, almost illogical, and they suspect Ligonnès of having wanted to ensure a logistical relay in his escape. A little later, a certain Patrick O. reports having seen XDDL in the queue of a Sixt car rental agency at Nice airport on April 17, 2011. By peeling the names of dozens of people having rented a car that day, the police officers miss the infarction: in capital letters, white on black, appears the surname of Catherine, who would have rented a vehicle at 1:30 am. A few hours later, their heart rate drops again: it was only a perfect disambiguation.
Each coincidence causes the same chain of reactions. First a eureka!, the certainty of having finally found the tiny detail from which to trace everything. The police then cast their nets like fishermen on the high seas, telephone or banking requisitions, requests for listings, identity checks. Then they wait. It can last from a few hours to several weeks, and inevitably it is a burning, nagging wait, tense by the fear that the track will fly away. Finally, there is the immense disappointment and the obligation to face reality again: Xavier Ligonnès is still nowhere to be found, a track has flown again, and we have to hoist the rock up the mountain again. Those who have worked or are still working on the affair strive to maintain a cold, rational, police facade. But little by little, by dint of chasing a shadow - not even a shadow, a ghost - obsession lurks. One of them, a police officer with a professional Protestant pastor, now out of the investigation, still returned until recently to consult the investigation file every week, saying he simply wanted to put the 12,000 pages of documents in order. For a year, a criminal analyst has also been mobilized. He enters all the elements of the file in a software which digests them and spits out, perhaps, new threads to draw. In the meantime, the two police officers who are still following the investigation - one at the PJ in Nantes, one at the OCRVP, in Paris - “live” the case, as their colleagues say. Among these thousands of pages there is no doubt a clue that has gone unnoticed or, better, a lead that has not yet been explored.
Track number 1. Who typed “fraternité saint-thomas becket” on Google on April 3 at 11:34 pm, before clicking on a link in the Cité-Catholique forum? Is it the same person who, the same night at 2:01 am, from an iPhone, did the search for “communion state mortal sin,” bringing it to the same forum? On April 8, the user of this phone will in any case send the search engine the request “hello Chacou”, which will lead him (her) again to the Cité-Catholique forum. Chacou was one of the pseudonyms of Xavier Ligonnès. Investigators saw crazier coincidences, but still: can it really be someone other than Xavier Ligonnès, who himself connected to Cité-Catholique almost every day of his escape? The last article published on the site about Saint-Thomas Becket, an ultra-traditionalist fraternity which practices mass in Latin, dates from January 2009. It indicates the name of its founder, Father Jean-Pierre Gac, and specifies this: “Born in the diocese of Blois where there are two communities (…), the fraternity has also extended in the diocese of Toulon - a parish is also entrusted to them in Ollioules.” Ollioules is located six kilometers from La Seyne-on-Mer, where XDDL spent its penultimate known night, and 94 kilometers from Roquebrune. Jean-Pierre Gac was questioned by the police but claimed to have never been in contact with the fugitive. Investigators have always believed in the possibility that Ligonnès took refuge in a monastery in the Var. They considered to search them one by one, before understanding that there are dozens and dozens of brotherhoods and fraternities, that they are not always castles of the Purple Rivers but sometimes simple farms, lost in the hinterland. To mount a search, it would be necessary to ensure that they do not communicate with each other, and therefore to visit them all at the same time. The examining magistrate quickly tempered the fervor of the police and declared the operation impossible.
Track number 2. Xavier Ligonnès had two secret Facebook accounts. The first is named after his favorite country singer, Waylon Jennings. One of his nieces had also found him a month before the crimes, sending him a message, “but who is behind this nickname?,” to which XDDL had immediately replied “How did you manage to arrive on the Waylon Jennings Facebook profile? Too clever! Microsoft Advantage??? Kiss.” The second account concerns a certain “George Town” residing in Nantes and is linked to one of Ligonnès’ many email addresses, [email protected]. The police send a requisition to the management of Facebook in Palo Alto to obtain the creation and connection logs of the two profiles. The answer comes in days: the first was created in February 2010, the second in December 2007, when France had barely discovered the social network. Above all, the response indicates that Ligonnès connected to the two accounts on the night of April 4 to 5, between the first assassinations and that of Thomas. The profiles have since been deleted but suggest he could have used them to communicate with a third party. Catherine K., the youthful lover that XDDL contacted a few days before the tragedy, also reported to the police that she had been approached by a certain Philippe Steiner, whom she did not know, around May 20. He sent her a strange message, suggesting that they might have had a relationship in the past. When she went to respond, the profile had already been deleted. Today there are almost 100 Facebook accounts on behalf of Waylon Jennings, some are created and deleted every day.
Track number 3. When the Ligonnès family is having their last meal on April 3, 2011, around 9 pm, a young woman walks through the glass doors of the police station on Place Waldeck-Rousseau in Nantes. Originally from a small village near Vannes, Julie is a BTS student and comes to file a complaint: the Twingo that her father lets her drive has been broken into, probably during the night. There was not much inside, but Julie reported the theft of her car radio as well as the vehicle’s logbook, which she normally stored in a small Renault gray faux leather pouch. This same pouch was found on April 22 in the dresser of the Ligonnès living room where Xavier used to store his papers, during the investigation the day after the discovery of the bodies. The police did not follow this track: they put the break-in of Julie’s car on the account of one of the Ligonnès sons, Arthur, who had already been arrested for theft of a bicycle and driving under the influence of cannabis. But why would Arthur have taken the vehicle papers with the car stereo, and why would he put them in the middle of his father’s papers? And if the theft was committed by Xavier Ligonnès a few hours before killing his family, how can this be explained? Was he able to steal other identity papers to facilitate his escape?
In this case, it is always about cars. Those imported by XDDL from the United States, the Citroën C5 from the escape, the vehicles he claimed had been stolen over the years: the first at the Brest police station in 1998, while living in Pornic, a second at the same time at the Saint-Nazaire police station, and then again, in Nantes, on May 17, 2006, a Golf convertible finally found then sold a few months later to a mechanic, a friend of Cédric M.
Cédric M. is never far away when it comes to cars. He is also a mechanic, that’s how Ligonnès met him in Vannes a few years earlier. He is one of the recipients of the departure letter, therefore a close friend. He was even the first employee of the RDC. Ligonnès regularly went to visit him in Locmalo in the heart of Morbihan, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Nantes. With Cédric and his partner, Renaud, they went to the local creperie. They had lunch there together on March 31, 2011, four days before the crimes. In the village, it is said that Ligonnès took care of the dark accounts of the “guys,” who have quite a reputation. Could he have built up a slush fund there that no one would have found until now? Cédric and Renaud’s garage is not indicated by any sign. It is at the end of a road. In the yard, wrecks of American cars and a goat on a leash. Inside, Renaud is working on a shiny yellow Cadillac. His attitude is confusing. He is angry with the police who have never come to question him when he is, according to him, “the last to have seen [Xavier] alive. But I will not tell you when, because that the date is important,” he adds before returning to his Cadillac, wrench in hand.
To date, Renaud has still not been heard by investigators.
At the same time, reports continue to flow.
Ligonnès seen in Mulhouse, on the four lanes between Saint-Brieuc and Rennes in a Peugeot 308 and overtaking on the right, Ligonnès seen again in Tunis and Toulouse.
Ligonnès seen, but never caught.

Next Section-Part 2D
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Author Viva_La_Muerte
Posted On Tue Aug 04 03:22:51 UTC 2020
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How do they reconcile their attitude to government with Romans 13, which says that the governing authorities were established by God?
I may have gone a bit overboard in the 'governments are tools of the devil' description. They don't believe every government official is being personally directed by demons or anything. They share the belief a lot of Christians do that God works all things, including evil, towards his ends. So even if human government is evil, God can still use it to maintain order and protect people. Much like how in the OT God used pagan kings for his purposes, but would not have allowed his people to worship pagan deities or partake in pagan rituals, I suppose.
And what is their general attitude towards the Bible
Inspired word of God, literal for the most part. They don't believe in evolution, but are flexible as to the age of the earth, for example. They believe the flood literally happened, as did the Tower of Babel and all of the events described in the OT.
Watchtower literature is supposed to be only interpretation and guidance, without any real divine authority. In practice though, it's got quite a lot of heft. The Governing Body (the leadership of the whole WTS, the collective pope of the JWs, more or less) is often accused by ex-JWs of twisting the Bible to their own ends, though of course they would argue otherwise.
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Author Viva_La_Muerte
Posted On Tue Aug 04 05:15:57 UTC 2020
Score 1 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:18 UTC 2020
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I feel a bit weird defending the WTS because, honestly, I'm not a fan despite my upbringing and the vaguely positive tone of the OP. The shunning is definitely a dealbreaker for me, as is some of the really ridiculous shit they ask their members to believe (some of the latest there is the 'overlapping generations' teaching. Originally, the world was supposed to end in 1914. It didn't, so it turns out Jesus assumed his invisible kingship in heaven that year instead. But the generation alive in 1914 will definitely see the end. Of course, that generation is now dropping like flies, so the Governing Body came out with the genius concept of overlapping generations. That is, anyone who was alive at the same time as anyone who was alive in 1914 is now part of the same generation. So they've probably bought themselves another good eighty years with that one, at least.) Nevertheless-
A lot of JWs definitely do have that 'robot' reaction and revert to an 'NPC script' upon confrontation. Though I've known some JWs who are able to give relatively erudite defenses of their beliefs, even if those beliefs are absurd, I would concede that the majority of JWs probably just accept what the Governing Body/ WT literature says and don't think much about it. But I would say that's probably true of most other believers, as well, if you swap out "Governing Body" for "the Church" or "their pastor".
I have met lots of people of other religions (and indeed, of no religion) who also have a bad habit of just 'repeating a script' or seeming completely unable to grasp a simple point if that point is directed against their doctrine. I suppose it would come down to "do JWs do it more than others" to which I would say...maybe?
The shunning is definitely something I myself am opposed to. But I think the only real difference between the JWs and other conservative Christians (and presumably other conservative religions with which I have little experience) in that respect is how institutionalized it is with the WTS. I know people who have basically been disowned by Evangelical or Catholic families for becoming unbelievers or other perceived sins, even if they're not mandated to do so by anyone.
So again I suppose it's a matter of degree. All religions have their degree of 'cultiness.' Do JWs have it to a greater extent than other religious groups? Again...maybe?
But I wouldn't (and obviously, I'm biased) be comfortable saying so with any real certainty.
but my impression was that the teachers would often avoid overtly identifying themselves as specifically teaching their faith, instead presenting themselves as just generally offering "Bible lessons." That always felt a bit underhanded to me.
I only rarely went out on field service, and never officially because I was a kid, but IME JWs are generally pretty open about belonging to a specific faith and trying to spread it. Of course, I expect that varies strongly from congregation to congregation and person to person.
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Author DWXXV
Posted On Mon Aug 03 23:24:45 UTC 2020
Score 19 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:18 UTC 2020
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I once had a JW patient who had sickle cell.
The disease can require blood transfusions and can be excruciatingly painful, more so without transfusions and such.
Patient still refused the transfusions.
I think it was crazy but gotta respect that level of dedication to something.
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Author OrangeMargarita
Posted On Tue Aug 04 07:08:56 UTC 2020
Score 1 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:19 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 1
Body link
Good post, thanks for the insights.
One of my parents has a cousin who married a JW and converted, and they raised their kids JW. We never discussed religion, when we'd see them at family gatherings once a year or so we'd just talk about the same random stuff everyone else would. They've always seemed to me about as normal as anyone else I could imagine. They homeschooled their kids which was the only major difference, but their kids weren't in any way socially awkward, and were way ahead of their public school peers academically, so I found that kind of impressive. But I guess when they first got married his conversion caused a bit of a stir in the family.
Growing up there was a Kingdom Hall on the other side of my block but I didn't know anyone who was a member there. Maybe their kids were homeschooled too, or maybe being such a small religious minority in our community JW kids didn't really advertise that they were JW's in school?
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Author solarity52
Posted On Tue Aug 04 02:52:24 UTC 2020
Score 18 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:19 UTC 2020
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A great essay on a subject I always wanted to learn more about. My curiosity was piqued many years ago when I read Hitler's Table Talk which was a transcription of his nightly conversations with whoever happened to be his houseguests. I found it very interesting that the only religious group which Hitler spoke about with genuine respect were the JW's. He admired their incredible resistance to renouncing their beliefs, even while being subjected to horrific torture and brutality. It certainly didn't prevent him from doing everything in his power to wipe out the German JW's but he was mystified and amazed at the strength of their inner resolve.
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Author Viva_La_Muerte
Posted On Tue Aug 04 00:36:49 UTC 2020
Score 17 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:19 UTC 2020
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Body link
I wouldn't say that in their personal lives JWs have a higher or lower proportion of great people than any other religious group, but they certainly do put a lot of effort into presentability and coming across as personable.
Where I was, facial hair was largely frowned upon, but it's seen as a 'conscience matter.' Most JWs I know also sent their kids to public school, so your homeschooling comment surprised me a bit. That's probably also a regional variation, or it may be something that's changed with time, too. They have a rather poor retention rate that is getting worse, AFAIK, so that may also be part of it.
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Author Madgreeds
Posted On Mon Aug 03 23:42:51 UTC 2020
Score 29 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:20 UTC 2020
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Body link
I work in a public facing job (beauty industry) in a JW heavy area. Oddly enough, this makes me one of the few non-JW who frequently talks with JW outside of explicit proselytizing.
Almost all are great people. The whole believing in demon stuff is about the only thing that Id describe as outwardly odd about them. When I ask about their homeschooling routines they almost always feel the need to drop that they wish they could do public schooling but there is too much “satanic influence” there.
A point some may find interesting about JW: They take their appearance very very seriously. Grooming and fashion standards vary regionally. For example in my area keeping facial hair is acceptable, but in areas where its less common it is discouraged. Modern hairstyles are fine, but anything too fancy like a mullet or faux hawk is avoided.
They do this because they believe their message is ultra important and thus they want to “fit in” as much as possible stylistically where they live.
Dunno why it surprised me so much when I was starting out, but it was very interesting to me how much effort JW put into their outward appearance.
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Author Gbdub87
Posted On Tue Aug 04 00:57:19 UTC 2020
Score 14 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:20 UTC 2020
Conversation Size 1
Body link
First, thanks for writing this! It was interesting and enlightening.
The “everyone in earthly authority is controlled by demons, and if you try to participate in those things you’ll be overcome by demons too” idea seems like it would be a natural barrier to ever being anything other than a fringe minority. For purely practical reasons, not (just) because that belief is a hard sell today.
What I mean is, say the JWs are much more successful at proselytizing and most of the world converts (in theory, a massive success!). Wouldn’t society collapse out of everyone being unwilling to manage worldly affairs?
I think that’s one thing that makes it feel “culty“ - the idea that being a fringe, intentionally apart from the rest of society, is a core part of the identity.
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Author xab31
Posted On Tue Aug 04 02:25:18 UTC 2020
Score 12 as of Wed Aug 05 05:14:21 UTC 2020
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Body link
How do they reconcile their attitude to government with Romans 13, which says that the governing authorities were established by God?
And what is their general attitude towards the Bible -- literal Word of God, figurative, supplemented by Watchtower books, etc?
I guess I may still be a Jehovah's Witness at heart.'s had a real impact on my ideals and character to this day
I was raised Church of Christ, another obscure denomination with its own peculiar beliefs (although oddly common in this sub, it seems, although I think there are reasons for that), and though I don't believe it any more, I can totally sympathize with this.
What I find so fascinating about the JWs is that as a religious group they seem to have succeeded as far as it is possible in charting a truly neutral course and abstracting themselves from the world
I think the more "weird" beliefs a religious subgroup has, the more staying power it will have, for two reasons. One is that it makes you look odd to the rest of society, and you will therefore find it more convenient to hang out with your insular group. The second reason is that some of these beliefs require real commitment (no transfusions??), and therefore they weed out casuals, which tend to liberalize religions, ultimately watering them down into meaninglessness.
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Author Viva_La_Muerte
Posted On Mon Aug 03 22:52:40 UTC 2020
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Some here may be interested to learn some about a group in American society that you are probably are familiar with, but likely don’t know much about. More specifically, that group's position (or lack of position) in what seems like an all-consuming culture war: the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
I was semi-raised as a JW. Neither of my parents were actually baptized (my father was actively hostile to the Watchtower Society), nor was I. But many of my aunts and uncles were, and I was largely raised by them as a kid because my mother and father were gone a lot.
Everyone knows the image of Jehovah’s Witnesses going door to door annoying the neighborhood and asking if “you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior” (though they never use that actual language), and might know they don’t celebrate holidays or accept blood transfusions, but a lot of their beliefs are unknown to most Americans.
Like Mormons, they have a lot of bizarre theology that really sets them apart from most of mainstream Christianity and leads to most other Christians not actually counting JWs as fellow Christians.
They don’t believe in the Trinity. They believe Jesus is not God, but God’s first creation, identical to the Archangel Michael, and also the agent through which Jehovah created everything else. They also don’t believe the Holy Spirit is God, or even a person, but rather simply a term for Jehovah's ‘active force’ working in the world.
They don’t believe in heaven or hell (they believe Heaven exists, but it is the abode of Jehovah and the angels, not a destination for humans--with some caveats). The soul does not persist apart from the body. Unbelievers (i.e, non-JWs) will be destroyed at Armageddon, and simply cease to exist. The righteous (i.e, JWs) ‘fall asleep’ upon death, and are resurrected on the last day to live forever on a renewed paradise earth.
Where I think the JWs are especially interesting is in the realm of political and social issues.
On first glance, they map pretty neatly to the conservative, right-wing value system. They believe marriage is between one man and one woman, wives and children are to submit to the 'headship' of the man of the house, smoking, drinking (‘to excess’), and premarital sex are sinful, divorce is not allowed, etc. Racy media and media with occult themes are to be avoided. They are certainly not religious pluralists or ‘all paths lead to God’ types, and firmly believe their belief system is the only way to eternal life. They frequently bemoan the (as they see it) increasingly corrupt, perverse, and godless state of the world.
In those respects, they strongly resemble Evangelicals, the group I would say they have the most commonality with (except maybe Mormons in other ways).
But that’s about where they part ways with the mainstream religious right.
The first big difference is their attitude towards patriotism. Evangelicals are notoriously patriotic, and of course one of the GOP’s most solid bases. I think they've been found to have the highest reported rates of patriotism of any religious group in the US.
JWs on the other hand have more disdain for patriotism than the most hardcore cosmopolitan liberals. For them, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ isn’t a nice phrase for the fellowship of all Christians or anything—it’s a literal supernatural polity and they are its subjects. On the other hand, all human governments are tools of Satan in his capacity as ‘god of this world,’ and will be destroyed by Christ at his second coming. Consequently, serving in the military, running for office, endorsing a candidate, voting, political lobbying, or even pledging allegiance to the flag are tantamount to swearing fealty to Lucifer. You will never hear a JW say anything like 'we need to turn the country back to God' or 'bring prayer back to schools', and you will never hear one say, ‘God bless America.’
They would consider a conservative Evangelical claiming that God is working through Trump, or a liberal Christian claiming that Jesus would support modern notions of racial and social justice, to both be uttering blasphemies.
Which leads to the next point—their racial/ethnic diversity. Evangelicals and the American religious right in general are notoriously white. Ditto for Mormons and probably most other small Christian denominations (many of which, like the Amish, are ethnic groups as much as denominations), save perhaps some which are instead overwhelmingly black. JWs on the other hand have no majority race/ethnicity and are quite remarkably diverse. I can testify to that from personal experience. Kingdom Hall meetings are mind-numbingly boring, so when I was little, I often counted faces to pass the time. Those faces were very multichromatic.
Statistics bear this out. JWs have no majority race/ethnicity. They have very a slim white plurality, followed by Hispanics, and then blacks. I have also, personally, noted a very high rate of interracial marriage among JWs, though I can’t back that up with stats. I suspect if you gave the average JW one of those racial in-group bias tests, they would score as low or even lower than your average white liberal.
Something you might not grasp if you just look up ‘what do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe’ is that they really, truly believe in Satan and demons. Not just in a ‘oh Satan is tempting me’ way or even in a 'yeah demonic possession can happen' way, but as in they deeply believe there are hordes of evil spirits wandering the earth right now that can and will fuck with you, personally and this is something you, personally, need to be worried about. Even the more religious conservative Christians I’ve known may say things like ‘demons are very real’ or ‘Satan is not a metaphor,’ but by and large (obligatory in my experience) they don’t really act like it. If you tell an evangelical or a traditionalist Catholic that you’re pretty sure you were attacked by a demon last night they’re probably only a little less likely than anyone else to give you a weird look.
JWs absolutely walk the walk in this respect. If you are a JW you almost certainly know someone who claims firsthand experience with demonic possession, cursed dolls, witchcraft, etc. I personally have several family members who will swear they’ve been personally assaulted by the forces of the evil one. My uncle believed he had nearly been killed by a clown doll, and my aunt insisted upon covering up the Catholic iconography in a house we once stayed in for fear it would draw demons to us, something she said had happened to her before. I also knew some people who believed Criss Angel had actual supernatural powers. Go search ‘demons’ or ‘demonic’ on /exJW if you want some fun stories.
So, in summation you have highly socially conservative people that also despise patriotism and ethnic and tribal loyalties, consider government and political participation to be literally Satanic by default, and live in a 24/7 Conjuring movie.
JWs are quite strict and serious about their religion. They will certainly kick you out if you insist on violating their teachings and will coerce your friends and family still in the faith into shunning you or else suffering the same penalty. They have often been labelled a cult, especially by ex-JWs understandably upset about such treatment. They certainly have cult-like aspects, like the aforementioned habit of 'disfellowshipping'. The Watchtower Society also has a bad habit of predicting the end of the world and being wrong. They finally stopped setting dates after the last embarrassment in 1975, but Armageddon is still perpetually just around the corner. The WTS also has an impressive ability to pull absurd teachings out of thin air that all but flatly contradict previous teachings, and pretend they never taught differently. But personally, I would not say they are a cult any more than Mormons or Evangelicals (though that's not necessarily a great compliment IMO). And I believe the only real distinction between 'cult' and 'religion' is size.
What I find so fascinating about the JWs is that as a religious group they seem to have succeeded as far as it is possible in charting a truly neutral course and abstracting themselves from the world, and really do live in another reality wherein the political and social battles that are so dear to most everyone else just don’t matter. How could you care about wealth inequality, or woke corporations, or whether progressivism is destroying the country or Trump has dictatorial ambitions when you’re fighting literal demons? There’s no side to take because, top to bottom, left to right, liberal to conservative, it’s all the same side: the devil’s side. It's a waste of time trying to change it, and the only good thing that will ever happen to 'this system of things,' as they call it, is its imminent destruction by an army of angels.
That's more or less how I grew up, and even though I haven't believed in anything the WTS teaches in a long time, it's had a real impact on my ideals and character to this day. Certainly, I'm still instinctively leery about things like tarot cards or fortune telling, even though I don't believe in demons or witchcraft. I have a lot of gut conservative instincts probably traceable to the WTS, but notably I have never had the least patriotic sentiment. I tend to find myself regularly thinking along the lines of 'the whole system is evil to the core anyways, what's the point?' and am quite politically disengaged (beyond online intellectual masturbation) because engaging in real life politics still makes me feel rather dirty.
I guess I may still be a Jehovah's Witness at heart.
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Author TracingWoodgrains
Posted On Tue Aug 04 04:42:01 UTC 2020
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Thanks for the fascinating post! "Inside view of childhood faiths" is, ah, a genre I'm quite fond of.
I would not say they are a cult any more than Mormons or Evangelicals (though that's not necessarily a great compliment IMO)
Oh hey, catnip. Don't mind if I do.
I would.
Well, I wouldn't use the word "cult" because I don't like it and don't think it's helpful, and I do think there are some Mormons and Evangelicals who would fit the same description, but JWs have always unsettled me more than all but the most hardcore Evangelicals. The shunning and coercion around people who leave is the biggest factor by far. The average Mormon doesn't do that, Mormonism doesn't encourage it, and someone who did would in most cases quickly be called out by others. They have trouble with boundaries around "less-active" members, but there's no shunning. I really can't underscore enough how big a deal this difference is. Losing your belief structure is hard enough. To know that the people around you will be instructed to cut you off if you step away? I can't imagine that, and see it as wholly evil. Some evangelicals do the same, but my impression is that it's more codified among JWs.
Back when I was an active Mormon, I pointed to all the missed apocalypses, but Mormonism has its own problems with rewriting history so I'll call that one a draw. Evangelicals don't have as much recent history to rewrite.
More, though, my encounters with Jehovah's Witnesses were generally qualitatively different to my encounters with almost everyone else. A Baha'i, Seventh Day Adventist, or Quaker? You could have a great conversation if they weren't busy. Atheists? They'd mostly laugh or just dismiss you. Assorted Christian denominations? Anyone's guess - usually negative but not strongly so. Jehovah's Witnesses? I don't know, man. It got weird.
One of our regular encounters with them was more second-hand: We'd talk to someone, and they'd talk about how they had a couple of bible teachers come by sometimes, and we'd realize "oh, shoot, they know JWs." But my impression was that the teachers would often avoid overtly identifying themselves as specifically teaching their faith, instead presenting themselves as just generally offering "Bible lessons." That always felt a bit underhanded to me.
Weirder, though, was when a JW agreed to actually sit down with us and hear one of our "lessons" out. I have never in my life felt more like I was talking to a video game NPC than in that conversation. It was like she had a memorized script that she was determined to revert to no matter what we said, culminating in her pulling out the Bible to point us to one of the verses with the name Jehovah in it (probably Exodus 6:3), then looking expectantly at us. Like, we had plenty of conversations where people disagreed with us, but few that felt so cold or robotic.
One last story—my favorite. We ended up chatting with this friendly bloke, youngish and a bit lonely seeming, and found out he was a (not particularly hardcore) JW. What followed was a hilarious few minutes where he began to explain, by analogy, why we might have gotten a cold reception from other JWs in the past. I'll try to recapture it: Okay, okay. Imagine you pick up an apple and find out it has a rotten bit, right? Now, some people—like me—they might be comfortable just eating the rest of the apple around the rotten bit. But others, after seeing one bit that's rotten, will just throw the whole apple out. So anyway, your religion is kinda like the rotten bit of the apple, so a lot of us figure it's just best to avoid you, but I don't mind. We had a great conversation with him all told, but that sort of encouragement towards isolation strikes me as unhealthy in a way other faiths don't.
It might just be narcissism of small differences speaking, but Mormons tend to read JWs as extremely unsettling/culty, and my personal encounters haven't dramatically shifted that impression. At least in my circles, the scale of perceived religious weirdness looked something like: Scientology < FLDS < JWs < Islam? < everything else. I'd rank things a bit differently now, but any group that practices the sort of shunning they do earns pretty hard opposition from me.
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2020.07.29 15:20 Gopherbear What's happening in Cumberland this week

What’s Happening in Downtown Cumberland Downtown Cumberland is Reopened and Ready for You Free Parking on Saturdays & Sundays and Daily after 5 PM
The Downtown Cumberland Farmers' Market is a place where the community meets each week to enjoy fresh produce, locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants, organic products, fresh seafood, prepared foods, as well as the work of local artists and craftspeople. The market sets up every Thursday from 9:30 am - 2 pm on Baltimore Street in Historic City Center from May to October.
Support the Blue - To show support of our LEO’s there will be a support rally on Sunday, August 2nd at 3 pm in the area of the City Hall in Cumberland. These men and women leave their families every day to protect us and help give us the opportunity and freedom to live a life that many countries do not have. Let’s help bridge the gap between our LEO’s and the community. Come out to say thank you and show your support for our LEO’s. And let’s not forget our first responders and military. There will be two local pastors to share a prayer and a speaker at the event. More details to follow so, for now, save the date and share.
39th Annual Chamber Crab Feast – Early Bird Ticket Price Deadline THIS Friday, July 24! Don't Miss This One! Friday, August 7, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, Ali Ghan Shrine Picnic Grounds (Following all outdoor dining guidelines) Ticket Prices: Early Bird Price $60 - If purchased by July 24; $75 - After July 24. (Admission 21 years of age or older)
Limited Reserved Seating is available in the Corporate Tent. For Additional Details or to Reserve your Tent and Tickets. Contact The Chamber at 301-722-2820 or [email protected].
Hounds Around Town - Looking for a day filled with furry friends and fun???
Then look no further than the Allegany County Animal Shelter’s “Hounds Around Town” program, which allows individuals to sign a shelter dog out for the day. Being situated in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland presents a great opportunity for our shelter dogs to experience the joy of a long walk, hike or run in many of the area’s scenic locations. Looking for something more low-key? No problem, we have many pups that would enjoy an afternoon lounging on a couch, a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood or maybe a trip for ice cream. The most important thing is you are giving an adoptable shelter dog a much-needed break from the kennels and providing enrichment and socialization. For more information on the Hounds Around Town program, contact the shelter at 301-777-5930.
Barkin’ Basement Thrift Shop – It’s all about the kids this week at Barkin’ Basement. All children’s clothing & shoes, games, toys, puzzles, stuffed animals and books are half price. Plus each child visiting BB may pick out one free children’s book. Barkin’ Basement is located at 45 Baltimore Street and is open Thursday-Sunday.
PharmaCare West’s lobby and drive-thru and open to serve you. If coming inside, you must wear a mask. New seasonal popcorn flavors of Bedford Candies are here! Don’t forget the post office is open for purchasing stamps and shipping packages. We also accept pre-paid USPS merchandise return packages and other pre-paid packages. 64 Greene Street – open Mon – Fri 9 am to 6 pm and Sat 9 am to 1 pm – phone 301.724.1183 – follow us on Facebook/The PharmaCare Network
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Upcoming titles: August 11 - She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore (Q&A with Author) September 8 - 142 Ostriches by April Dávila (Q&A with Author) October 13 - The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt by Andrea Bobotis (Q&A with Author) November 10 - Circe by Madeline Miller December 8 - Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva (Q&A with Author) If you have questions, email [email protected] or call The Book Center at 301-722-2284. Sign up to receive email updates at
Fort Cumberland Emporium – Christmas in July Sale – Many of our vendors are offering a 20% discount on Christmas décor and items. Please check at the front desk for a list of vendors.
Cumberland Emporium has vendor space available. The Emporium is located at 55 Baltimore Street and is an antique/collectibles shop. If you might be interested in renting a space, call 301-722-4500 or stop by the store.
Fabulous Past Perfect Boutique Sale is on Wednesday, July 29, 3-7 pm. We are a part of Cumberland's Hospital auxiliary, helping where needed, we have a fantastic selection of next to new clothing for women, men, and children plus household knick-knacks for unbelievably low prices - cash only. Since we are just a group of a few graciously aging volunteers, we hold these 2-day sales only about 10 times a year, be sure you do not miss them! We will keep you posted. 13513 Winchester Rd, La Vale
Love to go antiquing and thrifting? Want to discover a handmade treasure? Downtown Cumberland has some great shops including Fort Cumberland Emporium, Baltimore Street Collectibles, Barkin’ Basement Thrift Shop (Thursday – Sunday), Queen City Flea Market (Friday – Sunday), Windsor Castle Antiques & Flea Market (Sundays only) – all filled with antiques, collectibles, handmade items. Stop in and discover it for yourself.
Great Gift Idea! DCBA (Downtown Cumberland Gift Certificates) are available at The Book Center and may be used at any DCBA member’s business. You may find out who is a DCBA member online at
Find out what restaurants/pubs are offering outdoor dining, carry out and/or delivery at
Ristorante Ottaviani, 25 N. Centre Street. For the remainder of the summer, we will be open from 5 pm-close, Tuesday- Sunday. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.
Mezzos, 114 S. Centre Street –Specials · Wed 7/29 - Lasagna Dinner $7.50. A large serving of our Lasagna served with a Caporale's Roll. · Thu 7/30 - Burger Mania! $7.50. A Full-Size Sandwich with a quarter pound of Black Angus Burger served as Cajun Burger, Bacon, Mushroom, Swiss Burger w/ Sweet Horseradish, or Deluxe Burger with a side of Brew City Fries Get a DOUBLE Burger for $10.50. That’s 2 patties for a half a pound of Black Angus Burger total! · Fri 7/31 - Buffalo Chicken Pasta $7.50. A breaded and fried chicken breast topped with Bleu Cheese with Mild Buffalo Sauce over Penne Pasta.
New Day Church is having an outdoor Family Movie Night on Friday, July 31st @ 7:30 PM! We will be watching Trolls 2. The movie will start @ 9:00 PM. Everything is free! Free movie, hot dogs, snacks, soda, and popcorn! Just bring chairs and blankets! We cannot wait to have you join us for this fun night! 15003 Wyoming Street. ** Please check back on Facebook in case we would need to reschedule due to rain. Rain Date — Friday, August 7th
Story Time in the Park – Every Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am. Grow your child's early literacy skills with a fun-filled time of book reading, singing, rhyming, moving, and creating with one of our amazing Program Specialists! Story Time in the Park will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM in alternating parks throughout the county. Story Time in the Park is open to children of all ages. View the full schedule at
Families are encouraged to bring a blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy Story Times while observing social distancing guidelines. Listen to several books designed to have fun, strengthen literacy skills and promote health outdoor adventures. Every child will receive free books and crafts to take home and enjoy all summer long. Story Times in the Park schedule is subject to change and are weather permitting. Masks are strongly encouraged. Families are asked to observe a distance of 6 feet from other families, children must stay with their families. Please visit the CDC's guide for visiting parks and recreational facilities before attending.
Community Acupuncture –31 Baltimore Street, Suite 111, 303-564-5183. Acupuncture is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which thin needles are inserted into targeted areas of the body to restore the body back to homeostasis, or more simply, balance. We offer Acupuncture, Cupping, Tui Na, Nutritional, and Lifestyle Counseling.
Allegany County Tourism invites visitors and community members to celebrate our region’s story during the 2020 Mountain Maryland Photo Contest. Photos will be collected in four categories that fully capture the spirit of Allegany County: Small Towns, Scenic Landscapes, Outdoor Recreation, and Food and Beverage. Qualifying photo submissions will be eligible for $1,700 in cash prizes between the four categories. Submissions will be accepted ongoing from now until the deadline of Thursday, October 31, 2020. For complete details, full contest rules, and to upload photo submissions, please visit For questions regarding the 2020 Mountain Maryland Photo Contest, please email [email protected].
Come back to the past! The Gordon-Roberts House is open for private tours. The Allegany County Historical Society is making their 3 sites available for private event bookings. The Gordon-Roberts House, Union Grove Schoolhouse and The Brooke-Whiting House can be rented for your small group gathering. Call or message for details - 301-777-8678, [email protected].
1812 Brewery - 13006 Mason Road NE · Thursday, July 30 Ken Nolan and Mike Harpold, Mise en Place · Friday, July 31 Playing for Pennies, Klavuhn’s Family Concessions · Saturday, August 1 Night Traveler, Klavuhn’s Family Concessions · Sunday, August 2 1812 Flea/Craft Market
Charis Winery – Come out and listen to music on the patio with Ella and Rick. Enjoy your favorite Charis wines! Friday, July 31, 6-8 pm.
Mezzos - Savage Mountain Punk Fest 2021 – August 12 – 15. Join us for three days of punk rock in Western Maryland! Bands to be announced.
Saturday, August 8, 5–7 pm, Allegany Arts Council, 9 N. Centre Street. The Allegany Arts Council, Allegany County Public Library System, Frostburg State University Center for Literary Arts and the Community Trust Foundation are proud to present the 15th Annual Backbone Mountain Review! Join us for a launch party to celebrate the artists represented in the 2020 issue, and listen firsthand as they share powerful stories, poetry, and imagery. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.
The Allegany Arts Council is pleased to announce Emergence: The Artistry of the Appalachian Pastel League, a group exhibition to take place July 25-August 22, 2020 in the Saville Gallery. The Appalachian Pastel League is a group of artists and pastel enthusiasts who meet quarterly for workshops and opportunities to explore the medium. Workshops typically occur at the Allegany Arts Council and both members and non-members are welcome. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Appalachian Pastel League, please contact the group at [email protected]. In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and statewide restrictions, no public opening of this exhibition will take place.
Love dogs and cats? The Allegany County Animal Shelter is looking for volunteers to help at the shelter. Applications and information are available at ACAS is the only municipal no-kill shelter in the state of Maryland.
Not a member of the Downtown Cumberland Business Association (DCBA)? Even if you don’t have a business in Downtown Cumberland, you can join as a Friend of DCBA. Membership forms are available at Join in and support the efforts of Downtown Cumberland businesses in keeping our Downtown alive and vibrant. For a complete schedule of events, visit If you and/or your business have any Downtown Cumberland special events, sales, etc. you would like to include in this weekly email, please send the information to [email protected]
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2020.07.23 19:19 schaeldieavocado Who are the Andersons? or: Faithful World Baptist Church - an organised hate group (TW: Upsetting content)

I originally had about 10 pages in word for this so AMA if you wann know more. I hope all the links lead to the correct source, because my collection of data was a hot mess and sometimes I forgot to put the link down.
I know it's a sub rule, so it shouldn't need to be stated again, but absolutely do not contact them on social media. For them being hated is a sign of godliness and even if you managed to show them proof that they're wrong, they'd probably believe you're just part of the worldwide shadow government that made that statistic up. Seriously, they are really into conspiracy theories.
I sectioned this post into the following topics: The family - What they are known for - Their religion - Their homo- and transphobia - Their anti-Semitism and Holocaust denying - Raising the children - Gender roles - Home-schooling - Modesty/Dating/Marriage - Reproductive rights - Racism and Slavery
The family
Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson have 11 Kids: Solomon (18), Isaac (17), John (15), Miriam (13), Rebecca (11), Anna (9), Stephen (7), Boaz (6), Chloe (4), Peter (2) and Eva (born September 2019)[1].
Steven and Zsu met in 1999 when Steven (then 18) was trying to convert heathens in Germany. Zsu (then 20) was not a believer, but since Steven was handsome they wrote each other for months. On July 28th in 2000 she visited Steven and was promptly converted. They married on August 13th that same year and instead of finishing her college degree (cultural anthropology/journalism/political science)[2] she moved to the US in September.[3]
Steven is the pastor of Faithful World Baptist Church, a new independent fundamentalist Baptists (NFIB)[4], KJV only church[5] that is listed as an organised hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center[6].
What they are known for
Steven Anderson is banned from South Africa, the UK, Botswana, Malawi, Jamaica, The Netherlands (and thus the entire Schengen Area), Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because of his homophobic and anti-Semitic hate speech. The bush fires in Australia were God’s revenge for him being banned from Australia[7].
In one of his sermons, Anderson publicly stated that he’s praying for Obama to die. This was supposed to happen due to brain cancer, so he wouldn’t turn into a martyr. Secret Service was worried enough to contact him.[8]
The three eldest Anderson boys (Solomon, John and Isaac) were part of a group chat that included girls as young as 13. There they shared their fantasies of choking, raping, beating and sodomizing these girls during sex. Solomon shared pictures of himself. There was talk of grooming the girls and they wanted to pay hookers with church funds to have sex with after praying for them. Anderson claims to have handled the punishment at home and banned both the families of the affected girls and church members who brought the topic up. He says it’s a private matter and the boys should be forgiven.[9][10][11] When the Josh Duggar scandal broke, Zsu had different reactions: Paedophiles deserve the death penalty, there was no forgiveness for Josh and it should not have been kept private in order to protect other potential victims.[12] A family that raised Josh is not allowed to pretend to be a moral upstanding Christian family, and bad parenting is the reason he turned out that way.[13] Zsu once stated that she’d stop socialising with her children if they were gay or child molesters or mass murderers.[14]
Solomon had a courtship with a girl called Saer but I don't have a source By 17 Solomon was engaged to a girl named Saer, thanks u/maggiemazz29. From what I have gathered, her parents used to be involved with the porn industry before getting saved, which was apparently the reason the relationship was broken off. However, on their blog there are still many pictures of the two of them together. Solomon seems to have been interested in Saer from when he was 14.[15] There’s a blogpost about him liking a girl and wanting to marry her and she’s described as a good friend. Saer is called his BFF around that time.
Their religion
Despite the fact that they are fundies, they do divide the bible into biblical teachings and stories, the latter only record people doing things without saying they are right, so you don’t have to follow them.[16][17] Earth is 6254 years old, give or take 25 years.[18] Salvation happens through faith alone, no need to repent for sins, though it's nice if you do.[19][20][21] They don’t believe in the prosperity gospel[22], but they don’t have a rainy day fund as God has them covered[23]. The chain of command goes God -> husband -> Wife -> children.[24] Created to be his Help Meet is a good book.[25] They are part of the quiverful movement and believe God should decide how many children you have, even if having more kids might kill you. Evolution and the big bang theory are the same thing and are wrong, and dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.
Their homo- and transphobia
Steven Anderson celebrated the Orlando nightclub shooting and expressed sadness over the fact that unlike in the past the victim’s families were not ashamed to claim their dead family members.[26][27] He wants the death penalty for LGBTQAI+ and ministers that perform same-sex marriages should be stoned to death.[28][29] AIDS is God’s revenge and will be cured by killing every single homosexual person.[30][31] Gay people are paedophiles.[32] IVF is used by the LGBTQAI+ community to have children to prey on.[32] Homosexuality is Zsuientifically proven to be a choice and those “sodomites” recruit through rape and molestations in schools and day cares.[33][34][35][36] Once you turned into an animal by choosing to be gay you can never be saved. Steven Anderson once held a Make America Straight Again conference and another time he told a gay reporter he hoped he’d die of brain cancer.[37][38] Gay people run the US (but depending on who they hate more any given day, sometimes it’s the Jews/shadow government).[39] Transgender people are an abomination.[40]
Their anti-Semitism and Holocaust denying
Once, Steven Anderson tricked Holocaust survivors into appearing in an anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying Film.[41] Jews are not God’s chosen people, they are some of the most immoral people in the world.[42][43] Dark forces were responsible for the founding of Israel
While at one point Zsucifer acknowledged that the Nazi regime had murdered 6 million Jews[44], she later stated that there were no trains full of Jews brought to extermination camps and that there were no gas chambers. According to that statement, only a fraction of 6 million people died indirectly due to being mistreated during WW2, a mistreatment that was necessary and normal for war.[45]
Raising the children
To Train Up A Child is unnecessarily tough is it breaks a child’s will.[46] You are supposed to spank your child from at around age one (a guesstimate by me based on different posts).[47] Zsu claims she dislikes spanking but is really blasé about it, casually mentioning that Isaac had a sore bum after trying to strangle John as a child.[48][49] If they are out and the kids misbehave they get tallies put on their hands and spanked according to those at home.[50]
Zsu seems to feed her children a healthy amount of organic food, but the diet is quite carb heavy and their fridges and freezers are locked between meals.[51][52] Sister mumming is done by both girls and boys and Solomon is Anna’s favourite parent.[53] You should not teach your kids to share, because that teaches them to be communist. The child that has to share gets taught that stealing in form of taxes is okay, the one that gets to share will turn into a welfare recipient.[54][55]
Gender roles
Women should not have the right to vote, to seek divorce or to work outside the home.[56] It’s okay though for Zsu to work multiple jobs from home.[57][58][59][60][61] In order to write a cook book, Zsu actually got a woman to move in with her and take care of the kids, but they are totally not affected by her working.[62] A man’s work is much more important than a women’s.[63]
If your husband is abusive or threatening to kill you, you have to stay with him. It’ll teach your kids to make a better choice
If the chores get too much, just have your kids do them. Once Miriam was brought on vacation with Zsu and Steven just so that she could mind the baby.[65] In the words of Steven:
„If my wife asks me to do something like take out the trash, I tell her to have one of the kids do it. I didn’t sire nine children, so I could take out the trash or pick up after the family dog."
If your husband does something that falls into your jurisdiction you better make damn sure to thank him and don’t you dare criticise him for doing it wrong[66]
Girls should never become preachers, judges, police officers or military personnel, they should get married, have kids and be a stay at home mum.[67] Dads and big brothers are there to protect a girls virginity, and Steven goes out on one on one dates with his daughters.[68][69]
Steven thinks women shouldn’t view it as their duty to have sex with their husbands but they need to help him avoid temptation by „being available to meet [their husband’s] needs“.[70] Steven compares the relationship between husband and wife to that of employer and employee
Day care/schools/counselling/Sunday schools are all run by paedophiles and child abusers; they are also full of drugs, alcohol and bad peers.[71][72] Day care causes SIDS.[73] You should not leave your children out of sight, but it’s okay to use church goers to look after your children and clean your house for free.[74] For Steven, the avoidance of those institutions seems to be about control, as he can’t control what’s being said there.
The bible commands you to home-school your kids. Traditional school work should be limited to 40 minutes a day and subjects the kids don’t like don’t have to be covered.[75] There’s a three month break whenever a new baby comes along.[77] Once your children are able to read you don’t have to actively teach them anymore[78]
College is overrated and worthless. Anything taught at college can be learned through apprenticeships and reading. If you do want to have a job that requires a degree, you should go to a private college without “diversity training”[79]
Skirts only (PJ pants seem to be okay), shoulders may be shown.[80][81][82] Modesty means you should blend into society.[83] Girls have to have long hair and boys have to have short hair.[84]
Kids get to choose their own partners from a pre-approved pool. Zsu once mentioned she thinks it’s nice for girls to wear purity ring. Courting and dating are the same thing and unmarried couples should either be supervised or dating in public spaces. Their rule of thumb for what is okay before marriage is if you wouldn’t do it with someone of the own gender, don’t do it with the opposite gender. There should be no physical contact except for normal, everyday gestures. You should be in love with your partner prior to marriage.[85][86]
There are diseases that are not STDs, but are unheard of in virgins getting married - unfortunately Steven Anderson doesn’t name those. It’s okay to sleep with a few people if your spouse dies and you get remarried. However, sleeping with hundreds of people is wrong, because our bodies were not created to exchange bacteria with that many people.[87]
Reproductive rights
A Zsucientifial Study proves that 90 % of OB/GYNs are male, 100 % of those are perverts, so 90 % of OB/GYNs are perverts.[88] OB/GYNs only choose that career in order to prey on victims.[89] But essential oils are the amazing.[90][91]
Abortion is the American Holocaust[92] (though since the Holocaust didn’t happen according to them that leaves me a bit confused). Abortion includes IVF and birth control. IVF is perverse because you are getting impregnated by another man (a doctor).[93] NFP is wrong because it defrauds your husband and he would have to abstain for longer than the bible allows.[94] Condoms are unbiblical because they prevent husband and wife from becoming one flesh.[95] Birth control is the reason for high divorce rates and leads to you choosing the wrong partner.[96][97]
Zsu doesn’t seem to believe in infertility, as in the bible every single woman that prayed for a child had one in the end.[98]
They openly admit to only care about unborn lives as Steven is in favour of cutting financial support for drug addicts and “whores”.[99] He has to work for endless hours to pay “every lazy whore who lives on welfare” and “her bastard children” that obviously all have different fathers[100]
Racism and Slavery
In the words of Zsucifer:
“People in Africa live like animals and sleep with everyone and everything that moves.“.
White people are not the dominant society in the US. POC are the racists. Black activists teach black people to be dependent on the government, they should just tell them that everyone has to work hard to make a living.[101] POC should not hide behind being less privileged, believing in God would give them all the privilege they need. POC should accept that we can’t all look like God
When one of Zsu’s readers told her it’s offensive to call Native Americans Indians and she should refer to them as „First People“ or „Native Americans“ she played stupid and said she didn’t recall Adam and Eve being Cherokee.
Slavery is good, because the bible says so. If you have a slave, you should beat your slave. Slavery is better than sending debtors to prison.[102] Their love for slavery might be the reason they hate Abraham Lincoln.[103]
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2020.07.22 14:35 efa___ I Read It So You Don't Have To: Growing Up Duggar (by Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar)

Hi all -- for the past few weeks, I've been occupying my hours of quarantine boredom by reading several of the literary masterpieces written by Real Housewives cast members and sharing write-ups of my perilous adventures with the BravoRealHousewives subreddit. But -- at my core -- I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. So when u/acoffeycup suggested that I crack open my copy of Growing Up Duggar and do my best to decipher the wisdom within, I couldn't turn down the challenge. And in this newfound spirit of evangelism, it seems only proper for me to share the fruits of my journey with your pliant and receptive ears. So pull up a chair, scoop yourself a big ol' slice of tater tot casserole, and listen in respectful reverence to my personal testimony of Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar's 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships.
On the book's cover, the four eldest Duggar daughters smile placidly at the reader, bedecked in a dignified assortment of denim and denim-adjacent garments. Yet even within these constraints, our feisty fashionistas still find ways to express their own unique aesthetic sensibilities. Jinger, for example, sports an early iteration of her now-iconic blazer, opting to emphasize her youthful spirit through whimsical cap sleeves and a precious baby-doll waistline. Next to her, Jessa stares soullessly into the camera, and -- almost against my will -- I find my eyes drawn to her hypnotic gaze. But thankfully, before I am sucked too deeply into that most barren abyss, I am distracted by the smattering of small pearlescent buttons adorning what might otherwise be mistaken for a extra-small mechanic's shirt, and I seize the chance to move along to the next Duggar offspring at hand.
Jill's silhouette is by far the most avant-garde of the foursome, perhaps foreshadowing her oft-hypothesized rebellious inclinations. A tunic-length dress is cinched cheekily above her waist with a thick, woven belt, while a long denim underskirt fully obscures her sheepish shins. In the back right corner, Jana jazzes up a simple tee with a bold statement necklace ostensibly purchased from the clearance section of Earthbound Trading Co., the perfect compliment to an exotically hemmed skirt that I can only assume has been sewn together from the tatters of Duggar rags past.
Eager to learn what invaluable wisdom these pages hold, I impatiently open to the book's introduction -- welcomingly titled, "Greetings: From Our Hearts to Yours." As I begin to read, I am heartened to learn that there is hope for each and every one of us, "whoever you are -- whether you're the girl we met who goes to a Christian school and attends church three times a week but is still struggling inside, or the girl with five tattoos and multiple piercings." Yes, whatever sins you may have committed in your ungodly ignorance -- provided, of course, that you have not yet blighted your body with that accursed sixth tattoo -- the Duggar girls hold a special place for you in their hearts:
Even though we have never met most of you reading this book, we want you to know we love you and care about your future. We want to share our stories with you, knowing you have a story, too, and hoping something we say here might empower you to use your story, your life, to help others.
The Introduction continues with a brief summary of the Duggar Family timeline, in which we are informed that "Mom and Dad look at life as a race against time." This seems to me a bit incongruous with the whole 'eternal life' thing, but perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle were affected by the hit 2002 film Clockstoppers just as strongly as I was. I am also excited to learn that I will soon get the chance to hear more about the authors' "passion for being involved in the political realm," as well as their "commitment and desire to reach out to people in faraway countries." With a few concluding remarks emphasizing the importance of relationships, the introduction comes to an end, and we begin the book proper with Chapter One: "Your Relationship with Yourself: Getting to know and love the girl in the mirror."
We are informed that "Jana and I (Jill) sleep in double beds with our youngest sisters, Jordyn and Josie, and the other girls sleep in twin- or youth-sized beds," which seems as good a time as any to clarify that our authors ranged in age from twenty to twenty-four years old at the time of this book's publication. But if you find yourself pitying the cramped conditions of the Duggar daughters, think again! Not only is it a delight to spend so much time surrounded by siblings, but the elder girls are often led towards profound truths by the innocent remarks of babes. To illustrate this point, Jill recounts a scene in which a young Johannah asked to wear her sister's retainer. Wise beyond her years, Jill gently denied the request, explaining that the retainer had been made to fit her mouth and couldn't be worn by the small girl (a small blessing, as I can absolutely imagine the Duggar family passing down a single retainer from child to child for a decade or more). But what sagacious insights should we glean from this touching tale?
Thinking about that conversation later reminded me that we can't conform ourselves to other people's molds. But we try sometimes, don't we?
It's so comforting to remind myself that I was molded for Jesus's mouth only -- why would I try to adapt to the crooked canines of this fallen world? We are next provided with a list of "ten aspects of life" that God wants us to accept. These range from the blatantly problematic -- "whether we're a girl or boy" -- to the bafflingly sinister -- "the date we will die." When it comes to the more physical aspects of your aesthetic presentation, however, a lack of effort is unbecoming. Or, as the Duggar Girls reminisce:
We heard a pastor say one time, "Any ol' barn looks better with some paint on it!"
The girls also explain their convictions regarding modest attire -- "we want to be respectful of those around us." Personally, I've always attempted to show respect to others by presuming that they have the emotional and cognitive wherewithal to avoid turning into some kind of raving hormonal beast at a bit of tasteful sideboob. But that's why I'm not the one writing an advice book!! Thankfully, in this day and age, a number of options exist for those who want to be both chic and chaste. For example:
Several of our friends have purchased stunning dresses from designers such as or
I'm rather partial to myself, although the sales at just can't be beat! But our gracious authors bring us back down to earth, reminding us that there are far more important things in life than the frivolous fads of fashion -- namely (as we begin Chapter 2), "Your Relationship with Your Parents: Love, respect, and communication."
In order to facilitate these crucial lines of open and honest communication across such an innumerable brood, we learn that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have made the radical decision to carve out dedicated time for one-on-one conversations with each child -- "usually on one Saturday a month." These precious monthly check-ins with one (or, on a particularly special occasion, both!) parents provide an opportunity for otherwise scant face-to-face contact, and also allow the Duggar parents to exercise some of their more cutting-edge parenting techniques. For example, our authors let us in on one particularly hard-earned pearl of wisdom practiced by their beloved parents -- "often to help get the conversation going, they'll ask us questions."
With such a lofty standard being proffered, I understand how intimidating it may be to even attempt to incorporate such advanced strategies into your own parenting repertoire. But rest assured -- in case you have yet to acquire the child-reading confidence necessary to formulate such thoughtful queries on your own, I've taken the liberty of transcribing a few of the book's most incisive inquiries to help you parent like a pro.
How's your thought life going?

What things about your past would you like to change?

What things in our family discourage you?
"Discouraging" is exactly the word I would use to describe Michelle Duggar's bedragged coiffure, although something tells me that's not exactly the kind of confession that line of questioning is designed to draw out. A subsequent passage emphasizes the importance of obedience, which we learn should be "instant," "cheerful," "thorough," and "unconditional." Such instruction is necessary, as the Duggar Girls explain, because "we are all born with a sin nature." Similar to the appendix, the "sin nature" is a vestigial organ that humans retain as a remnant of our distant evolutionary past -- at least, according to the heathens who indulge in that sort of paleobiological storytelling. And if such instructions still seem overly domineering to your unenlightened mind, this adage from George Orwell's 1984 the Institute in Basic Life Principles may help reframe your mindset:
Obedience is the freedom to be creative under God-given authority.
We transition from this doubleplusgood quote into the next chapter: "Your Relationship with Your Siblings: Becoming best friends," in which the authors waste no time in assuring us that the Duggar siblings "range from outdoorsy types to computer geeks, animal lovers to bookworms." Plus, I can only assume, a brain, an athlete, a basket-case, a princess, and a criminal. We go on to learn that the clan represents "a diverse assortment of personalities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses." Which sounds suspiciously like the noncommittal vagueness of someone who has never before possessed a character trait more forceful than, perhaps, a vague appreciation for wainscoting. Inevitably, however, these differences in temperament lead to vicious conflict. For example, as Jessa tremulously recounts:
An incident many years ago served as a lesson to us all. A younger sibling asked, "What kind of ice cream are you getting?" and the frustrated older sibling replied, "You don't have to always copy everything I do! Why don't you just pick out your own flavor?"
Mom immediately took that older sibling aside and shared how much hurt and devastation a remark like that causes. […] Apologies were made, and the younger sibling readily forgave. The older sibling resolved to never speak demeaning words like that again but rather to embrace and uplift this sibling, and today, these two continue to be the best of friends.
I find it truly inspirational to know that even this -- the most unimaginably devastating of sibling brawls -- could be delivered from the brink of schism and restored to genuine affection. Yet it is not just sibling relationships that must be navigated with this sort of grace and levelheadedness. No, as we learn in the next chapter -- "Your Relationship with Friends: 'Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future'" -- it is important to shrewdly evaluate our friendships to assess their effects in our lives. To illustrate this point, the Duggar Girls encourage us to be mindful of the influence we exert over our loved ones.
Think about your last conversation with your friend. Did it lovingly challenge him or her spiritually?
I think back to a time when a dear friend lovingly challenged me to take edibles and re-watch the first season of Double Divas -- surely this is the kind of spiritual development that a true confidante should inspire! The authors also relay a parable that their parents shared with them as children to demonstrate the importance of standing up for your convictions. In the apocryphal tale, a young girl begs her father to allow her to attend a friend's slumber party. He agrees -- provided she promises to uphold her Christian morals -- and sends her off after a parting moment of prayer. But what began as a carefree romp soon turns sinister, as the chilling saga continues:
The party was lots of fun, and the girl had a great time playing with her friends. And of course, what is a birthday party without a big piece of cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream? But late that night, before bed, the mom suggested they have a "pretend séance" using a Ouija board.
When the girl heard what this involved, she said respectfully and quietly to the group, "I'm not going to be able to do this."
When the mom asked why not, the girl replied, "I've given my life to Jesus, and I'm not able to do things like this."
The mother was stunned by the little girl's words -- and by her quiet courage in speaking up for her beliefs. She packed up the Ouija board and suggested the girls play something else before bed.
And that mother's name? Albert Einstein. But truly -- I can only hope to one day have even one fraction of the courage shown by this young girl, in this absolutely true story that definitely without-a-doubt one-hundred-percent happened. A more believable anecdote quickly follows, however, this time starring a young Jim Bob Duggar in the role of "huge nerd".
Dad became a Christian when he was only seven, and one day when he and some other little grade school classmates were out on the playground, one of the boys started using God's name as a curse word. Dad quietly told the boy he wished he wouldn't misuse God's name. "After all," Dad told his little friend, "He's the One who made us and loves us."
Following in her father's smarmy footsteps, Jessa encourages the reader to eschew those friends who are only concerned with "watching all the newest movies, listening to the latest pop music, and judging others whom they deemed 'not cool.'" We are also treated to the compelling account of an accident at one of the family's rental properties, in which several cases of energy drinks exploded within a warehouse. By the time this tragic mishap was discovered weeks later, "the energy drinks had actually eroded away a layer of the concrete -- in some places, a half-inch deep!" The moral of this story, as we are solemnly advised, is that "the same thing happens to us when we spend lots of time with 'friends' who may seem sweet and appealing but who are exerting a harmful influence on our hearts." I would have thought a more telling moral would have been "Probably don't drink energy drinks" (or perhaps, "Check on your rental properties more frequently"), but I digress.
Our rollicking ride continues with another of Jim Bob's classic legends: "the story of a nice, likeable young man who grew up in a Christian home but eventually became a drug addict." Eyes wide with horror at the very thought, I read on. After making the grave error of surrounding himself with people whose "sole purpose in life was to 'have a good time,'" this unnamed man soon finds himself ensnared in a perilous trap. Then, on one fateful night, he attends a party and is handed a beer by a passing stranger.
At first he just stood there holding the beer in his hand, smiling and contemplating what he would do. He had never had a desire to drink, but he did not want to feel like an outsider, so when no one was looking he poured half the beer into a nearby potted plant. A little later his friend came by and said, "You didn’t drink any, did you?" Then, grabbing the bottle out of his hand, he noticed that it was half empty. "Hey, guys, he's one of us!" the friend announced to everyone.
Shorty after that the young man started drinking; later he got introduced to drugs. How sad that one, seemingly small decision started him on a path of self-destruction.
I can only assume the rest of that pivotal party went more or less like this. A bone-chilling illustration of just how slippery a slope can be!
We move along to a more cheerful topic in Chapter Five, which switches gears to focus on "Your Relationship with Guys: Saving yourself for the one God has for you." Here, too, we are greeted by the eternal words of our communal patriarch-in-spirit, JBD:
About the time we entered our teenage years, Dad told us a story about a girl he went to school with in elementary and junior high school who was boy-crazy. […] He said he wondered at that early age if eventually this girl would find Mr. Right or if her habit of throwing herself into relationship after relationship would prove to be preparation for a future unstable marriage.
Sadly enough, when this girl finally got married, it didn't last long, and that same pattern of discontent, insecurity, and self-centeredness that had affected her dating also affected her marriage.
Prior to today, I would have found it hard to believe that anyone else could be quite as smugly infuriating as Jim Bob Duggar. But -- if even half of the stories I've read in this book so far are to be believed -- he's gotten only more mellow with age. It's a level of condescending smarm I wouldn't tolerate from a distant great-aunt desperate for an heir to her vast fortune, let alone from the insufferable schoolboy herein described. Nevertheless, my thoughts and prayers go out to this pitiable Jane Doe -- our nation's epidemic of Boy-Craziness has wreaked havoc on so many communities, no doubt the devastating consequence of 5G, vaccines, and/or the 19th amendment.
In order to avoid such dangerous impulses, a responsible woman should take care to abstain from romance novels -- "they paint a picture of an unrealistic, unobtainable relationship." I'm not exactly sure what part of Her Country Star Billionaire Groom seems so "unrealistic" to these narrow-minded nincompoops, but I'll table that conversation for another time. We have more important things to attend to at the moment. Namely, the continuing explanation that, for women, romance novels do "the same thing pornography does to men." I'm grateful for this analogy -- as the most delicate of damsels, I'm not even really sure what pornography is, let alone what about it those mysterious menfolk could possibly find so stimulating! But I do know that warm tingly feeling I get when I cuddle up late at night with a thick, beefy Harlequin Romance!
Alas, it is this very indulgence may prove to be my undoing! As we soon learn:
When a girl reads romance novels, she's doing something very similar [to watching pornography], drawing perfectionistic, romantic pictures into her mind of what she thinks marriage is.
This is a sentiment that, prior to the publication of the book I hold before me, had been most recently proffered by the famed Scottish wordsmith Charlotte Lennox in her 1752 novel, The Female Quixote, and I appreciate our authors for bringing light to such an underrecognized talent. The Duggar Girls continue our intellectual escapades with a reminder that "God put that deep need to be loved and accepted in our hearts so that He could be the one to fulfill it." As an astute pupil of the cultural arts, I immediately recognize this approach as step three of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System (Nurture Dependence).
For this vast array of reasons -- as eager as we may be to go to pound-town tie the knot -- we are cautioned to remain patient until our fated suitor arrives, engaging ourselves in trivial, non-threatening pursuits like "teaching younger girls" or "seeking out ways to bless others through ministry." We should also make it a priority to hone our skills of resistance when it comes to those worrisome "intrusions of lust" that Satan embeds within even the most innocent of minds.
We like to think of [these thoughts] as a live hand grenade coming our direction, and before it explodes we quickly pick it up and throw it right back at the devil.
I can only assume that this what Bruno Mars was trying to convey with his hit song, "Grenade" -- the intertextuality never ceases to amaze me! The Duggar Girls go on to demonstrate their dexterous command of the metaphor -- "We give God the position as 'boss' and 'ruler' of our lives, and we release the 'steering wheel' to His control." -- before highlighting ways to serve God regardless of your marital status. For example, "visiting places like Honduras and sharing the gospel with villagers is a ministry opportunity our family greatly treasures." And by "places like Honduras," I'm sure they mean, "places with countless centuries of rich cultural heritage ravaged by colonial conquest and its lingering effects," and not "places where brown people live." Pretty sure, at least.
But even once you've managed to attract the attentions of your future beloved, you must take care to guard yourself from falling too quickly. To ensure that you don't award your affections to an unworthy suitor (thus irrevocably tainting your eternal purity), the Duggars suggest asking the following questions:
Is his passion in life for earthy money or for eternal riches and rewards?

Does he have a vision for his life of doing great things for God?

Is he a man of character, showing initiative, creativity, diligence, enthusiasm, and wisdom?
I'm 99% sure that "initiative, creativity, diligence, enthusiasm, and wisdom" are the primary attributes from a knockoff version of Dungeons & Dragons -- who knew the Duggar girls were so into RPGs? (I guess they did warn us earlier that some of the family members are "computer geeks").
In the next several passages, the authors explain the "very real and very purposeful differences" between dating (bad!) and courtship (good!). First, they highlight a number of treacherous threats that pervade modern romantic culture.
A danger of modern dating is that it is typically two young people, alone, enjoying an activity. Usually a guy invites a girl out to a nice restaurant or some fun place or event. They enjoy a carefree time without the responsibility of the normal tasks and pressures of life.
I'm almost too overcome with terror at the thought of such a wretched situation! But somehow, (mostly by channeling the immeasurable determination of someone only allowed to show affection through three-second side hugs) I find the strength to read on. But to my despair, even more tragedies await me! As we are instructed to imagine:
What could be worse than having to tell your potential future husband that not only did you not wait but that you also have a severely painful STD that he will likely get if he marries you?
Not a SEVERELY painful STD?! But idk, lots of things could be worse than that, probably? Maybe it's just my overactive imagination, but it seems like you could knock out that whole conversation in one night over a bottle of wine, particularly given ongoing advances in modern medicine. But it seems I still have more to learn -- as I soon read:
Physical intimacy in marriage is pure, wholesome, and beautiful. Outside of marriage, it spreads disease, death, and destruction.
I've never really thought of myself as a "sower of destruction" before, but…I don't hate it. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what kind of casualties ensue the next time I have sex with my live-in boyfriend. As they say, nothing spices up the sex life like ascending to your thrones as eternal agents of pestilence and devastation!
Our next tip for identifying an ideal mate encourages "meaningful conversations about history, politics, theology, and such" -- I can only assume that the extensive footage of this intellectual discourse is edited out from the family's show at the demands of tyrannical production companies. But while those easily titillated minds might prefer to focus on worldly concerns, our authors are courteous enough to remind us of what truly matters. While he doesn't have to be "the best-looking hunk of human flesh ever created," it is vital that any potential partner practice "the fine old art of gentlemanly chivalry." As the Duggar Girls explain,
A gentleman's courtesy is not about women being weak or strong: it's about men needing to be men.
Jim Bob, as one would expect, exemplifies these virtues. We are regaled with recollections of his many demonstrations of decorum throughout his storied marriage:
Years ago, he was working on honoring Mom in several specific ways, including remembering to open the car door for her.
As soon as I finish reading this book, I'm going to get right to work on a list of specific ways that my boyfriend can work on honoring me -- I'm sure he'll be very appreciative for the guidance!
However, before I can get to that, I must tackle my next lesson: "Understanding What Christian Guys Look For in a Future Wife." Based on an admittedly "small and totally unscientific survey" of their male acquaintances, the Duggar Girls are able to share with us a few explosive secrets. For example, the ideal wife "has a hunger and thirst after righteousness" and promises to "faithfully help [her husband] grow deeper spiritually." What's more, she should also be "involved in some sort of ministry -- preferably music ministry." The chapter concludes with a convenient list of commitments for the reader, including pledges to "choose wholesome activities" and avoid "bad Internet sites."
In Chapter Six, the Duggar Girls lead the reader to examine "Your Relationship with Culture: Making choices that will keep you pure." Almost immediately, we are cautioned that
With just a few clicks of a keyboard, the Internet gives us the ability to research any subject. But it also has the potential to destroy the souls of those who get entangled in its dark side.
And lest you think this is hyperbole, our authors reiterate that "it is not a matter of if but when Satan will try to tempt us." As a thought exercise, the reader is encouraged to reflect: "would your Internet choices be the same when you were all alone as they would be when someone were sitting beside you?" In particular, the girls draw attention to the seedy underbelly of harmful gossip sites, breezily brushing off these piteous busybodies with the following bit of clever wordplay:
We've heard that some discussion boards or chat rooms might be better named bitter rooms because those drawn to them often seem rather bitter.
As our quipsters continue, "unfortunately, some people seem to derive much pleasure from nit-picking other people's lives." Thankfully, I derive my pleasure from nitpicking other people's books, so I'm totally in the clear on this one! Our authors encourage us to reform these renegade impulses by explaining that when we stop wasting time on mindless pursuits, we'll find ourselves becoming more productive, enterprising individuals. As a result of this ideology, we learn that "by age ten, John was working on and operating heavy equipment." I'm unimpressed -- call me when you've got a three-year-old on woodchipper duty. Regardless, it is clearly far safer than its petrifying alternative -- exposure to the horrors of television.
And what, pray tell, might these horrors be? Magic -- "which often shows up in children's movies" -- is revealed to be "part of a demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from." As the authors solemnly intone, "as harmless as it may seem, it's not a joke in God's eyes." Graciously, the Duggars have deigned to provide several reliably pure entertainment options:
many of the old classics that promote honesty, respect of parents, and reverence for God

educational documentaries that teach about science and history from a biblical perspective

many carefully selected episodes of The Andy Griffith Show as long as they are not centered around a lot of romance or deceptiveness, as some of them are
With regard to making appropriate music choices, "much prayerful consideration" is required, lest we "bring a blot to the name and character of the God we represent." However, in order to guide our future reflections, the Duggar Girls go on to provide a helpful technique for assessing acoustic chastity.
Soon after Mom became a Christian at the age of fifteen, a friend encouraged her to write out the lyrics of questionable songs and then compare them to the truths found in the Bible. For instance, if a song's lyrics are saying, "Follow your heart. Do what feels good," we compare it to the Bible and find that […] we're not supposed to follow our hearts, as that will only get us in trouble.
I suppose that means I'll have to rethink my upcoming single, "Follow Your Heart (Do What Feels Good)," but that will have to wait until I've fully absorbed all the insights this book has to offer. For example, as I read on, I learn that I should be particularly suspicious of "rock 'n' roll and its variations such as hard rock and heavy metal." As the authors expound:
Since its beginnings in the 1950s, this music's main goal and purpose have been to promote every one of the issues we want to avoid. A heavy backbeat and words being sung in a breathy and sensual voice -- and even the style of rock 'n' roll music itself -- give off an attitude of rebellion, resistance toward authority, and a rejection of morality. None of these things come without consequences.
Lest you think that our authors are merely being alarmist, they go on to explain that when they "examined the lives of many of these artists," they were dismayed to conclude that "the life expectancy for rock artists and musicians is around forty; many of them die at a young age for reasons related to AIDS, drug or alcohol abuse, or suicides. It's a tragic reality." Far less perilous to enjoy "classical music and traditional hymns," as they are known to "follow a pattern and maintain a very distinct and definite order."
With this final injunction, we move on to the volume's penultimate chapter, "Your Relationship with Your Country: Making a difference in the political arena." My attention is instantly captured by the opening sentence, which informs the reader that "God used a series of supernatural events to clearly lead our family into making a difference in the world of politics." The "supernatural event" in question turns out to be the undeniably divine miracle of Jim Bob Duggar…finding out about a rally against "partial-birth abortion" and then…attending it. I can only imagine how much more wondrous the world must seem if such a banal and explainable episode is sufficient to incite veritable fits of exaltation.
But this portent is just the beginning of Papa Duggar's political career, and I read on to learn even more about "the values Dad stood for." Although this lineup presumably does not include any sort of commitment to avoiding sentence-ending prepositions, it does include a promise to vote "the right way on life-and-death issues."
Before long, Jim Bob "felt God urging him to run for the US Senate," and although he loses the election, publicity from the campaign eventually brings about the family's first taste of national media attention. After much prayer and "wise, godly counsel," the family agrees to be filmed for a reality show -- "we agreed to do it based upon our hope that it would enable our family to share encouraging Bible principles with many other people." And indeed, the family now receives "hundred of letters and e-mails" per week from viewers who have been "spiritually challenged" by watching the series.
But rest assured -- "Dad's loss in that Senate campaign did not end our involvement in politics." If you, too, would like to follow our authors' example and become more civically engaged, you could "find a conservative Christian who is running for office and then call and ask them where he or she stands on the issues." I suppose I should give them a modicum of credit for the inclusive phrasing, "he or she," but the fact that I don't have the slightest doubt as to the intended meaning of "the issues," prevents me from even a half-hearted endorsement of this sentiment.
Blessedly, however, we've reached our story's denouement -- a final chapter entitled, "Your Relationship with the World: Developing a servant's heart." Jill tearfully recounts a ministry trip to El Salvador, taking care to highlight the contrast between the "iron-barred windows" of government orphanages and the "love-filled" Christian facility the group goes on to visit. What accounts for this stark discrepancy? "They've fed these children not only with food for their tummies but also food for their spiritual lives." As Jessa quips, "It is so neat to see how God works." Of course, as you might have suspected, the Duggar Girls quickly realized that, "as with every trip, it was clear that we were the ones who'd gotten the biggest blessings." Truly -- the engagement you get from an Instagram post featuring a bona fide orphan is worth more than any financial reward one could ever hope to gain on this mortal plane!
We next learn about Jill and Jana's experiences with the local volunteer fire department. Mercifully, this endeavor doesn’t necessitate as many Rugged Man Skills as you might assume, and the two are able to respond to such dainty predicaments as "a little old lady's cat stuck in a tree" and "a kid with his lip stuck in a sippie cup" without jeopardizing their feminine delicacy. Jill next shares more about her journey with midwifery. As she reassures us, it's not just "Christian, homeschooling moms" who opt for home deliveries, but "single moms" as well!
Jana, in contrast, tells us that she "[feels] called to focus on childbirth coaching and prenatal preparation instead of 'running the show,' as Jill does so competently when she serves as midwife." And Jinger has been called to minister at "the juvenile detention center in our area," which she fashionably abbreviates as "juvy" to highlight her comfort with urban vernacular.
As I read on, I learn more about the Duggar family's love of music, which is far more diverse and expansive than one might initially assume. For example, did you know that the Duggars "enjoy traditional music as well as classical," or that a young Joy-Anna was encouraged to undertake the daring pursuit of "[learning] to play the violin 'fiddle-style'"?
As these examples illustrate, God's gifts can take a myriad of forms! For this reason, we go on to learn about the importance of "learning how to give an enthusiastic, friendly greeting to others." This technique is a surefire way to spark a deep and meaningful conversation with anyone you may encounter. And, in the most dire of emergencies, "we know we can shoot up a little flare-prayer and God is always able to give us the words to say." However, one should always take appropriate caution "not to be too overly friendly with people of the opposite gender, as that can send the wrong kind of message!"
As luck would have it, we have only to look to the Duggar parents to find examples of more decorous ways to approach intimate dialogues. As we learn:
Many times our parents have guests over and then ask if it would be okay if we watch one of Jim Sammons's Financial Freedom Seminar messages together from and then discuss it afterward. Once they watch one message, most people want to go through the whole series.
With a few final nuggets of wisdom, the volume comes to a close. The authors graciously offer an obligatory apology for daring to burden the reader with their inane female ramblings -- "Thank you for sticking with us through this super-long chapter!" As they continue:
We know we've shared a lot of concepts about relationships, but it is our prayer that God will direct and encourage you as you begin to make them part of your own lives.
As you go off and begin your own personal journey towards relationship rapture, you may find encouragement in the idea that -- despite their celebrated name -- the Duggar Girls are not just some faceless paragons of virtue. As the author biographies on the back inside cover remind us, these are regular people, with their own unique interests and capacities. While Jessa might be found "memorizing scripture" or "discipling friends," Jill would rather spend her time "counseling girls via phone, text, in person, or email." Jana "stays busy managing the family mailroom," and Jinger? She's "always full of energy, that is, when she has a cup of coffee in her hand!"
And with that cheeky witticism, I close the book and begin my quest towards docile, denim Duggarhood -- I wish you nothing but blessings as you enter this season of life!
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2020.07.19 23:01 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Sevilla 1-0 Valencia [La Liga, Round 38]

FT: Sevilla 1-0 Valencia

Sevilla Score Valencia
Reguilón 55' [1]-0
Date: 19/07/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: La Liga (Round 38)
Venue: Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán (Sevilla)
Referee: José González


Sevilla Notes Valencia Notes
Manager: Lopetegui Manager: Voro
13 Y. Bounou 1 Jaume Doménech
16 Navas 4 E. Mangala
20 Diego Carlos 5 Gabriel Paulista
23 Reguilón G 55' 25 A. Florenzi
12 J. Koundé 18 D. Wass SUB 82'
17 N. Gudelj 10 Dani Parejo
5 L. Ocampos SUB 85' 17 F. Coquelin SUB 82'
21 Óliver Torres SUB 79' 7 Gonçalo Guedes SUB 22'
24 Joan Jordán 20 Ferran Torres SUB 71'
19 L. de Jong SUB 71' 9 K. Gameiro
11 Munir SUB 71' 22 M. Gómez SUB 71'


Sevilla: Suso (SUB 71'), Y. En-Nesyri (SUB 71'), F. Vázquez (SUB 79'), Sergi Gómez (SUB 85'), Pablo Pérez, Alfonso Pastor, Genaro Rodríguez, José Lara, Javi Díaz, José Mena, Rony Lopes
Valencia: Carlos Soler (SUB 22'; YC 52'), Lee Kang-In (SUB 71'), Sobrino (SUB 71'), Thierry Correia (SUB 82'), G. Kondogbia (SUB 82'), Javi Jiménez, Vicente Esquerdo, Manu Vallejo, Adrià Guerrero, K. Koindredi, J. Cillessen, Hugo Guillamón


22': Substitution for Valencia: Carlos Soler in, Gonçalo Guedes out.
52': Yellow card shown to Carlos Soler ( Valencia).
55': Goal! Reguilón scores — Sevilla [1]-0 Valencia .
71': Substitution for Sevilla: Suso in, L. de Jong out.
71': Substitution for Sevilla: Y. En-Nesyri in, Munir out.
71': Substitution for Valencia: Lee Kang-In in, Ferran Torres out.
71': Substitution for Valencia: Sobrino in, M. Gómez out.
79': Substitution for Sevilla: F. Vázquez in, Óliver Torres out.
82': Substitution for Valencia: Thierry Correia in, D. Wass out.
82': Substitution for Valencia: G. Kondogbia in, F. Coquelin out.
85': Substitution for Sevilla: Sergi Gómez in, L. Ocampos out.
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2020.07.17 11:23 pog99 Bad African Genetics: "Mota" and African Archaic DNA

Just previously, I went over a video E7 recently did over a study on early Eurasian back migration. It was dedicated to this Youtuber, you did a very sketchy video that is titled "Mota" but actually has very little to do with the specimen itself.
To start off with, it cites a article by an Afrocentric publisher that claims SSA are the only "pure humans", something that couldn't be defended since 2015 roughly speaking. It never stops being a recurring theme that the bad science of these people/ "skeptics" are mainly reactionary responses to other bad ethnocentric science.
It alleges that Jebel Irhoud is a Hybrid of Archaic and modern Humans to represent the "Ghost population". However, this is a really unorthodox use of the specimen. One study did suggest it was a mix between Homo Sapiens and neanderthals, but mainly through exchange with Southern European Neanderthals rather than local African Archaics. A previous study suggested it's affinities to neanderthals is merely unspecialization. Either way, the face of the specimen is divergent from Neanderthals.
He then attempts to demonstrate, using ancestry calculators, how much "Denisovan and Neanderthal" DNA is in Africans. The answer is little, mainly due to back migration when present. That's not what he found, however. This is mainly due to the oversimplistic nature of these calculators that weren't meant for such interpretations of archaic DNA in Africans. This obvious when you see the results of Denisovans, Altai neanderthal, or Taforalt. This simply doesn't suffice for results of actual studies one would use.
A perfect example would be an "African result" of about 1/3 for a Sami individual (not sure how these calculators work) that he proposes is actually "archaic". Now, anyone who knows the Sami would know that they are not 1/3 neanderthal or even archaic. This is more likely the result of the calculator being misused.
For reference, such ideas he proposes are somewhat true. however, the average is found here at 6-7% percent, the interval is 2% to 19% from the sample. While large, it's unlikely to explain such results seen above.
Next he proposes that Near-eastern related people (related to Natufarians that is) mixed with a Neanderthal "cousin" and became West Africans, despite that being over simplified as expressed many times before in understanding Autosomal genetics assuming an Eurasian origin for E. This would explain how such archaic ancestry is highest in HG who generally lack E.
Finally, we actually get to "Mota". He first claims that the retraction of the Eurasian results were do to a need to restrict the "narrative" even though various other studies on pastoral groups, Khoi-san and East Africans show that West Eurasian dna is present in SSA Africans. The retraction was the finding in Yoruba and Mbuti. See here on the specific and how other people prior to the retraction pointed out issues. He falsely claims that it only applied it to North and North East Africans.
Claims that Mota is E-M29, and therefore is unlike the Y-Chromosome of Ari people, despite that specific type being common in modern SW Ethiopia.
Claims later that the major SSA component of E1b is "Archaic" in terms of autosomal profile, even though that is still incorrect. Claims that Hadza were related to Pygmies, when genetically they are not.
The rest are ponderings regarding E in Africa. Couldn't car less though, given how nonsensical it is.
To reinforce my point, see this comment.
Update on E-M2 mutation, another blow to Afrocentrics, M2 mutation with no known downstream mutations has now been found in Arabia and not west Africa nor East Africa nor South Africa, one of the new Arabian samples pushed back the date then previously thought, from TMRCA of 14800 ybp to 16300 ybp! So out of all the Yoruba, all west Africans and Afro Americans that have been tested not one M2\* mutation has been found! What a blow!

E-M2, mind you, is one of the most common variant of E among West Africans. Not to mention he doesn't cite a study, so how specific he's trying to be is lost.
This guy is as dumb as they come.
Bonus: A Shorter video he did explaining how "Human evolution is pseudoscience".
Claims there is no evidence for OOA, and shows a drawing of what is clearly Sapiens and calls it H. Erectus. (which he later uses to claim the "bulb forehead" is an archaic strait, which it is not. Procedes to show vastly different ethnic groups (Nilotes, Khoisan, and Onge HG) suggesting that they are related.
Suggest that they didn't find "One modern skull" to suggest Humanity came from "black Africans" (an obvious strawman). Except for the fact That Homo Sapiens modern Behavior (South Africa), Sapiens teeth (South Africa and Kenya such as Sibudu), Skulls (Jebel Irhoud, Omo Kibish, Herto, Aduma), and Transitional fossils (Laetoli, Florisbad, Eyasi) showing a more consistent and early appearance of Sapiens compared to other regions.
Claims the "negroid Phenotype" originates with Pygmies and Khoi-san mixing with Erectus, despite the fact that such doesn't bear out in neither genetics for HG or African phenotypes of these groups. Due to their gracile nature, HG are even further away to the elongated skulls of archaic hominids of compared to Bantu, who genetically are more derived that Hg populations.
And once again, repeats the idiotic assertion that E-males and Hg females created groups like Niger-Kongo speakers, even though groups genetically closer to Eurasians like Dinka and Annuaks have less E than NK Speakers and more paternal haplogroups under A and B like Hunter-gatherers.
Just in general, Bad science.
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2020.07.16 23:00 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Real Sociedad 0-0 Sevilla [La Liga, Round 37]

FT: Real Sociedad 0-0 Sevilla

Date: 16/07/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: La Liga (Round 37)
Venue: Reale Arena (Donostia-San Sebastián)
Referee: Carlos Del Cerro


Real Sociedad Notes Sevilla Notes
Manager: Imanol Alguacil Manager: Lopetegui
13 Moyà 13 Y. Bounou
2 Zaldúa SUB 83' 16 Navas
3 Llorente 3 Sergi Gómez
24 R. Le Normand 23 Reguilón
12 Aihen Muñoz SUB 46' 12 J. Koundé YC 45'+1'
8 Mikel Merino 22 F. Vázquez SUB 61'
5 Zubeldía 17 N. Gudelj
36 Martín Zubimendi 14 Suso SUB 74'
9 Willian José 21 Óliver Torres SUB 61'
7 Portu SUB 66' 24 Joan Jordán SUB 75'
10 Mikel Oyarzabal SUB 83' 15 Y. En-Nesyri SUB 84'


Real Sociedad: Nacho Monreal (SUB 46'), A. Isak (SUB 66'), Gorosabel (SUB 83'), Barrenetxea (SUB 83'; YC 90'+6'), Zurutuza, Julen Lobete, M. Ødegaard, Álex Remiro, Jon Pacheco, N. Djouahra, Aritz Aranbarri, Roberto López
Sevilla: L. Ocampos (SUB 61'), É. Banega (SUB 61'; YC 90'+1'), Fernando (SUB 74'), Munir (SUB 75'), L. de Jong (SUB 84'), Javi Díaz, Pablo Pérez, Alfonso Pastor, José Lara, Diego Carlos, Genaro Rodríguez, Rony Lopes


45'+1': Yellow card shown to J. Koundé ( Sevilla).
46': Substitution for Real Sociedad: Nacho Monreal in, Aihen Muñoz out.
61': Substitution for Sevilla: L. Ocampos in, Óliver Torres out.
61': Substitution for Sevilla: É. Banega in, F. Vázquez out.
66': Substitution for Real Sociedad: A. Isak in, Portu out.
74': Substitution for Sevilla: Fernando in, Suso out.
75': Substitution for Sevilla: Munir in, Joan Jordán out.
83': Substitution for Real Sociedad: Gorosabel in, Zaldúa out.
83': Substitution for Real Sociedad: Barrenetxea in, Mikel Oyarzabal out.
84': Substitution for Sevilla: L. de Jong in, Y. En-Nesyri out.
90'+1': Yellow card shown to É. Banega ( Sevilla).
90'+6': Yellow card shown to Barrenetxea ( Real Sociedad).
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2020.07.13 00:01 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Sevilla 2-0 Mallorca [La Liga, Round 36]

FT: Sevilla 2-0 Mallorca

Sevilla Score Mallorca
L. Ocampos 41' (pen.) [1]-0
Y. En-Nesyri 84' [2]-0
Date: 12/07/2020 — 22:00 CEST, 16:00 EDT, 21:00 BST, 01:30 IST
Competition: La Liga (Round 36)
Venue: Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán (Sevilla)
Referee: Adrián Cordero


Sevilla Notes Mallorca Notes
Manager: Lopetegui Manager: Vicente Moreno
13 Y. Bounou YC 65'; A 84' 1 Manolo Reina
16 Navas 21 Raillo
20 Diego Carlos 20 A. Sedlar
23 Reguilón 15 Fran Gámez YC 53'; SUB 72'
12 J. Koundé 8 Salva Sevilla SUB 86'
10 É. Banega SUB 82' 14 Dani Rodríguez
25 Fernando 7 Alejandro Pozo
5 L. Ocampos PG 41'; SUB 82' 12 I. Mohammed SUB 65'
21 Óliver Torres SUB 63' 26 T. Kubo SUB 86'
24 Joan Jordán YC 44'; SUB 70' 22 A. Budimir YC 36'
11 Munir SUB 70' 29 J. Hernández SUB 72'


Sevilla: Y. En-Nesyri (SUB 63'; YC 83'; G 84'), N. Gudelj (SUB 70'), Suso (SUB 70'), L. de Jong (SUB 82'), F. Vázquez (SUB 82'), Sergi Gómez, Javi Díaz, José Lara, Rony Lopes, Escudero, Genaro Rodríguez, Alfonso Pastor
Mallorca: J. Lago (SUB 65'), Abdón Prats (SUB 72'), A. Trajkovski (SUB 72'), Josep Señé (SUB 86'), P. Chavarría (SUB 86'), L. Romero, Febas, Xisco Campos, Miquel Parera, Y. Salibur, Rafael Obrador, Chus Ruiz


36': Yellow card shown to A. Budimir ( Mallorca).
41': Goal! L. Ocampos scores (Penalty) — Sevilla [1]-0 Mallorca .
44': Yellow card shown to Joan Jordán ( Sevilla).
53': Yellow card shown to Fran Gámez ( Mallorca).
63': Substitution for Sevilla: Y. En-Nesyri in, Óliver Torres out.
65': Yellow card shown to Y. Bounou ( Sevilla).
65': Substitution for Mallorca: J. Lago in, I. Mohammed out.
70': Substitution for Sevilla: N. Gudelj in, Joan Jordán out.
70': Substitution for Sevilla: Suso in, Munir out.
72': Substitution for Mallorca: Abdón Prats in, Fran Gámez out.
72': Substitution for Mallorca: A. Trajkovski in, J. Hernández out.
82': Substitution for Sevilla: L. de Jong in, L. Ocampos out.
82': Substitution for Sevilla: F. Vázquez in, É. Banega out.
83': Yellow card shown to Y. En-Nesyri ( Sevilla).
84': Goal! Y. En-Nesyri scores [Y. Bounou assist] — Sevilla [2]-0 Mallorca .
86': Substitution for Mallorca: Josep Señé in, Salva Sevilla out.
86': Substitution for Mallorca: P. Chavarría in, T. Kubo out.
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2020.07.09 08:47 Justwonderinif S-Town Timeline I

Late 1800s
Late 1930s/Early 1940s
  • March 15: John’s First Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 46 or 47
  • March: Lee v. Macon
  • November: Mary Grace's 41st birthday
  • December 4: Lurleen Wallace and Bibb County lose "Wallace v. United States"
    • Years later, Bibb County would be the last county in Alabama to comply with the school desegregation order, long after Brown v. Board of Education. Bibb County was under a court order to desegregate until 2007.
  • March 15: John’s 2nd Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 47 or 48
    • November: Mary Grace's 42nd birthday
  • March 15: John’s 3rd Birthday
    • John is Pre-School Age.
    • Tom McLemore is 48 or 49
    • November: Mary Grace's 43rd birthday
  • Cahawba Christian Academy is incorporated as a private Christian school in Bibb County, Alabama.
    • Member of the Alabama Private School Association. ie: Segregation Academy
    • First year of classes were held in Eoline, Alabama for grades 1st through 12th.
    • Pre-school was held at the old pastor’s manse of The Brent Presbyterian Church.
    • First headmaster was Rev. Aubrey Elam.
  • March 15: John’s 4th Birthday
    • John is in Kindergarten at Cahawba Christian Academy? In Eoline, Alabama? Or Alpha Christian Academy in West Blocton?
    • Kindergarten photo?
    • Tom McLemore is 49 or 50
    • November: Mary Grace's 44th birthday
    • Rodney is born
  • Pictures of the house in 1971
  • March 15: John’s 5th Birthday
    • John is in 1st Grade at Alpha Christian Academy
    • 1st Grade Photo?
    • Photo of box John made as a small boy.
    • Mary Grace says their bird could call John B. and that it sounded just like her. John would come in the house want to know what she wanted, and she would say, “Nothing, it was Romeo that called you.” That would make John so mad.
    • Tom McLemore is 50 or 51
    • November: Mary Grace's 45th birthday
    • Rodney is a year old
  • Approximate: Land for Cahawba Christian Academy donated by Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Belcher, Jr.
  • Long after Brown v. Board of Education, schools in Bibb County finally start to actually desegregate in 1971 or 1972, due to law suits, and court orders. Centreville High School's first year of desegregation was 1971.
  • September: Cahawba Christian Academy moves to present location.
  • March 15: John’s 6th Birthday
    • John is in 2nd Grade at Alpha Christian Academy. (Noted that John looks to have been one of thousands of children whose parents refused to send them to desegregated schools, and formed "Christian Academies" to circumvent the public school system.)
    • Undated Alpha Christian Academy Class Photo
    • Tom McLemore is 51 or 52
    • Rodney is 2 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl is born.
    • November: Mary Grace's 46th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 7th Birthday
    • John is in 3rd Grade at Alpha Christian Academy (feeder school for Cahawba Christian Academy?)
    • Tom McLemore is 52 or 53
    • Rodney is 3 years old
  • May 16: Local news story about "Instant Academies"
    • June 8: Cheryl's 1st Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 47th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 8th Birthday
    • John is in 4th Grade at Alpha Christian Academy (feeder school for Cahawba Christian Academy?)
    • Tom McLemore is 53 or 54
    • Rodney is 4 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl's 2nd Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 48th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 9th Birthday
    • John is in 5th Grade at Alpha Christian Academy, even though most kids his age would be in fourth grade.
    • Tom McLemore is 54 or 55
    • Rodney is 5 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl's 3rd Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 49th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 10th Birthday
    • John is in 6th Grade at Alpha Christian Academy
    • Undated school photo
    • Tom McLemore is 55 or 56
    • Rodney is 6 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl's 4th Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 50th birthday
  • Exact date unknown: Mary Grace goes to a garage and asks if they have any extra motors John can tinker with. John put the motor back together perfectly.
  • Approximate: Reta and Charlie get married.
  • March 15: John’s 11th Birthday
    • John is in 7th Grade at Alpha Christian Academy or Cahaba?
    • Tom McLemore is 56 or 57
    • Rodney is 7 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl's 5th Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 51st birthday
  • March 15: John’s 12th Birthday
    • John is in 8th Grade at ? Cahawba Christian Academy? - middle school?
    • Tom McLemore is 57 or 58
    • Rodney is 8 years old
    • June 8: Cheryl's 6th Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 52nd birthday
  • March 15: John’s 13th Birthday
    • John is in 9th Grade at Cahawba Christian Academy?
    • Tom McLemore is 58 or 59
    • Rodney is 9 years old
  • June: John finishes middle school
    • June 8: Cheryl's 7th Birthday.
  • September: John starts first year of high school at Cahawba Christian Academy. He is 13 years old.
    • Mary Grace worked as a librarian at Cahawba Christian Academy. Does anyone know if Mary Grace was the librarian at the school when John attended? How long was she the librarian at the high school?
    • Yearbook Photograph of Cahawba Christian Academy
  • November: Mary Grace's 53rd birthday
  • March 15: John’s 14th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 59 or 60
    • Rodney is 10 years old
  • June: John finishes first year of High School at Cahawba Christian Academy.
  • September: John starts his 2nd year of high school
  • November: Mary Grace's 54th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 15th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 60 or 61
    • Rodney is 11 years old
  • June: John finishes 2nd year of High School at Cahawba Christian Academy.
  • September: John starts his 3rd year of high school
  • November: Mary Grace's 55th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 16th Birthday Junior Year Photos
    • Tom McLemore is 61 or 62
    • Rodney is 12 years old.
  • June: John finishes 3rd year of High School at Cahawba Christian Academy.
  • September: John starts his senior year of high school
  • November: Mary Grace's 56th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 18th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 63 or 64
    • Rodney is 14 years old
  • June: John finishes first year at College
    • June 7: Cheryl's 12th Birthday.
  • September: John starts second year of College
  • November: Mary Grace's 58th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 19th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 64 or 65
    • Rodney is 15 years old
  • Tom Moore recommended John to a school counselor.
    • 1985 Photo of Tom Moore
    • John went on medication at some point, but didn't like how it affected his personality. John went off his medications.
  • June: John finishes second year at College
  • June 7: Cheryl's 13th Birthday.
  • September: John starts third year of College
  • November: Mary Grace's 59th birthday
  • December: Cheryl at Christmas
  • After declining enrollment, Cahawba Christian Academy closes grades 1-12 in 1986 and kept the pre-school open.
    • The pre-school was operated by Mrs. Mary Lynn Davis.
    • The building was rented to the Bibb County School System as an elementary school for two years while the Brent Elementary School building was being renovated.
  • Approximate: Reta and Charles move to Florida
  • March 15: John’s 20th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 65 or 66
    • Rodney is 16 years old
  • June: John finishes third year at College. Last year.
    • John got a D in Chemistry but was brilliant about electroplating, and devised a technique for gold plating utilizing potassium cyanide.
    • During a final exam, John walks out on school, and never comes back. Brian says that John just said, "Fuck it." John's explanation is that "He lives life on a Grand Scale."
    • June 7: Cheryl's 14th Birthday.
  • September: John does not attend a fourth year of college
  • November: Mary Grace's 60th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 21st Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 66 or 67
    • Rodney is 17 years old
  • June 7: Cheryl's 15th Birthday. Cheryl attends high school with Tyler's mom, Maya
  • Approximate: Road crews are working outside the McLemore property.
    • John takes water to them, and meets his first love, William.
    • William (a tattoo'd road worker) helps John come out of the closet/isolation.
    • John would help William with official paperwork
  • November: Mary Grace's 61st birthday
  • The money received from renting Cahawba Christian Academy school buildings was used to reopen pre-school through 6th grade at the old Southern Methodist Church building with Ms. Becky Davis as principal.
  • March 15, 1988: John’s 22nd Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 67 or 68
    • Rodney is 18 years old.
    • June 7: Cheryl's 16th Birthday. Cheryl attends high school with Tyler's mom, Maya
  • John and William are in the first year of their sexual relationship
  • November: Mary Grace's 62nd birthday
  • Cahawba Christian Academy returns to its present location and begins rebuilding enrollment.
  • March 15: John’s 23rd Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 68 or 69
    • Rodney is 19 years old.
  • June 7: Cheryl's 17th Birthday. Graduates High School?
  • John and William are in the second year of a sexual relationship. (The relationship ends after two years.)
  • November: Mary Grace's 63rd birthday
  • Cahawba Christian Academy continues to renovate the building; and joins the Alabama Christian Education Association.
    • The Rev. Elam returned as headmaster until Ms. Diane Thompson was named Principal.
    • The school added a daycare facility by donation of S.E. Belcher, Jr. family.
    • With this expansion the school provided daycare through 12th grade.
  • March 15: John’s 24th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 69 or 70
    • Rodney is 20 years old.
    • June 7: Cheryl's 18th Birthday. Graduates high school.
    • November: Mary Grace's 64th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 25th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 70 or 71
    • Rodney is 21 years old.
    • Tyler born
    • June 7: Cheryl's 19th Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 65th birthday
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden
  • March 15: John’s 26th Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 21
    • Rodney is 22
    • Tom McLemore is 71 or 72
    • Tyler not yet a year old.
  • June 7: Cheryl's 20th Birthday.
    • Jeff says he first saw Cheryl in 1992.
    • Jeff was fighting and winning “Toughman” competitions, local amateur boxing events won by process of elimination. Cheryl's cousin Buddy was the “Road Warrior.” Jeff was the “Gentleman.”
    • Jeff at one of the competitions
    • Cheryl says they didn't start dating until 10 plus years later.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden. John's business card
    • In John's earlier years, he traveled to London, and visited with other Horologists. He wrote about and consulted on Horology.
    • John made over 150k per year, in the nineties, according to Allen Bearden.
  • Approximate: John meets Michael Fuller, who is making a habit of hanging out at Senior Frog's and Quest, and going to jail.
  • November: Mary Grace's 66th birthday
  • During one meth'd out night in 1993, Tyler's Uncle Jimmy, was beating on the door of someone's trailer and got shot in his head. It was too risky to take the bullet out. Uncle Jimmy is Tyler and Jake's mother's brother.
  • March 15: John’s 27th Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 22
    • Rodney is 23
    • Tom McLemore is 72 or 73
    • Tyler is a year old
    • June 7: Cheryl's 21st Birthday.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden;
  • Approximate: Michael Fuller is hanging out at John's as a place of safety. Michael Fuller was an exotic dancer. John would be up in the middle of the night, after working on clocks. Michael would hang out there, even hiding from the cops.
  • November: Mary Grace's 67th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 28th Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 23
    • Rodney is 24
    • Tom McLemore is 73 or 74
    • Tyler is 2 years old
    • June 7: Cheryl's 22nd Birthday.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden; John made about 150k per year. John's business card
  • Approximate: Michael Fuller can stay at John's as long as he wanted. Michael Fuller finally goes home to his family and rehab, and gets sober. Michael Fuller says John helped a lot.
  • November: Mary Grace's 68th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 29th Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 24
    • Rodney is 25
    • Tom McLemore is 74 or 75
    • Tyler is 3 years old
    • June 7: Cheryl's 23rd Birthday.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden; John made about 150k per year. John's business card
  • November: Mary Grace's 69th birthday
  • People who knew John well, say that he was "quite racist" when he was younger, and not as much so as he got older. This despite Brian hearing John use racial epithets during visits and phone conversations.
  • March 15: John’s 30th Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 25
    • Rodney is 26
    • Tom McLemore is 75 or 76
    • Tyler is 4 years old
    • June 7: Cheryl's 24th Birthday.
    • November: Mary Grace's 70th birthday
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden; John made about 150k per year. John's business card
  • Woodstock incorporated as a municipality called North Bibb 1996.
  • John's Aunt Gertrude (Tom's sister) passes away. On the last day of his life, John and Tyler drove by Aunt Gertrude's house and John said how much he missed her.
  • March 15: John’s 31st Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 26
    • Rodney is 27
    • Tom McLemore is 76 or 77
  • Tyler is 5 years old
    • Bubba says that when Tyler was five and six years old, he would have to miss school, and go to the job site with his Dad to lay bricks.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden; John made about 150k per year. John's business card
  • Cheryl Acker (later Dodson) is town clerk. Cheryl said she met John in 1997 or 1998.
    • June 7: Cheryl's 25th Birthday. This is her first of eight years as Town Clerk
  • November: Mary Grace's 71st birthday
  • February: Mary Grace at Reta's sister's 50th birthday party
  • March 15: John’s 32nd Birthday
    • Michael Fuller is 27
    • Rodney is 28
    • Tom McLemore is 77 or 78
  • Tyler is 6 years old
    • Bubba says that when Tyler was five and six years old, he would have to miss school, and go to the job site with his Dad to lay bricks.
  • Horology experiences a "Hey Day" according to Allen Bearden; John made about 150k per year. John's business card
  • Cheryl:
    • June 7: Cheryl's 26th Birthday.
    • This is her second of eight years as town clerk.
    • John would help Cheryl stuff envelopes for parade notices.
    • John helped Cheryl plan the Christmas parade, and Open House.
    • John and his mother were always around, hanging out at Town Hall.
    • Mary Grace had a Pippy Longstocking vibe about her. She would wear a red skirt, green sweater, and purple hat, and socks that clashed with her shoes -- and the kind of bright red hair you get in a bottle.
    • Mary Grace would want to know about scandals, and John would tease Cheryl telling her that she was the scandal. (Cheryl was getting a divorce.)
    • John would help Cheryl with her job of annexing property into the town. John would drive with Cheryl to Centreville to the probate court. John would help deal with records of the court. He wasn't getting paid, but he would help Cheryl work.
    • John and his mother attended Town Council meeting regularly, and annexed their land into the town limits.
    • Cheryl says these years were some of the best years of John's life.
    • Cheryl says that as a divorced, single mom, she now feels like she was one of John's projects.
    • Cheryl says that she mentioned she liked The Goo-Goo Dolls and John bought her their CDs and made her CDs, too. He left one of his own raps on one of the CDs.
  • Undated photo of John with children's toys
  • Daphne Brooks called John "idealistic." [Daphne Brooks is the woman who went to prison for embezzlement who spent hours talking to Brian. Brian originally thought Daphne might be her own chapter.] Daphne says: These were good times for John. He never complained.
  • November: Mary Grace's 72nd birthday
  • January: John advertises his services in the January/February edition of the NAWCC Mart & Highlights.
  • March 15: John’s 33rd Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 78 or 79
    • Rodney is 29
    • Tyler is 7 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 28
  • Cheryl:
    • June 7: Cheryl's 27th Birthday.
    • Cheryl says these years were some of the best years of John's life.
    • This is her third of eight years as town clerk.
    • Cheryl says John continued to be engaged with building the town.
    • Cheryl says that as a divorced, single mom, she now feels like she was one of John's projects, and they were very close friends.
  • November: Mary Grace's 73rd birthday
  • Reta and Charlie retire.
  • March 15: John’s 34th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 79 or 80
    • Rodney is 30
    • Tyler is 8 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 29
  • Cheryl:
    • June 7: Cheryl's 28th Birthday.
    • Cheryl says these years were some of the best years of John's life.
    • This is her fourth of eight years as town clerk.
    • Cheryl says John continued to be engaged with building the town.
    • Cheryl says that as a divorced, single mom, she now feels like she was one of John's projects, and they were very close friends.
  • Town of North Bibb name changed to Woodstock in 2000.
  • November: Mary Grace's 74th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 35th Birthday
    • Tom Mclemore is 80 or 81
    • Rodney is 31
    • Tyler is 9 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 30
  • John and Cheryl are still very close friends. This is Cheryl's fifth of eight years as Town Clerk.
    • Cheryl says that as a divorced, single mom, she now feels like she was one of John's projects, and they were very close friends.
    • Cheryl says John continued to be engaged with building the town.
  • May 17:
    • John sends Cheryl flowers: "You so good, my leg's so tired."
    • Cheryl's wedding day. Husband: Wade. Second marriage.
    • Cheryl realized John liked her.
  • June 7: Cheryl's 29th Birthday.
  • June 28: Woodstock police chief resigns
  • November: Mary Grace's 75th birthday
  • March 15: John’s 36th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 81 or 82
    • Tyler is 10 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 31
    • Rodney is 32
  • Cheryl:
    • June 7: Cheryl's 30th Birthday. This is her sixth of eight years as town clerk.
    • John and Cheryl are still very close friends.
    • Cheryl says that as a divorced, single mom, she now feels like she was one of John's projects, and they were very close friends.
    • Approximate: Jeff Dodson moves to Woodstock
    • Jeff Dodson in a 2017 Photo
  • November: Mary Grace's 76th birthday
  • Approximate (any time in a ten year window): John tries to tell Mary Grace that he is gay, but she leaves the room. They never talk about it again.
  • Two of John's friends describe watching him perform fire gilding. They said he did it dozens of times a year ie: at least twice a month.
  • March 15: John’s 37th Birthday
    • Tom McLemore is 82 or 83
    • Tyler is 11 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 32
    • Rodney is 33
  • John makes a "mix-tape" CD for a friend. Link to songs on CDs
  • Approximate: John tries meeting men through a phone service called "Megaphone." It's a singles line for men.
    • John and Olin Long each joined Megaphone with the purpose of finding someone to date.
    • John pings Olin and Olin responds. Olin Long lives in Birmingham.
    • John and Olin talk on the phone for the next 15 months, usually just after Olin's night shift, when would be finishing up in the Clock Shop.
    • John meets a gross man from "Megaphone" at the Church of Christ parking lot. The guy shoves his tongue down John's throat. John leaves and goes home to take a bath and wash his mouth out.
    • John meets a man from Megaphone who comes to the house. The man gropes John, masturbates into the garden, and leaves.
  • May: Cheryl says that her son and Jeff's son became friendly, and she started dating Jeff soon after. She says they were married three months later.
  • June 7: Cheryl's 31st Birthday
  • August: Cheryl and Jeff Dodson get married.
    • This is the third marriage for Cheryl and the third marriage for Jeff.
    • Cheryl and Jeff purchase their home from John and Mary Grace's cousins: Reta and Charlie Lawrence.
    • This is Cheryl's seventh of eight years as Town Clerk.
  • November: John's father falls in the driveway and is taken to the hospital.
  • November: Cheryl's dog has puppies. The mother is subsequently hit by a car. John and his mother take in all the puppies. John wrote:
    November of 2003, I was presented with a box of ten newborn puppies whose mother had been killed by a car.
  • November 29 or 30: Mary Grace's 77th birthday
  • November 30: John's father passes away from injuries sustained when he fell in the driveway. John's father was 82 or 83 when he died. John wrote:
    My father died on Nov 30, 2003. We went to the hospital, and dealt with the puppies when we came home. We planned the funeral and buried my father between trips back and forth between the hospital and the house to tend to the puppies. We mourned death and raised new life. Tombstone
  • December; John writes:
    My mother and I spent the winter cleaning up shit and piss twice daily, mopping the floors with bleach and hydrogen peroxide, and laying out mountains of paper and plastic sheeting while we raised them. Somehow, all of them [puppies] survived.
  • John has started to shutter his clock restoration business.
  • March 15: John’s 38th Birthday
    • Tyler is 12 years old
    • Michael Fuller is 33
    • Rodney is 34
  • March 22: Cheryl and Jeff's daughter born. This is Cheryl's last year as Town Clerk.
    • John and Mary Grace send gifts and attend baby shower?
  • New Town Hall for Woodstock is completed
  • Approximate: John sends Olin a picture of himself; John and Olin Long finally meet in person. They develop a close friendship.
  • Cheryl and Jeff and John are very close friends and John spends a lot of time at their house, and is close to their kids.
  • June 7: Cheryl's 32nd Birthday
  • August: Cheryl and Jeff's 1st Anniversary.
  • November: Mary Grace's 78th birthday
  • After Christmas; John writes:
    "I reach agreement with Cheryl about opening garden center after several previous conversations with her about it. Cheryl and Jeff wanted a 3-way partnership with the profits going 33% each way after the original investment had been recovered. Beyond that I was to receive $1,000/month for running it. It was my expectation that all 3 of us would, of course, have about 33% money wise invested."
January, 2005
  • January 5; John writes:
    "Cheryl had bought the building from Johnnie Faye Champion for $3,000.00 and still owed Johnnie Faye $1,000.00. She did not feel right asking Johnnie Faye questions about where to get the best plants and other business questions until the remainder was paid off. On January 5th I loaned Cheryl Acker $1,000.00 cash in the form of ten one hundred dollar bills counted out in my kitchen over the dishwasher. Her small son was a witness, and my mother was sitting out in the hall. Exhibit 1 shows the source of the money: A private investment account. This loan was accompanied by sweet promises to pay back as soon as Jeff received his Income Tax Refund. This sweet promise would fizzle out over the next dozen weeks or so."
  • January 11; John writes:
    "I tour greenhouses as Plantersville, AL."
  • January 12; John writes:
    "I meet with Johnnie Faye Champion, she shows me paperwork and Trade "secrets" of previous ownership (Her former husband)."
  • January 15; John writes:
    "First order of evergreens and shrubs placed and paid for cash with the remainder of the money from the private investment account."
  • January 17; John writes:
    Tour WO Bearden Nurseries and make contact with other nurseries as advised by Johnnie Faye.
  • Mid January; John writes:
    I additionally loan/give Cheryl Acker another $100.00 cash to pay Arvell Kornegay for assisting with cleanup. By January and February, we were attempting to cleanup the catastrophe left behind by the former owner, which was about as big a mess as the Chernobyl blast."
  • Mid-Late January; John writes:
    "Cheryl advises me to open business account with whatever bank."
  • January 20; John writes:
    Checking account opened at First United with initial deposit of $1,500.00 with $600 cash out used to purchase plants from Debs Nursery. Also to register and attend GSHE.
  • January 21; John writes:
    Attend GSHE in Mobile. Meet more growers and suppliers. Exhibit 2 shows initial checking account opening, source of money (our investment account) and that it was a DBA account with my name only on this account.
  • Late January; John writes:
    Open account at Gray Lumber for building materials.
  • January 28; John writes:
    Another check for $2,000.00 goes into the business with $500.00 cash out. This also used Deb's Nursery for deciduous flowering shrub stock. Exhibit 3
February, 2005
  • February 1; John writes:
    A monthly distribution check from our account. I contributed it to the business. Exhibit 4
  • Early February; John writes:
    Buy handy cart from Wal Mart with cash out money, write check to DT Wesley for Plastic Tables (Feb 4), buy second hand shovel, rake, and other miscellaneous garden tools from Glenn Majors (Feb 9). Also write checks to Gray Lumber payment on account. Exhibit 5.
    All of us in cleanup phase. Jeff's kids very helpful, too. Still no sign of payback of $1,000.00 loan but still sweet promises.
  • February 19: John gets measured on Cheryl Acker Dodson's door.
  • February 28: John sells a milling machine out of his shop to help fund the Garden Center ($700.00)
  • Late February: John writes:
    Much repair completed. Tables built (Gray lumber supplies wood). Besides $100 paid to Arwell, another $100 cash paid to Joe Mize for spraying down and cleaning grounds.
S-Town Timeline II >>
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